The Smart Lad Monthly Scholarship Program

First, the Smart Lad Scholarship Program for Outdoor Hobbyists consistently devotes to providing the best gear reviews. Moreover, those reviews inspire active participation in the outdoor world through coverage of different forms of sports. Also, discoveries, gear, wear, and insights make up a full-of-life routine. Moreover, it mainly helps consumers choose quality products that best suit their requirements.
Second, “The Smart Lad Scholarship Program” aims to help students with a spirit of adventure. Also, connect to their underlying passion. Finally, learn more about the outdoor world in this fast era of technology.
Consequently, as part of this mission, we recognize that drive rises over time. And it all originates with investing in fresh young individuals. Indeed, individuals will be the hard-working professionals of the future.
Finally, you can find examples of content pieces at
Amount of Award Per Month: $1250
Number of Awards Per Month: 1

How to Apply

To apply for the “Smart Lad Scholarship Program,” you must submit a written review about any outdoor experience.
An example could be this question. How do you think the digital arena (social media, blogs) helps individuals to get more outdoor experiences?

Eligibility Criteria

First, this scholarship program only applies to students in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and Korea.
Applicants must be at a College or University for an Undergraduate or Postgraduate program in the areas of Business, Marketing, Sports, Travel, Outdoors, IT, or Communications with the passion of writing to WIN this $1250 award.
All applicants must have a CGPA of 2.75 or above.

Submission Guidelines

The written review should be 1800-2000 words, provided in PDF/Microsoft Word format, and emailed to [email protected].
The deadline for all submissions is the 15th of every month.

Award Entries

Applicants must send entry reviews through email. You must attach evidence of your enrollment at a College or University in the undergraduate or postgraduate program.
While presenting your content, you should enter your name, College or University address, email address, and some other data, as asked for, to enroll for your opportunity to win.
Any entry submitted or potentially received by TSL after the Deadline will consequently be excluded and won’t be qualified for the scholarship.
The content of your entries must be unique. There are no restrictions on the word limit, and you must provide it in PDF/Microsoft Word format. 


TSL’s honor board of award committee will select finalists, which comprise digital marketing specialists and experts of numerous types, including, yet not constrained to, academic and senior advertising pioneers.
Winners shall appear on the last date of every month at
To sum up, at our discretion, TSL holds the privilege to roll out any improvements given rules and regulations when necessary in guaranteeing a fair way to award our scholarships.