Best Places to Kayak in Florida

First and without a doubt, Florida will be one of the most beautiful and natural highs to experience while on vacation. Try the Best Places to Kayak in Florida once and you will see how truly exciting.

Paddling in Florida

Southwest Florida has miles of sandy beaches. Moreover, they usually capture public attention. Furthermore, kayaking is a great way to encounter the unmatched beauty of the wildlife of Florida, from mangrove swamps to manatees, dolphins, crocodiles, and birds of many species.

Besides, when you kayak, you can get some fresh air and sun your body. Also, you can have a low-impact workout for core and upper body. Having mastered the basic moves, you can choose a pleasant and more rigorous excursion.
Best Places to Kayak in Florida
Above all, there are more than 110,000 hectares, winding rivers, and mangrove forests. Bring your kayak to take advantage of the many mountains and the Best Places to Kayak in Florida, in a nature reserve and racket in its sole discretion. Dolphin and many birds, including the osprey and the elegant white herons, are usually around.

Likewise, when kayaking you should avoid cotton clothing. Cotton can be cumbersome when wet, and it takes forever to dry. Instead, choose clothes made of synthetic fabrics such as spandex and polyester that dry quickly and keep you comfortable. Of course, you want to make sure that you have sunscreen and remember the hat and sunglasses.
Best Places to Kayak in Florida
Consider the seasonal customs of nature. Time of year matters when we’re talking about what we can expect from the boat. In the Best Places to Kayak in Florida, in the winter, during the dry months, it is not uncommon and under the Florida sun on land. In hot water in the summer is probably the place for manatees, as they are sensitive to temperature changes.

To see the time in the sun or rain. Of course, it’s important to check the weather forecast before heading to any place outdoors but check for wind speed and sea currents, which can affect the kayak. Rowing strong incoming or outgoing tide can be exhausting, and maybe it’s a recipe for trouble.

Trip Hazards

First, boaters are often in a hurry, and they are indeed a bit dangerous. They can’t even see you and can go directly to you and hit you. If you kayak in Key West, you should monitor the marine channel to know where large tankers and other vessels pass. Furthermore, in the South, Key West FL, Truman Annex and Mallory square-square, you can face the cruise lines that go to Key West at the port and return in the afternoon.

When you kayak Florida and the Best Places to Kayak in Florida, it is essential for you to be very careful when you are in areas that have a heavy Maritime transport. As soon as you get out of these areas, you will have no problem and will be more relaxed without noises. The only noises you will listen will be the rhythmic beating of your heart and the soft sound of the oar gently plunging into the aquamarine water as it slides forward the kayak.
Best Places to Kayak in Florida
When you kayak Florida, you will easily mentally leave behind the congestion and noise that animates the islands. However, there is the hustle and bustle in large part of the Florida Keys. Also, tourism is one of the primary generators of the region. This fact increases in the tourist season even if the Florida Key tourists avoid the stresses of everyday life and enjoy solitude.

When you travel the Best Places to Kayak in Florida, you should also know what your physical capabilities regarding how far you can row in a single day are. In general, people row two mph when kayaking, but other considerations can affect this. Wind and currents can slow or accelerate your progress. When you consider these factors, it will be easier for you to plan for the trip to Florida.

Kayak Fishing

Kayak Fishing offers one of the best ways to enjoy local coastal waters. And if you are adventurous, you can go close to the beach the target species like mackerel, or bottom fish. Offshore Fishing offers countless places for fishing flats redfish, speckled trout, mangrove snapper, flounder, and other types of fish.

You have the opportunity to kayak to access many areas that you can’t reach with the boat. Kayak fishing is a unique fishing experience, which is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to fish.


There are some Best Places to Kayak in Florida that you can see bioluminescence. Bioluminescence looks different throughout the year. You need to see bioluminescence in the middle of the season, in excellent conditions. It is harder to perceive when the full moon shines on the water. Bioluminescence can vary from sparks and a greenish light in the water, flashes of comb jellies in the winter.

If you want a paddle with bioluminescence, it is better to come in high season. This time is when the plankton glows bright blue. There is a lot of documentation in Indian River Lagoon in Florida and studies about the dinoflagellates or glowing algae. Also, there is no light pollution on the island reserve of Merritt Island, making it one of the best sites in the world to see this phenomenon.
Best Places to Kayak in Florida
Bioluminescence is always incredible to see, but please keep in mind that this can only come under ideal conditions. You kayak trip does not guarantee any bioluminescence, but we try to keep you up to date conditions.

Kayaking Orlando Area

Kayaking Orlando from Central Florida and having nature adventures in Best Places to Kayak in Florida is the best way to experience the most incredible wild animals. What makes Orlando kayaking tours beautiful is the odyssey into the wild. On a kayaking tour, you can visit hiding places close to Orlando and Daytona. There you can see otters, and manatees frolic in the clear. Moreover, you can see turtles and fish swimming right under the boat.
Eco-tours go along the picturesque places and can take you to various wilderness areas and types of ecosystems in Florida. Blue Spring, Wekiva, and secret places along the river St. John will immerse you in freshwater systems in the real Florida.
Best Places to Kayak in Florida
Paddles allow you to learn of the coastal waters and mangroves that keep Florida from swimming in the sea. A luminous boat tour can include seasonal bioluminescence in the canal area in the vicinity of cocoa. Sunset and moonlight paddles can be at any destination of your choice.

Eco-tours are entertaining the Best Places to Kayak in Florida, educational and practical. If you are an individual, pair, small group or large group, they can accommodate your adventure tours. Also, for large groups, they have specialized programs that can handle more than a hundred people with various activities like kayaking, water skiing, sailing, nature, and hiking.

Rocky Creek

First, the rocky creek is the perfect venue for more than just convenience, it also has history, nature and is technically challenging enough to give rowers training with fast currents and sharp turns.

Also, the tides are in your favor when we get to the mouth of the Creek, and you can slide right into the water.
Best Places to Kayak in Florida
During low tide, you can pull the kayak ashore to open thread. There are also large crocodiles who love to hang near the mouth of the Creek but they are difficult to see. However, in Florida and the Best Places to Kayak in Florida, you have to be always careful.

Ichetucknee Springs State Park

Although people know it for its warm weather, and 2,669 acres of land, Ichetucknee Springs State Park is a Paradise for wildlife and one of the Best Places to Kayak in Florida. In this park, you can see beaver, otter, gar, turtle, wild turkey, duck, and limpkin. There are six miles of springs in the Ichetucknee River.

Wekiva Springs

Furthermore, the eco-trails in the Best Places to Kayak in Florida go through a majestic sandy environment with tall pines and longleaf. Visitors can explore on foot miles of trails. Also, you can explore those trails by bike, horseback, and kayak. Visitors flock to the beautiful Wekiva springs since the mid-nineteenth century.

The azure waters of Wekiva springs are popular for tourists to deviate from the mid-nineteenth century. From the dense, almost tropical hammocks, near the place where the springs in the Wekiva River, in the picturesque sandy hill Park abounds with opportunities to see many species of animals.

Cypress Springs

Some tours offer a route from cypress springs. On those tours, you can go for swimming, snorkeling, diving or swinging from rope sources. Pack a picnic lunch and drinks. Bring plenty of sunblock for your trip. The only way to get to cypress springs is by canoe, kayak, or catamarans.

The South-Western Part

Therefore explore the green waters of the South-Western part of Florida and the Best Places to Kayak in Florida in the gentle silence of the kayak. Some tours give you the opportunity to see the wildlife of Florida, respecting it. The tours offer several different kayak tours, depending on space and time.

Moreover, you can research hundreds of miles of back bays, aquatic preserves, wildlife sanctuaries, backwaters, bayous, rivers and mangrove forests in southwest Florida. This experience will allow you to obtain a rare and new perspective on the land and learn about the rich natural history.
Best Places to Kayak in Florida
You can explore a unique ecosystem while maintaining respect for its fragility. For this purpose, you can use tandem kayaks. This option limits the number of kayaks in the water and minimizes the impact on nature. The existing tours available include all the necessary tools and you need no experience.

Round Island Beach Park

Florida gets a lot of recognition from tourists, but it is rarely for outdoor activities. However, the state a lot of fantastic places to take a kayak and hit the water on a sunny day. Round Island Beach Park is one of such sites. First, Round Island Beach Park offers great fun and is one of the Best Places to Kayak in Florida.
Also, Round Island Beach Park is less than 2 hours drive from Tampa. If you are in South-Central Florida, it is a worthy excursion for the whole day. To get there from the North, you need to get on the highway until you quickly see a sign for Round Islands on the right side on the road.
Best Places to Kayak in Florida
The Park is freely available and allows for use on a boat in a sufficient number of routes through the forest. When you arrive at the other end of the loop, you will find a beach to launch canoes and kayaks. After you Park the car, get in the boat and rowing in any place that looks interesting.

In Round Island Beach Park and the Best Places to Kayak in Florida, there are some islands to explore, weaving in and out of them and find little beaches to land boats. Do not hesitate to go out and explore some of them. A large part of the kayaking here is that the water is almost always calm since it is around land and consists of a network of small waterways.
Best Places to Kayak in Florida
Water is shallow like a few meters in many places, so it is not too difficult if you accidentally turn over with your kayak. This area also has a lot of the animal world. For example, you can see fish jump out of the water, herons and pelicans, stingrays, and manatees.

Round Island Beach Park is a great place to spend a sunrise or sunset. Although the size may seem okay for swimming, this is not allowed due to the activities of wildlife and pity sewage from coastal waters.

Indian Key State Park

Islamorada is in the south of Florida Keys. There are many spots you can travel on a kayak in the Indian Key State Park. Between mile 77 and 79 there are parking where you can put in a canoe. If you want to rent a kayak, head slightly forward, for slaves Marina, on the bridge at km 77. Once you’re in the water with kayaks, paddle under the bridge in the direction of Indian Key.

It takes about 25-30 minutes to reach the island. Watch out for marine life in the turquoise waters. Finally, you can land the kayak on the right side of the island. Landing is not apparent, but you will find a sandy beach where you can enjoy kayaking. Finally, it is a good idea to bring a lock or something to protect your kayaks in the woods, during a visit to the Islands. There is a docking station a little further, but it’s too high to get in a kayak.

Tampa Bay

Some argue that Tampa Bay is one of the Best Places to Kayak in Florida and perhaps even the world’s best place for kayaking. There is a thriving ecosystem which provides excellent local for bird watching, photography, relaxing and recreation outdoors.

If you are a fisherman, you will see an abundance of commercially valuable fish in the vicinity of freshwater sources, barrier islands, passes, and bridges. The kayak has several advantages over other types of boat. You can go with no motor zones that otherwise are inaccessible. Also, there is no need to wait for hours in line at the boat ramp. Moreover, you can experience a tour or a social event with others. Finally, you are free on the schedule.

Pinellas Park as one of the Best Places to Kayak in Florida

Also, one of the largest parks in the country is the Pinellas Park along the southern tip of the state. It possesses approximately 1,200 acres and five connected islands. It is one of the Best Places to Kayak in Florida. Here the fishing is excellent and the weather too.

Soto Park as one of the Best Places to Kayak in Florida

Besides, Soto Park is one of the best fishing spots in Tampa Bay. Throw on the line and expect to bring in some red drum fish, spotted sea trout or snook. Snook are particularly common in the summer, closer to the North-Eastern tip of the island.

The Weeki Wachee River is in the North of spring hill. Meander down this river in the jungle canopy around a beautiful residential area. You can go to Clearwater pass and check the South-Eastern part of the sand key bridge. You will find beautiful sand and grass flats between channels.
Best Places to Kayak in Florida
Fishers can expect to find trout, redfish, black drum, and snook. Without a doubt, you will discover Linesiders along the pier in the North Sand Key Park.

Juniper Springs

The Baidu seven miles run from juniper springs is one of the Best Places to Kayak in Florida and best Canoeing in Central Florida. Canopy Creek winds through dense, ancient forests that seem natural. Come in the morning, and you will see the spots of light that leak through the trees down into the crystal clear water.

For best results, avoid this place on weekends and public festivals. There are crowds on peak days, but during the week you will experience only the local wildlife. No matter when you go, you will surely find several types of wading birds during your canoe trip, where the stream is wide and limited.
Best Places to Kayak in Florida
Moreover, the stream is home to families and animals are not afraid of passing canoes. Consequently, you have to be alert to alligators even in the Best Places to Kayak in Florida, which is one of the reasons to have caution. It takes three to five hours to visit but is worth spending the whole day. Landing in the middle is a favorite place to stop for lunch. Nonetheless, disposable containers, such as bottles and cans are prohibited, and there are fines

Shuttle service for canoeists runs between juniper road to the park from the bridge on highway No. 19 and juniper springs. The last bus leaves every day at 4:30 in the morning. The Shuttle is free if you can rent a canoe in the Best Places to Kayak in Florida.

Rainbow Spring Waterfalls

Rainbow Springs is a very cool and unique place to the West of Dunnellon in Ocala, FL. This location is a great state park, and there is a lot of promotion of touristic attraction of submarine, mermaid rides and tours. There are exciting tourist attractions like Tubing and Great Paddling. Also, a large part of the National Park looks very natural, so it is exceptional for kayaking. Waterfalls around the arc system are beautiful and accessible.

The waterfalls are from the local rocks on the river bottom of the rainbow. Popular in rainbow springs-take the cork from the headwaters down the river. More adventurous travelers prefer to paddle the river. You can row against a semi-moderate current. Spring Park in Florida offers a campground on the other side of the river, but don’t forget to make a reservation in advance.

Matlacha Pass Aquatic

First of all, discover the soft, calm waters of Matlacha Pass Aquatic conservation area at the mouth of the river as one of the Best Places to Kayak in Florida. There is an extensive range of stable, small paddle and different types of kayaks. For example, recreational, single, tandem, sit down, and on top. There are kayaks for fishing, but also kayak-Canoe, rowing boat, and surf.

In Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Pine Island, you can enjoy the birds, the sea life, the kayaks and paddle surfboards for surfing. In general, tour companies offer direct kayak, paddle, community trips, canoeing, kayaking and catamaran rentals for beginner to advanced kayakers.
Best Places to Kayak in Florida
The Gulf of Mexico coast is one of the many guided kayak or paddleboard eco-tours for kayaking, fishing, or forging your path. You can explore the many mangrove ways on the water in a kayak or stand up paddle. You will find out the Mangrove Islands, and waterways where the Calusa Indians fished for more than 1000 years. Matlacha Pass Aquatic Reserve is famous for the shallow grass flats averaging 1 to 4 meters, and various sea animals and birds.

You can explore the coast along the massive Calusa Blueway paddling trail. Also, in Lee County, you can encounter dolphins, sea cows, stingrays, sika air, sea turtles, great blue herons, osprey, and eagles. Make sure you can reach the beach for your canoe, kayak or paddleboard needs.

Econfina Creek

Econfina Creek is an excellent choice for both experienced, and first-time canoeists, kayakers and tubers. The top 11-kilometer stretch from the road bridge to Scotts in Walsingham bridge is hard with many portages, and only experienced canoeists should attempt this route. Enthusiasts looking for a more relaxed paddle will enjoy the seven miles from Econfina Creek canoe carrying out on highway 388.

Also, conveniently located in the Washington-Bay County and only between Marianna and Panama city, Econfina Creek stretches for 26 miles to Deer Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the land along the banks of the Creek is private property. Also, there are several sweaters in the direction from the source. If you plan a picnic on one of the springs, this that it takes time to sail them.
Best Places to Kayak in Florida
Along the river, enjoy nature in all its glory with very few houses in the view. There are a total of 11 Springs consisting of 36 vents along the Econfina Creek. Most Springs are in the area between Walsingham bridge and the road bridge.

The vegetation along the Creek is mainly Appalachian and differs significantly from most plant life. You can see the Laurel, Magnolia, Beech, Cypress, titi, sweet gum, white oak, and Tupelo trees while traveling down the watery corridor.
Best Places to Kayak in Florida
Various birds and animals develop along the river. For example, you can see a beaver or even an occasional otter along the river. Bird lovers will enjoy the variety of wading and singing birds. Also, wild turkeys that frequent the area like many other Best Places to Kayak in Florida.

Florida has a green program and works with private owners along Econfina Creek to keep the Creek accessible for future contemporaries. The initiative helps to preserve the area of regions in the natural state, which allows people and animals to benefit.
Some companies provide kayaks, canoes for rent to access points along the river. There is a shuttle service possible for an extra fee for owners of kayaks. You can bring a fresher, food, drink, and more sunscreen. Then relax and enjoy the ride. There is plenty of time to enjoy the many springs along the Creek. Regrettably, you cannot bring pets along Econfina Creek.
Besides, be sure to check out the state Park caves of Florida nearby Marianna. The Park offers camping, hiking trails, swimming, fishing, picnic shelters, toilets, and more. Pets are cannot enter the caves.