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Top 100 Travel Blogs You Should Be Following in 2017

Every person has a hidden traveler spirit in himself.

I am here to provide a dose to that spirit, so that people begin their endless journey, and spread the message of love in different corners of the world.

I have listed down the top travel blogs which can be of great help to you for giving yourself a travel-treat.

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a luxury travel blog

A popular luxury travel blog by Dr. Paul that focuses on some essential aspects of travel and provides useful information for making your trips memorable. Through his own experience of working in travel industry for 30 years and traveling around the world, he provides valuable info on the most luxurious resorts, hotels, and restaurants.

Paul is also a Director of an online tourism marketing company.  If you want to enjoy the finer things in life, A Luxury Travel Blog is where you want to be.

mapping megan

Mapping Megan is the blog of a lovely couple, Megan and Mike. It is all about outdoor adventure – travel and cultural immersion.

They aim to provide the best travel advice to anyone looking for a perfect adventure and memorable experience. They share all their exciting stories, videos and incredible photography from each trip. They also share useful tips to bring you the best in adventure travel. Check out their exciting blog to bring out the adventure traveler in you. 

the planet d

Wandering around the continent of Africa, Deb and Dave came up with the idea of ThePlanetD. Since then, they made their way through 106 countries on seven continents, to be an example of inspiring adventure.

They've won a plenty of blogging and photography awards. Deb and Dave created ThePlanetD with an aim to share their knowledge with people and show them that how an ordinary person can live an extraordinary life. Follow their blog to get inspiration on how to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.  

global gallivanting

A traveling blog by a travel addict, Anna Global Gallivanting, is one of the most comprehensive resources for traveling in India. Another focus of the blog is sharing ways in which people can sustain a lifestyle of full-time travel with many innovative ways to earn money abroad while traveling.

She believes that a journey should be "slow and steady," because it helps you to understand and experience different cultures and learn from them. Her blog is not just full of her interesting stories, but also provides useful tips and informative articles to inspire you to gallivant around the world for pleasure.

stay adventurous

Let's introduce you to Craig. Craig is an adventurer, a person who believes that every single day of your life should be like a new thrill. He has traveled over 40 countries across five continents.

From his own global gallivants, Craig shares views and observations on different cultures and their cuisines. His blog also includes his travel photography, posts and travel podcasts where he shares his thoughts on destinations, highlights from his memorable adventures, and useful travel tips.

carmens luxury travel

Carmen is a traveling fashionista, who has a passion for 'travel with style.' She shares insights on the most interesting destinations to visit, most luxurious places to stay and best cuisines from around the world.

She also provides useful tips and a guide for the perfect travel. You can also find camera gears, electronic gadgets, and trendy apparel for your next travel venture on her amazing online shop. Her luxurious wanderlust would definitely inspire you to add a splash of luxury in your life.

53 perfect days

Alexa's 52 Perfect days is all about her great travel experiences that she shares every week of the year, hence the name 52 days.

You will find everything from exciting travel stories and articles about spending a perfect day in different destinations to finding the best hotels, restaurants, and tours around the world. The most useful to travelers, is her 52 Tips Series. It's a great way to learn about a destination before you visit and have a great list of ideas to help plan your trip. 

go hobo

Go Hobo is one of those amazing blogs that revolve around travel and highlight the wonders of the world. Travel can be viewed from different perspectives. Simon has a different one too. What does Simon have to say? He has come up with an alternative travel network. It is something that will make adventurers happy.

This update will help travelers to find themselves affordable transportation and accommodation. The aim to Simon is to provide the best travel services to the wanderers, which are economical too.

the professional hobo

Nora Dunn, the founder, sold everything she owned in Canada (including a busy financial planning practice) to embrace her dreams of long-term travel. That was in 2006, and she has been on the road ever since then, traveling to and living in 55+ countries. This list of her adventures (and misadventures) is a long one.

She travels full-time in a financially sustainable way and teaches others to do the same on her website through her books, as well as in other publications like on her "Dear Nora" column.

the expeditioner

Matt's focus is a little different from the rest. He brings together various travel experts from different parts of the world and engages in providing useful ideas, tips, and information regarding "Pure Travel."

The Expeditioner includes the work of some of the world's best travel writers and bloggers, feature travel articles, travel news, commentary, and videos.

aussie on the road

Chris describes himself as a full-time traveler and safari expert. And “Aussie on the Road” proves his description right. His passion for travel and adventures is what inspired him to come up with the idea of blogging.

He is greatly obsessed with bucket lists. He has got exhaustive bucket lists for Japan, Korea, and China as well as his own with 1,000+ items. 

He has spent a great time of his life feeding his adventurous soul with mindboggling ventures. This blog is a worth-try for safari-lovers – because, CHRIS DOES IT RIGHT.

lost with purpose

Adventure brings people together too. Such a couple is of Alex and Sebastiaan. This young couple loves exploring planet Earth and shares their stories, pictures, and experiences on the blog. They aim to help people around the world understand each other and travel to discover new places and feel the beauty of other cultures.

nomadic boys

Stefan and Sébastien are a Greek/French couple who met in London and have been traveling the world together since 2014.

They write about the gay scenes they encounter in every destination they visit which includes travel guides and stories with LGBTQ locals. Check out their exciting travel blog.

freeborn aiden

Freeborn Aiden. The name itself explains a lot. An adventurer and a writer who never stops with the limits. He has visited over 25 countries since he started his exciting ventures.

He shares all his tales from the roads, the destinations he has visited and some great salivating recipes he has learned on his travels. He also offers practical advice and motivates you to head out on an exciting adventure.

Check out his blog and see the world in his eyes. There is going to be big revamp this autumn. So, readers should stay tuned!


An incredible blog for those who love to explore new places and their delicious food. Mark, the owner, believes that the best way to interact with people and learn about their culture is through food.

He provides a comprehensive travel guide for food lovers that includes various cities along with their delicious local foods and travel tips. If you’re an avid foodie and a traveler, Migrationology is the right place for you to follow.

time travel turtle

Michael is one of the perfect examples of wanderers, who has been moving from place to place and found a home there.

He has created this blog to share his experiences, which involves several wondrous places that are yet to be discovered by travel-lovers. He believes that the world is full of beauty which needs to be seen by people. He brings back the views and messages of locals as a souvenir to let the beauty of their place reach to others.

will fly for food

For those who crave not just traveling but also food, JB & Renée are by your side. As they totally understand what you need, they have created this blog to list down places which will satisfy your travel needs as well as your cravings. The good part – you can get some special recipes that they have collected during their trips.


On their way to putting together the details of Berlin and capturing moments to share, Marcela and Felipe have not just presented a lovely picture of this place, but also, they have collected some quite interesting travel tips that can spice up your trip.

Also, they have revealed some little secrets about Berlin that will help you complete your Berlin-tour.

the poor traveler

"Never judge a book by its cover." Well, its applicable in case of blogs as well, and this blog is an example of that. Though it says "The Poor Traveler," but this blog is full of rich content.

Yoshke and Vins, the minds behind the concept of this blog, are at your service to guide you with utilizing the amount you are willing to invest in a trip. They use their experiences to offer you tips for a flawless and worth-your-money tour.

peanuts and pretzels

"WHAT to do WHERE, and WHEN?" Three questions combined and answered in the most satisfyingly way. Josh and Liz – this adventurous couple is on their way to make your life adventurous as well.

Hit onto their blog and give yourself a treat of a well-planned vacation and some memorable pictures to hang on your wall.

go the podcast

When you combine the talent of a travel writer, a podcaster, and loads of passion, Alex forms. He uses his storytelling interest as a unique way of putting forward his travel adventures for others to get inspired.

Alex's podcast is a remarkable source of inspiration for travelers and for those who are in search of some astonishing parts of this world.

adoration 4 adventure

Like how everything begins with some basics and requires a step-by-step guide for beginners, travel demands it too. Here, we introduce you to Chantell, an Aussie, whose passion for traveling made her move from place to place, making her dream big.

Dream big? Yes. Of a life full of adventure. Her blog includes all the steps and details that can guide you to plan YOUR PERFECT TRIP.

we 3 travel

Planning a trip is fun. You see your schedule, hit a few travel blogs, make a choice, and done! But with kids, Nah, not so easy. There are a whole lot more things that you need to think of while traveling with children or family. Grubers are here to rescue.

Exploring the world with such ease and with an organized plan, yet full of fun is Grubers' thing. So, if you are thinking of planning a family trip, they are the ones you need.

hand luggage only

Looking for travel inspiration? Yes, that’s Yaya and Lloyd. Their blog is a travel-bag, which contains everything that you need - the must-visit spots, good food places, tips, hacks, and what else.

A look at their photo diary is enough to convince you to travel. They have a breathtaking collection of photographs and moments captured in words, which can make it easier for you to choose your next travel destination.

dont stop living

Jonny goes to extremely unusual and unheard of destinations writing detailed reports on places like Adammia, Uzupis, Podjistan, Starogard Gdański, Sovereign Military Order of Malta and Druza Village Isfiya.

Jonny also backpacks warzones to find the most peaceful and touristic parts. He sees himself as a tourist every day, even in his hometown and in his current base in Poland.

i am aileen

Make your life an endless journey, full of thrills, with Aileen. Aileen, a young lady from the Philippines, has filled her moments with the beauty of nature by traveling around the world.

Her blog is the diary where she writes those moments down and uses them to inspire others and help people experience the wonders she did.

adventure inspired

Where adventure can be found in different forms, Kate’s blog highlights the perfect spots for those who, like her, love outdoor activities and adventures like camping, hiking, and mountain biking.

Kate’s brought-up has made her an inspirational soul for many and has convinced her to believe that she can turn boring lives into a thrilling adventure.

travel notes and beyond

Travel Notes & Beyond is a travel blog that focuses on independent, high-end travel and cultural experiences.

Anda, the owner, writes very detailed posts based on her personal experiences and research, in order to help readers plan their own trips.

She provides practical information, but also insight into the local culture, food and off the beaten path options in the areas she visits.

exploring kiwis

A blog by two adventurous kiwis, Nathan and Sarah. With their enthusiastic team of bloggers, they try to bring you the best in travel. They share all their exciting ventures from luxurious experiences to memorable bargains.

They provide firsthand information about the best accommodation, food, itineraries, travel tips and travel gear to help you choose the best destination for a memorable trip. If you’re looking for once-in-a lifetime experience, Exploring Kiwis is here to fuel your wanderlust.

contented traveller

Gordon and Paula, real travelers. They have a before and after marriage travel history. And it is amazing. They enjoy every kind of travel, and they have been to all kinds of spots.

The part that they focus on is fun and quality. They are a great guide if you are looking for A-Trip-To-Remember. They’ll give you every single little detail of what to do where.

ladies what travel

Emma and Keri, two friends and full-time workers, are on their way to explore Europe and other parts of the world. Travel can be luxurious and expensive.

The good thing about this blog? This blog is a perfect try for those who want a light break to relax and take a break from work. They fill their blog with their soothing visits to various parts of nature, fun tea-times, and much more. Also, they offer tips on how to balance work-life and travel-times.

hopscotch the globe blog

An Adventure travel blog by Kristin and Siya, the two adventurous spirits. They aim to inspire and motivate you to incorporate travel into your lifestyle and explore different places and their cultures.

They write about the best destinations, travel types, mouth-watering cuisines and cultural traditions and practices. If you have a strong desire to explore the world and adopt cultural traditions and style into your life, then ‘Hopscotch the Globe’ is the right place for you.

goats on the road

Goats on the road were created with an aim to inspire you to live a free life. From exciting destinations and travel stories to financial tips and earning methods, they try to teach you on how you can turn travel into a lifestyle.

Their blog also helps people to earn money on the road and travel / live abroad full time. Check out their eye-opening ventures and get insider tips on how to create a contented life for yourself.

inside the travel lab

A travel blog by Abi, who travels around the world and tries to make the most of her life. Her blog is mostly about thoughtful luxury travel.

She shares the best destinations for thoughtful luxury travel to make you experience the places where culture, tourism and adventure interacts. Inside the Travel lab will make you see the world through new eyes.

travel past 50

Tom and Kristin created Travel Past 50 to encourage, entertain and inspire other travelers over the age of 50. They share their travel stories and pictures to introduce interesting destinations, their historical sites, cities, foods and other resources that attract people of mature age. 

They also share practical tips and best travel gears to help you get the best for your next travel. If you’re a mature traveler, then this place concentrates on the best experiences that a person of your age group desires.


Travlinmad is a blog for travelers looking for the most local travel experiences they can find around the globe, like unique traditions and the most authentic food.

Follow along with Lori - the traveler, photographer, and storyteller behind the blog - for those travel experiences that live on long after you're home.

wagoners abroad

Heidi and Alan Wagoner, founders of Wagoners Abroad, are passionate travelers-traveled through 50+ countries around the world.

They are currently residing in Spain, as they endure to explore the world and diverse cultures. They inspire many people to visit Spain and also help them move to Spain.

They offer consulting and eBooks on the process to move to Spain! They are a true source of inspiration for you to make your dreams come true.

a world to travel

A blog by a lovely couple Jose and Inma, who have traveled to more than 60 countries.

Inma focuses on exploring unique places and brings you the best travel experiences through her visual stories.

Her blog also provides practical tips and resources to help you get the best out of your adventure.  A World to Travel will inspire you to fulfill your dreams and satisfy your wanderlust.

heather on her travels

‘Heather on her Travels’ blog brings you with Heather’s exciting travel stories, podcasts, and photos from her adventures around Europe and the world. 

Through her exciting ventures, she takes you with her to meet new people, explore their cultures, taste their foods and experience the sights that she come along the way.

She also provides reviews on travel products and must-have travel books. If you’re dreaming of your next venture, get the best travel information and inspiration from Heather on her Travels.

sunset travellers

Sunset Travellers is about the ventures of a couple, Steve and Sabina, who have been traveling around the world for the last four years.

From the top destinations to travel tips, get the best travel advice from a couple who has traveled around the world.

Subscribe to their blog to get all updates on their travels and some honest and quality travel advice direct to your inbox.


Meet an Adventure traveler and a wander luster, Charli. She aims to inspire you to live an adventurous life.

She shares her travel tales, helpful guides to the destinations she visits and captivating photos that she collects along the way to her adventures.

Charli has been exploring the world for the past five years and has been bringing out the most inspiring destinations for you to travel around the world.

Join her exciting journey to get real inspiration and embrace every chance to explore the world.

rocky travel

Michela, the founder, is a solo traveler, blogger, writer and publisher of Rocky Travel. Her blog is a leading resource for solo travelers in Australia.

Being an expert solo traveler, she shares useful tips and her knowledge to help you travel cheaper and longer.

She aims to help people travel in a simple and smart way. If you’re an independent and savvy traveler, Rocky Travel is the right place for you.

travelling weasels

Laura and Tanbay are a British/German couple who have been together since 2006 and have been traveling since 2013. They travel full-time, luxuriously and slowly, and they love learning new languages.

Their popular YouTube channel is currently focused on learning one of the world's hardest languages: Hungarian. Traveling weasels is all about their exciting journeys and travel guides on best destinations around the world.

wanderlust movement

Wanderlust Movement is a South African travel blog for the frugal travelers. Lauren, the founder, started this movement to provide budget travel tips and help 20-something South Africans see the world for less.

Discover some of the best and cheapest visa-free destinations to visit as well as incredible adventures to have on the way.

wild junket

Professional travel blogger at your service. Nellie – you must be familiar with this one. She’s a famous professional travel blogger as well as a writer.

She’s an engineer who fulfilled her travel-dream of right after her graduation and is a great inspiration for those who think that it’s hard to find a way to content wishes.

On the other hand, Alberto gives a new perspective to the beauty of this world and captures amazing moments for others.

russian blogger

Born in Russia, Daniil has been traveling from place to place, along with working and living on the road. But most of all, he believes that Russia is known as an underrated tourism spot.

So, this blog will give you a nice view and tour of Russian wonders which you would love to visit. The way he promotes his homeland's beauty is quite inspiring. Explore Russia with!

chasing the donkey

Need the most-satisfactory right information about Croatia or the Balkans? Is it hard to find a nice and cozy accommodation? Don’t know about other services which you might feel the need of and cannot find? You are lucky to land here then.

This Croatia Travel Blog will lead you to your destination. Sarah & Mate are at your service to give you some kick-start ideas, and very handy tips, to make your travel memorable.

two wandering soles

Katie and Ben are not some usual twenties people. They are nature-lovers, adventure-seekers, and food-crazies, who give up a typical life for the sake of traveling.

They pack their bags with what fits, and begin their journey, forgetting about the rest. Their life is like a-travel-to-remember. And they can help you bring out the adventure in your life as well.

travel with all senses

Don’t know where to go? Don’t know what to carry while traveling? Searching for ideas to make your trip well-planned, organized, and perfect? Travel with All Senses is all about travel tips.

This blog is managed by an amazing couple who aims to share travel tips that can help you in every step of your trip.

They write alot about travelling in Africa and their blog is mostly about destinations off the beaten track. They’re grown up traveller 60+.

Their experience has taught them a lot about places and how to travel, and now they are on their way to share it with you.

make time to see the world

Someone spending years to gain professionalism, and instead, ending up with the realization that it’s not the professionalism that she needs, but the travel. That’s Vicki. A travel-loving lawyer and blogger.

She has visited around 39 countries along with her partner, and plans to explore more of the wonders of the world.

Another good thing about her site is that, as her partner is a chef, so you can get a great help regarding food to satisfy your cravings.

always wanderlust

Collecting unique and stunning moments around the globe, one shutter click at a time.

Always Wanderlust is an alternative travel photography blog focused on inspiring others through amazing photography and inspired stories around the world.

Always Wanderlust is a place where you can find any adventures, big or small, whether going on a 3-day trekking trip in the Eastern Sierras or going on a two year sabbatical all around the world - the footprints are laid out on and off the beaten track.

50 shades of age

Kathy, the blogger, created this site when she turned 50 to avoid boredom and to encourage women of her age feel worthy of themselves.

Kathy blogs about her traveling and itinerary and shares her photography of brilliant destinations around the world.

Her blog includes pictures of places, details of routes that she took and her traveling experiences. She also provides valuable tips and suggestions for all the passionate travelers out there.

Her blog is a voice for the people of 50-something age-group and strives to bring more stories to inspire them.

neil bush walking blog

A blog for travel and outdoor enthusiasts. Neil, the owner, aims to help you find a perfect adventure and provide you with the best gear and knowledge for it.  

If you’re a hiking lover, this blog can be a helpful guide for you. Neil, being a hiking enthusiast, also includes solid hiking information to make things easier for you.

His blog is a complete package of information for all outdoor adventurers and avid travelers.

easy planet travel

Putting the unpaid leave from work to good use, Dominique, a travel junkie and a full-time mom, is on the move along with her family.

Cornell family has been to 33 countries already. But, that doesn’t end their journey. They aim to explore the paths of seven more in the next two years. They believe that these paths of adventure strengthen bonds with love, and they would love to make you a part of it.

points and travel

Even doctors can show you what travel is. Cacinda is here to serve as an example. Her 5 years are worth so much – 250 destinations, 57 countries – that’s pretty much of a travel.

Her experience has allowed her to differentiate between “what’s expensive” and “what’s worth the expense.” She is a great guide for those who want to spend a relaxing and regret-free vacation.

indie travel podcast

The passion for traveling drove Craig and Linda through many places. But, their story wasn’t an ordinary one. The struggles they went through paid them off at the end in the form of “another location visited and off the list.”

During their travel-history, they have learned about many flaws and mistakes that are hard to find in guidebooks. So, they decided to be the perfect guide for others through their blog.

nomad asaurus

It began with the adventures of Alesha and Jarryd, who started this blog to share their adventurous moments and every single detail with others, in 2013. But, with time, as their travel continued, they made their blog into something much bigger and better than a normal travel blog.

Their team involves a bunch of experts with different expertise, who explores places in different ways. This is what makes Nomadasaurus unique. Visit this blog for some unusual and new dose of travel information

every steph

This nomadic Stef has a nice history mentioned on the blog.

Stef not just gives the usual travel destinations details and guides, but also has used the blog to deliver the best of travel tips and as a lifestyle guide too, which includes various information regarding fashion, food, and inspiration. 

Believe it or not, you’ll love it.

local adventurer

Atlanta, the home of Esther and Jacob, was the spot they began their journey with.

This blog took birth in the moment when these fun people realized that they have to find adventure in their daily life. So, Atlantic exploration started. And since then, they have been t raveling full time with a focus on discovering locally.

costa rica travel blog

Welcome to the travel directory of Costa Rica. Nikki and Ricky; a happily married adventurous couple have spent years to discover the corners of Costa Rica, and writing different blogs on it.

They are also the creators of the online community DIY Costa Rica, and publishers of Costa Rica Promotions. Visit their blog to find the best of Costa Rica.

guide 2 travel

This blog is managed by two extremely professional experts, Linda and David, who have not just provided a bunch of handy information on their blog, but have also made their way to fame.

The travel writing by Linda includes three print travel guides, along with hundreds of articles in various journals, newspaper, and magazines.

Also, she’s an internationally published award winning author of many books.

pinoy adventurista

Mervin’s Pinoy Adventurista is all about his crazy adventures, beautiful destinations he has visited, their people and food. Through his exciting ventures, Mervin aims to encourage people to visit Philippines and discover how beautiful his country is.

He inspires others to travel, to live their dreams and embark on a life-time adventure. The blog also includes travel guides, useful climbing tips and a lot more fun for you!

traveller soul 76

Traveller Soul is a place where you will find entertaining, educating and inspiring posts about travel adventures, lifestyle, culture, food, best books, photography, reviews on hotels and a lot more!

Karla, the founder, is a travel and food blogger and a photographer who has been traveling around the world since the age of 7.

Since then she has traveled to numerous countries and has also lived an expat life in 6 different countries. She is also a foreign language teacher and a professional translator.

Check out her blog to see the scope of her services. Learn more about the world and its wide range of cultures.

worldering around

An inspiring blog for all adventure enthusiasts who want to explore the world independently.

Aga, the founder, is a dreamer and an independent solo traveler who has visited almost 50 countries around the world. 

She loves to discover the best adventures, off the beaten path places, mountains and jungles around the world.

Her blog also includes comprehensive guides on amazing destinations and ideas for budget traveling. Check out her blog to enjoy her passion for traveling, hiking and photography.

american travel blogger

Get weird with Turner. He can delightfully inspire you to walk out of your comfort bubble and get on the road for a long travel.

He uses his blog to give some cool travel-ideas and tips that will make you trip memorable. His interest in food is also a plus point, which will help you get a nice list of food spots from Turner.

bounding over our steps

Ligeia and Mindy created this amazing blog for their family. But, with time, their family expanded – across the borders and oceans, miles away, different cultures, and a whole different world – but they found family in the places they visited, spreading love to others.

They believe that every place has a beauty to offer which we need to discover, and that’s what they do on their blog.

pommie travels

Victoria, aka Pommie, finished her graduation in 2008 and decided to travel around the world to live her dreams. She has travelled more than 48 countries, living life and doing everything in the world.

Whether you’re looking for a travel advice, or a bit of motivation and encouragement to travel alone, Pommie travel is the right place for you. Victoria encourages you to do anything you want in life. Just prepare yourself and take a few risks, an adventurous life is waiting for you!

mostly amelie

Amelie found a travel world of her own. Her countless visits to different parts of the world, discovering hidden paradises, leaving her footprints on the wonders of the world, left her with adventurous memories that she shares with others on her blog.

She constantly updates her present location on her website to inspire those who give a regular visit to her blog. She also leaves nice recipes and tips for you to make your travel life better.

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