Best Rifle Scope For Elk Hunting

Elk hunting with the Best Rifle Scope For Elk Hunting is one unharnessed, but fun way to spend outdoor time with loved ones or take a Holiday or take a trip or leisure. These animals are highly intelligent and have a great sense of everything, when I say everything I mean smell, feeling, communication and hearing.

And they are not slow even though they are big. With all these abilities it makes it harder to hunt and serves as some form of trophy for whoever catches one, so its hunt is on the increase daily. There are also many reasons why Elks have hunted apart from the Fact that they serve as a trophy.

They also are highly nutritious and have great benefits. They are highly proteinous and contain less fat. This fact cannot exist for beef or other types of meat, and the dangers of taking in too much fat you cannot overemphasize.

The Elk is also a huge animal this means more meat and of course. Everyone wants to eat more meat. There has been a lot of deliberation on what kind of weapon or hunting materials are the most effective for elk hunting.

Hunters who have a lot of experience in elk hunting say that a great Elk Hunting is mostly dependent on how high or appropriate one’s rifle scope is.

Most hunters want to know what the Best Rifle Scope For Elk Hunting is, which scope is best for long distance shooting, best views can withstand harsh conditions and can use at any point of the day without having to worry about lighting or cold air or dust, etc.

List of the Best Rifle Scope For Elk Hunting

  • Tract Tekoa 2-12×42
  • The Simmons 511039
  • Bushnell banner legend ultra HD multi X reticle
  • Bushnell Banner 3-9×40
  • Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Riflescope
  • Vortex optics diamondback 1inch tube 4-12×40
  • Primary arms 4-16*44 illuminated mil-dot scope:

Track Tekoa 3-12*42

This Best Rifle Scope For Elk Hunting firstly is considered a highly durable riflescope and this is major because it is made up of one piece and there is a reduced tendency of it splitting apart during hunting.

This Best Rifle Scope For Elk Hunting has been so efficient that it has easily placed itself among the best rifle scope for hunting Elk which is highly intelligent and fast acting animals.

It is also argon purged this is a significant advantage because the rainy weather will not be it’s a problem for the hunter or at least this Best Rifle Scope For Elk Hunting will be the least of the issues of a hunter at any point during hunting say it’s about to rain.

It has a great reticle with an excellent precision ability most times not regarding the range of shot with this scope you can always get a nice shot. Its light transmission is also world class, and this is because it uses a scope equipped with an HD optical system.

Of severe elk hunting, this scope is the best or at least can find in that group. It makes use of the Schott HT glass and has multi-coated lenses this all put together work together to give an excellent light transmission.

It’s also has a BDC reticle which gives it the bullet drop compensation ability and it does this without even affecting the target.  This reticle uses the point bracket system giving it impressive target ability. This fact provides the hunter with a close view and luxury of picking a lethal spot on the elk to shoot.

The rifle scope has a very comfortable eye relief, and it has a great FOV which is very impressive when compared to other scopes. This advantage comes with the fact that it doesn’t have an upper vertical post, giving a better FOV than the rest, and all these don’t affect the quality of an image of the target, a matter of fact it enhances them.

The elevation and windage of this Best Rifle Scope For Elk Hunting can be adjusted to fit the user comfort, and it is audible and repeatable. On this scope setting to zero can be done fast and it is quite quickly when adjusting other settings too. This scope is also considered to be one of the best in the world because it is highly efficient even during fog and haze.

It is fog proof and the degree of accuracy even during this time makes it all the more spectacular. It has an eye view like images, producing crisps and sharp photos highly. You can easily say that this riflescope is easily the best the world also because it can withstand varied conditions be it hold, cold, foggy, hazy, and dusty.

What it has a few downsides like adjustments can be tiring, and it might need a little bit of getting used to and understanding, this adjustment is effortless once you understand it. It might also be heavy and be extra weight to the gun and also getting used to this extra weight is very important.

The abilities of this riflescope make it possible to close in on the elk without actually walking or moving or them noticing. With this scope, you have to be sure that you will not need another scope.

You might need it either for characteristics or strength and durability. Like earlier stated this Best Rifle Scope For Elk Hunting could withstand diverse healthy and harsh conditions. It is a good pick anytime has proven times without number to be the best riflescope for elk hunting.

The Simmons 511039

This Best Rifle Scope For Elk Hunting is one very popular riflescope manufactured by a famous company known for creating optical pieces. It can easily be said to be among the best rifle scopes for Elk hunting.

It has the QTA feature (quack target acquisition) this means it can detect and identify a target with enough detailed in which it can hunt down. This rifle scope also has the benefit of precise zero adjustments.

The light transmission of this scope is terrific, and it comes with a different set of rimfire that makes it easier to mount. Its durability strength can attribute to the one-piece central tube.

It is important to state that it doesn’t matter if you are in the Military or a civilian who want to hunt this scope proves to be the best when it comes to Elk Hunting. It doesn’t matter what time you come out to shoot.

Morning or evening when these animals are active the scope will always give you a great view of the Elks and give you a more precise shot every single time.

It also possesses a Fingertip Elevation and Windage adjustments alongside and this features are made possible with ¼ MOA click placed, the Simmons 511039 owns very rigid windage adjustments but it is very comfortable when handling.

There is the prevention of moisture into the rifle scope because there is a threaded cap placed to protect the plastic adjustment knobs.

The condition or weather in which this scope is used to hunt doesn’t matter because it possesses a hydro shield exterior ring that is used to maintain a clear view at any time and condition.

The Simmons 511039 has enough qualities to make it one of the best rifle scopes for Elk hunting anywhere.

Truplex reticle, wow, this is one awesome feature that comes with this scope. The size of this Truplex varies but mostly it has a medium width, and it is usually centered.

This quality makes it great for targeting Elks at spots that get them down instantly and no need for more than a shot. Another advantage is even if the magnification is changed or altered the size remains the same. The more reason you can easily say this is the best rifle scope for Elk hunting.

Bushnell banner legend ultra HD multi X reticle

This Best Rifle Scope For Elk Hunting is a massive duty rifle scope. It can withstand diverse hunting conditions so it a high pick if you intend to hunt Elks. It is a 3-9×40 scope this also gives it a great hunting use and provides the user with superior hunting experience. Also, it is a one-piece scope, so there is no risk of dismantling during use. Therefore, It can be said to be:

Very durable: This scope provides images that can be described as HD and it also uses Ed prime glass to produce very bright HD images. It also has a waterproof ability since they coat it with argon purging and O-ring seals.

In addition, it is waterproof it is also shockproof that means can withstand shocking movements. Closing in one am Elk with this scope is easy because there’s a low tendency you will get detected .one can also easily say that the Multi-X reticle and the 3-9x power, is one of the best rifle scopes for Elk hunting.

The multi x also has an excellent light transmission, and it is very functional and useful even in the presence of little light. It possesses a side focus adjustment which can be very useful especially for long-range shots.

This scope sees past fogs and haze build up, and those don’t pose a problem. Condensations from the sky also don’t pose a problem. It is a one-piece scope also, so it is very durable and is an excellent fit for the woods and hunting:

It has some significant advantages compared to some other scopes. It is Compatible with many different hunting rifles. It’s easy to find a gun this will work with and most times easy to install and use. It also has a tremendous and fortified design which makes it comfortable to handle and convenient to use.

It has immense usefulness to Elk hunters because it is excellent for long range shooting and there are many features used to make sure this is possible. Unlike many other scopes.

This item is so easy to adjust shooting and adjustments at the same time are really easy. It Works well in low light conditions as mentioned before. It gives the area a view it’s light making the hunter having less to worry about the light of the environment.

It’s easy to find fault with this scope because it has one or tow flaws like the finishing may be poor or it might get to zero easily but it’s also easy to say that it’s one of the best rifle scopes for Elk hunting in the world.

Bushnell Banner 3-9×40

The first thing that comes to mind for this particular Best Rifle Scope For Elk Hunting is the fact that you don’t have to wait for Dawn or dusk to come or go. Anytime is the right time with this one. It creates three perfect views of the wildlife and woods at any time making hunting easier.

Elks mostly come out in the day, very early or in the evening at dusk. An average Best Rifle Scope For Elk Hunting will have a lot of problems at this time trying to find a way through the mild darkness but not this scope.

Easily you can say this is the best rifle scopes for Elk hunting. A lot of animals are very active during this time, and you cannot overemphasize the usefulness of this rifle scope.

It takes away the worry of time of day and makes hunting an anytime thing. The multicolored scope is useful for creating clean images and clear images at any time of the day. It also has an advantage of being useful not just for Elks but also for other games.

Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Riflescope

Like Bushnell, Nikon is a great manufacturer of scopes. And it has produced different varieties of scopes over the years, but the Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Riflescope has been of great value and uniqueness. It is made of aluminum for mostly for the strength it is a massive duty rifle scope also.

It makes use of the patented Nikon optics systems which of course has been multi-coated. This fact increases light transmission to 98%. It is also waterproof and sealed with O-rings.

It is also filled nitrogen so also to avoid it from getting wet and from keeping the fog or haze or condensation away. This product has an excellent quality you could easily recognize the Good value for your money you spend nearly as soon as you see it.

You can rest assured that greeting this product comes with a Lifetime warranty and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting a new rifle scope except you need it for a different purpose even without using it you can easily vote for it as the best rifle scopes for Elk hunting.

It’s lightening us also fantastic. It gives a 98% light transmission. The lightning is Bright, sharp and it can focus quickly. It’s zooming technique is also one of the kinds. It’s Zooms accurately and without doing anything to harm the image.

Vortex optics diamondback 1inch tube 4-12×40

This item is a very durable and robust product made up of the sheet material used in making aircraft. It’s also a Nikon product. This item is also a product with excellent value, and you are sure not to be spending money on any more scopes in a while.

It has found its way into the famous market and established itself as one of the best rifle scopes for Elk hunting. It has a tremendous Clear focus, and it is magically bright too. The fact that it has an easily manipulated reticle also makes it easy to adjust to the point or scope you want to get. It is also one piece making it durable and robust.

Primary arms 4-16*44 illuminated mil-dot scope

This Best Rifle Scope For Elk Hunting is usually a second focal plane scope possessing an illuminated mil-dot reticle. The first ability that pops up when this scope is concerned and mentioned is easy it is to use and how durable this rifle scope is.

It is a bit heavy if a downside is concerned and might add extra weight to the rifle in general, but the weight added most times is insignificant when compared to the original or overall weight of the riffle.

The usefulness of this scope cannot overemphasize. It can be found very useful even in adverse weather conditions, a matter of fact the scope is usually the last of the hunter’s during rain. And it is also the hunter’s joy and advantage when it’s foggy, hazy, dusty or sunny.

The scope can adjust itself to fit into any of these conditions and still provide optimal use and satisfaction to the hunter. Making adjustments on this scope is easy, and this means target becomes extremely easy and elk is game.

This Best Rifle Scope For Elk Hunting is compatible with different varieties of riffles which means that with this scope getting a rifle is not a problem or your least worries is your rifle type. It possesses turrets that are well designed, and it has a excellent holding ability.

It is sturdy and firm and it one piece build is of significant advantage to the hunter because he doesn’t have to worry about the scope dismantling. It can focus on object or animals at long range. So staying as far as you can from the elks will be an advantage with this scope.

That is because staying as far as one can mean there is a little tendency that the hunter will alarm the elks and this scope covers for that distance due to its great focusing and magnification.

The mil-dot reticle has the advantage of a great illumination even in low lighted areas and even in the camouflaging animals won’t be able to hide from this scope because it is easy to find them under the illumination of the scope.

The scope is also a great advantage because it has a high compatibility with different rifles and the hunter doesn’t have to worry about what rifle to use and what not to use because of this characteristics. The waterproof ability of this riflescope is provided by the nitrogen purging.

Mounting and setting up of this scope is really easy and doesn’t take time at all and like earlier stated, this applies to all the riffles. It has a few downsides as stated earlier though. For example it is heavy and might be an extra weight and it has a very thing reticle too. This might be stress to the hunter.

The primary arms 4-6*44 illuminated mil-dot scope is a 16* magnification. It has a  parallax free reticle attributed to the side parallax adjustment knobs. The scope has an advantage of being shockproof and can take a few bumps and shock falls without having to worry.

But it is important to say that this scope is heavy which means there is a higher risk for breaking due to its weights, so it is advisable to handle carefully. But even when it falls to the ground, there is nothing to worry.

If bought in specific official websites or a store, it comes with a year warranty. It has the feature of 12 reticle brightness settings and also it has flip caps feature.

This rifle scope can easily be described by many as the best rifle scope for elk hunting in recent times. That is because it has provided so many with awesome elk hunting experience disregarding their speed and high sense of everything else including smell.

Elk hunters have been looking for great ways to improve their hunting chances or getting these animals and as rewarding as getting one can be so is the stress and work that comes with it. The process of elk hunting is the perfect illustration of nothing good comes easy but again technology is coming to make this better.

The introduction of scopes to elk hunting has proven to be one of the best things that happened to hunt. There has been an upgrade of scopes over time and these scopes are wonderful especially this particular scope in focus.


The above list of the best rifle scopes for Elk hunting is unique, and you should try them out. Everyone one of them is so cool and nice to use and will surely give that awesome Elk hunting experience.

Shawn Michaels

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