Best Hikes in Georgia

Known as the Gem of Caucasus, Georgia is the best summer destination for outdoor adventure. Georgia is 6000 feet above sea level and offers excellent hiking opportunities. Read through this blog to find out Best Hikes in Georgia.
The land claims four of Europe’s ten highest summits and covers 14 mountain ranges, labeled as some of the best hikes in Georgia. 

Furthermore, you can hike through many breathtaking landscapes and villages. Also, more than 100 miles of marked trails and many routes for exploration are present. And Georgia’s under-the-radar status means you can hike for miles without seeing another soul. Also, the tourism administration has renovated ten trails as of now.


Tusheti region

There are two different trails to hike in the Tusheti region. One is the crossing of the Pirikiti range. And the other is a long route connecting Tusheti and Khevsureti through another pass. Tusheti region hikes are considered one of the best in Georgia.

Sirikit Range – Best Hikes in Georgia

The day section of the trek navigates through the bottom of Pirikiti Alazani valley, but the view is quite limited. There is a ridge just above where you can go trekking. A trail climbs onto the Pirikiti range and follows it to Nakle-kholi pass. 

Best hikes in Georgia

Duration: 8 hours
Distance: 21 km
Elevation: 1200m up and 1400m down.
Level: Beginners



The longer route connecting Tusheti and Khevsureti is one of the less-known trails that directly transverses the central ridge. It is probably the best hike in Georgia. Once you climb the Borbalo pass, you can spend almost two days at the top of the hill. 

The ridge splits into the upper and lower regions. Furthermore, it is also possible to transverse the central bank to the Rokshaghele pass.

Best hikes in Georgia

Despite the beauty, the trail has few visitors due to its remoteness. In addition, the round trip takes five days, and some days are needed to reach the Borbalo pass. There are no villages around, and the probability of refilling the water is also less.

Distance: 77km
Duration: 5 days
Elevation: 3000m
It is recommended for long, remote, and panoramic treks.
Level: Experienced

Omalo to Shatili 

The trek trail connects the villages of Omalo and Shatili and the centers of mountain ranges Tusheti and Khevsureti.
The place features stone towers, fortresses, and traditional middle-aged villages.
Spend the first two days on the jeep road connecting the villages in the inhabited valley. Consequently, you will encounter a wilderness with shepherds and trekkers enjoying their time. 
In addition, the highlight of the trek is Atsunta Pass which is at an elevation of around 3400m.

Best hikes in Georgia

This trek is a long one without a single settlement until reaching Shaitili. Since it involves crossing several small rivers and the 3431m Astunta pass, it can be pretty demanding.
Also, this trek is not open all year long. Therefore, do not forget to cross-check once you plan to visit. The best time to visit this trek is from July to August.

Distance: 70-75 km
Duration: 5 days
Level: Medium to Hard.


Khevi region

There are favorite trails around Mount Kazbek that help tourists move into camps. But if you prefer total solitude, there are many more lesser-known valleys. 
Khevi region is a hidden gem of Georgia offering such peace of mind. It also boasts some of the best hikes in Georgia.

Arthkamo Gorge – Best Hikes in Georgia

One of the valleys in the Arthkamo gorge, a few kilometers southeast of Kazbegi, now holds many ruins and shrines with no people. Most noteworthy is that it is another leisure walk near Stepantsminda village. 

The route starts from the bridge in a local village and follows a track branching towards the river. From here, it heads towards the beautiful gorge. Down the lane, more than a mile, the canyon narrows down, and the road splits into two. 

Also, the left takes you down the bottom of the gorge, while the right makes you 50m above the river. After another mile in the right split, you reach a shrine. And in addition to this, a few more miles ahead, Arthkamo village appears.

The more the path deepens into the valley, the more the gorge becomes narrower. One kilometer from there on, it descends into the river and disappears. The place is a perfect picnic spot; you can venture further only with camping gear.

Distance: 8-11 km
Duration: 3 hours
Level: Easy
Elevation: 1827-2003 m

Chaukhi Pass

You can also hike through Chaukhi pass, a popular trail connecting the Kazbegi region with Khevsureti. This region has earned the tag of one of the best hikes in Georgia. 
Furthermore, there are three alpine lakes of different colors green, blue, and white. 
You can also turn north to visit the villages of Arkhoti. Especially on the upper part, you get to find gorges, waterfalls, and solitude. The next day you can cross the Arkhoti pass and return to Juta.
Distance: 21 km one way or 52km with a return through Arkhoti
Duration: 2 days one way or four days with a return through Arkhoti
Recommended for hikers who have already visited Kazbegi and looking for fantastic sceneries nearby.


Svaneti region

The Svaneti region is unique in Georgia, boasting loads of favorite trails and some of the best hikes in Georgia. Take a look at some of these hike trails.


For a unique and unforgettable experience of Georgia and the Caucasus mountains, Mkheri should be on your hit list. Bring protein bars and hiking shoes to reach Europe’s one of the highest churches at 2500m.
Mkheri church is at the top of a picturesque hill on the edge of the beautiful summit overlooking all the Caucasus mountain ranges. You can also reach from Latali village of Svaneti. 
Furthermore, sunny days are recommended for the hike as all the peaks shall be visible.

Distance: 5km from Latali
Duration: 5-6 hours
Elevation: 4000m


Mestia to Ushguli

From Mestia to Ushguli is another famous trek of the Svaneti region. 
Mestia is in the center of Svaneti, with the remote mountain village of Ushguli. Not a long hike; however, it is famous for its panoramic views of nature and historical insights. 
In addition, you can also sleep in the villages so carrying a tent might not be required. Alternatively, you can take a higher route crossing Zuruldi, and have a sleepover in the local town.
You can reach Ushguli across the mountains using the Karetta pass as well. It is safe to consider this one of the best hikes in Georgia.

Distance: 58km
Duration: 4days


Svaneti to Racha

There is also another famous trek from Svaneti to Racha. A beautiful but demanding tour, this trail takes you to the most remote parts of the Caucasus mountain ranges. 
It follows the road that connects Zeskho village in Svaneti with Ghebi in Racha.
The route is very challenging and not for inexperienced hikers. Furthermore, it crosses two steep mountains and the wild valley of a river. 
This trail is for adventurers who seek to overcome obstacles and are ready to wade through 2m high hogweeds and stinging nettles.

Distance: 39km
Duration: 3-4 days


Tobavarchkhili lake

Tobavarchkhili Lake lies at the heart of the mountains, which separates the Svaneti region from the lowlands. You must walk for three days before you continue to Svaneti in the North. 
Also, there are no villages in the region, but you will find glacial lakes, rocky gorges, waterfalls, and shepherd huts. This place is for people who are looking to fuel their inner compassion.
Distance: 70km
Duration: 5 days


Lagoa huts

Another small hike in the region was Lagora huts in the Racha region
The trek starts from a local village, with towers indicating that the hikers are on the right path. From there, you will reach a church on the mountaintop.
In addition, hikers need to cut through the path of hogweeds to go down the way to the huts. The huts are not clean, but it is the best place to go remote and is one of the best hikes in Georgia.
Distance: 13km
Duration: 6 hours
Elevation: 1300-2000m


Udziro trek

Best hikes in Georgia

The Udziro trek is probably the best hike in Georgia in the Racha region. It is as beautiful as Svaneti but often overlooked by tourists because of the lack of infrastructure and stone towers. It starts in Shove village, climbs to the small lake beneath Dolomisistsveri Mountain, and then descends to Glola. In addition to this, the rocks on the mountain are interestingly bent.

Distance: 19km
Duration: 2 days
Elevation: 2600m

Javakheti region

There is a specific magical experience in the mountains of the Javakheti plateau that attracts hikers. Moreover, a large fortress in the region belongs to the megalithic age on the Small Abuli mountain. And this is the place where beauty meets history. 

The stoned paths on the mountains are the pre-historical highways, and the monks go there to observe the stars. The buildings owe their attractiveness and historical importance to their impressive size, age,c, and architectural design.
In addition to this, some of the fortresses and settlements in the Javakheti Plateau are Saro, Sharon, and Abul. These are constructed of 3-4-meter volcanic basalt blocks using dry masonry techniques. Megalith Menhir of Trialeti range is a real mystery of the Caucasus.

Sharon and Abul’s fortress

If you must get to Sharon and Abul fortresses on a two-day trip, it’s only 7 km from Poka to Ghandzani village. Also, the best time would be any sunny day from May to October. This hike is one of the best walks in Georgia.

Distance: 14-16 km (depends on whether you are going to the fortresses)
Duration: 4-6 hours
The elevation of Javakheti region: 800m
Sharon Elevation: 2752m
Abul Elevation: 2630m

Adjara region
The hike to the Kikhani fortress is not an easy one. It depends on the mountain to allow you to see the 360-degree panoramic view of the ranges and the beauty. Furthermore, you can explore some resorts, summer settlements, and Green Lake. Also, look around and explore some of the best hikes in Georgia here.

Kikhani Fortress

You can find the Kikhani Fortress at the Southwestern top of the mountainous Adjara region. Furthermore, the hike offers a spectacular 360 degrees panorama, and the path to the fortress is very windy.
Most noteworthy is the unique location makes this place very exotic and tourist. But it would be best to try hard to make it there because of the unusual and untimely rain and wind. Also, when it rains, the whole mountain is obstructed by fog.

The fortress is from the 13th century, and till the 19th century, it was inaccessible from 3 sides. It takes 40 minutes to walk to ascend the fort from the mountain bottom. 
Furthermore, you will also find lots of monuments like square towers, a bakery, and a church. To get to the Khikhani fortress, hire a jeep from Khulo (42km ) or Skhalta village (24km).
Alternatively, a homestay option from Batumi to Tkhinvala village is available nearby.
Distance: 16 km from Beshumi (hike) and then the ascent of 13 km
Duration: Depends on the weather at the mountain
Elevation: 600m

Trek to Black Rock Lake
If wildlife is what you are looking for, you should head for Lagodekhi Park, the oldest nature reserve in Georgia. This Park offers several hiking trails and one of the best hikes in Georgia. The most interesting of which is the trek to Black Rock Lake
In addition to this, you will cross the ancient, preserved forest and be able to observe chamois, deer, and mountain goats. Trek ends near Black rocks lake, lying at an elevation of 2800 meters. Also, in 2016, another trail was opened to the lake, so you don’t have to return the same way.
Furthermore, hikers looking for natural sights and wildlife can take a chance on this trail. Prepare yourself to stumble on nature and visit some of the best hikes in Georgia.
Distance: 45km
Duration: 3 days
Elevation: 2800m


Trek to Keli plateau

Starting in Truso Valley, this trek explores the Keli volcanic plateau west of the Georgian Military Highway. The highlight of the trip is the mesmerizing glacial Kelitsadi Lake.

In addition to this, you can also explore gorges north of Truso Valley. Here you will find peculiar rock formations, waterfalls, and scenery to awaken you. 
Furthermore, the trek is for the people familiar with the more touristy areas of Georgia. This is the place to visit if you want something new and impressive and the best hikes in Georgia.
Distance: 37km
Duration: 3 days


St Andrews’ trail in Bhorjomi-Kharagauli Park

Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is in the mountains of the Lesser Caucasus. Being one of the largest national parks in Georgia, it’s famous for its pristine forests, wildlife, and developed infrastructure.
The National Park has nine marked trails, the St.Andrews trail the best. It offers excellent views and the possibility of climbing the highest mountain in the Park. Also, tents are unnecessary as sleeping in tourist shelters at a small cost is possible.
Most noteworthy is that this trail is for people looking for “the Swiss experience.”
Distance: 54km
Duration: 4 days


Best time to visit

Spring and fall are the best times to visit Georgia because the temperatures are pleasant, and the humidity isn’t too high. In addition, the many colorful wildflowers bloom in the spring, and autumn brings vibrant fall leaves. 
The Caucasus is probably the best mountain range for the hike. Furthermore, these are the best hikes in Georgia while touring the Caucasus Mountains.