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Bikepacking Routes

Bikepacking Routes or Rides range from short overnight cycling adventures to a few weeks or months. The path to go bikepacking is increasingly popular among all types of runners. Bikepacking is the way to go for a detour of the world or even the whole off-road adventure. With the help of specialized bikepacking bags tightly […]

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Bikepacking – The New Adventure

Bikepacking is a blend of cycling and camping. Bikepackers usually travel over long distances, with all a needs during the journey. The equipment mounts directly on the bike. Of course, you need to know what accessories to take and what fits on your bike. A bikepacking trip can be difficult, especially when you have to […]

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Cross Country Skiing

Functionally, cross-country skiing is like a cross between running and skiing. Skiers have skis on feet that glide over the snow like skiing. However, they don’t have gravity to work in their favor. Much of the terrain skiers cover can be a descent. Nonetheless, it is more likely to be flat, or even uphill. Therefore, […]

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Backpacking New Zealand

First, hiking in North America is a great experience that many people do every weekend. There are some great tracks on the West coast, East coast, Rocky mountains and other places in the United States. But Backpacking New Zealand is also an incredible experience. When Backpacking New Zealand, you can explore the country and untouched […]

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Backpacking Through Europe Itinerary

For centuries, Europe symbolized the epitome of romance.¬†Backpacking Through Europe Itinerary¬†has a rich culture, delicious cuisine, and beautiful sights. Also, it is not surprising that many people decide to spend time in this varied continent. But if you are planning a Backpacking Through Europe Itinerary, you must first decide exactly where you want to go! […]

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Best Trekking Poles

This article is about the Best Trekking Poles. Why may you want to use them? What to study and how to manage them once you’ve got them? What are the Best Trekking Poles? Best Trekking Poles are merely walking sticks. And though used to aid formal hiking rather than every day walking the principle is […]

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Best Garden Hoe

Best Garden Hoe Comparison Table Image Name Price Heavy Root Hoe 3.3lbs – 7.5”x 5” with 53” Ash Handle Check Price Prohoe Field Hoes – 7” wide blade – Cotton Hoe, Fiberglass Handle Check Price Prohoe Rogue Hoe, 40”L Curved Hickory Handle, 7”W Curved Blade Head Check Price Bully Tools 92419 12-Gauge Short Mortar Hoe […]

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Couch to Marathon

The first step to Couch to Marathon is to get out of the door. When you’ve done that, you can do everything else. First, walk for 20-30 minutes at a fast pace two or three times a week. Over the next two to three weeks you can start jogging slowly for one to two minutes. […]

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Cross Country Running

Cross country running is very different from track running, or even road. Part of the uniqueness of the terrain, as well as its attractiveness, is that each course is different. However, despite the variability of routes on rough terrain, there are specific tactical approaches to racing that will help you. Cross-country is a pretty simple […]

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