The Smart Lad Scholarship – Winners

Here are the winners of Scholarship for Outdoor Lovers.

Nathan Kenny – Winner January 2017

Scholarship for Outdoor LoversI am so passionate about writing! As I am a communications student, I am expert in reaching out, over and beyond the logic. I love nature and exploring new places and people. In this soul, my focus has always been relative to human sciences and studying populace qualities that cause results of imbalance, the rise of social standards, and the motivational structure of different social foundations.
I was born in Texas, America. Currently, studying masters in communication (M.comm) at the University of North Texas. In my extra time, I like to go hiking and camping trips to enjoy with my friends.
I would love to thank you for you’re generous $1250 TSL Internet Marketing Scholarship for Outdoor Lovers. I delighted myself to learn that my essay was chosen the best among all 120 entries. Feels so good to be the receiver of your Scholarship for Outdoor Lovers.

Scott Simpson – Winner February 2017

Scholarship for Outdoor LoversAs a student of marketing at the University of Warwick, my interests are at the crossing point of innovation and social engagement. First, I love marketing and like to keep analyzing new trends and developments!
Second, I want to specialize in many marketing courses. Third, I believe you should always fill life with a lot of excitement, and we all should learn new things every day.
Also, I like to invest energy in connecting with youth and exploring new thrilling ideas to grow myself as a marketer.
Besides, I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for choosing my essay and awarding me the TSL Inbound Marketing Scholarship for Outdoor Lovers. I was so thrilled and happy to know I won this fantastic award of $1250!
Thank you for the appreciation!

Angelina Joseph – Winner March 2017

Scholarship for Outdoor LoversI am studying business at London Metropolitan University.
About me? Well, I am 80% Introvert, 20% Extrovert. Besides, I am very analytical in almost every aspect of my life. I live by myself, I pay my rent, I like to wear trendy clothes, and I love my dad. Moreover, I am a confident, sweet and funny person.
I love to live an active life and explore something new each day. When I found out I won the TSL Internet Marketing Scholarship for Outdoor Lovers; I was so surprised! 
I am thankful and honored that you liked my opinions on how the digital arena helped individuals get more refined outdoor experiences in the past few years. It feels so amazing when students provide such opportunities online.
Thank you so much,

Edward Jones –  Winner April 2017

First of all, I would like to thank you for the Scholarship for Outdoor Lovers!
Also, I am so happy that they selected me among so many entries. I was busy writing an extra credit paper to save myself from failing my fourth semester when I googled some stuff about the digital arena, and I found out your website. I am glad that I not only submitted my coursework but also managed to write and apply for the Internet Marketing Scholarship for Outdoor Lovers of TSL.