Best Mountain Hunting Boots

Firstly, if you have been to hiking on a regular basis, you would know the importance of the footwear and Best Mountain Hunting Boots on the tight trails. Nevertheless, you miss the fun and adventure in the hiking if you don’t own a good pair of hiking boots.

Secondly, hiking and hunting boots are essential to the comfort and performance. But you need to be very careful while deciding on the best boots. Moreover, light-weight yet water-proof, and comfort are the critical basis while making a good choice.

Best Mountain Hunting Boots

Finally, we have thereby reviewed some options and picked up the best five options. Besides, we will evaluate them by the features they provide, the rating of the satisfied customers. And the pros and cons of each choice to enable you to choose your perfect pair.

Best Mountain Hunting Boots – Comparison Table

Image Name Price
Best Hiking Boots Salomon Men’s Quest 4D 2GTX – Best Hiking Boot Check Price
Vasque Breeze III GTX Hiking Boot Check Price
Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Check Price

Salomon Men’s X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Check Price

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid WP Check Price

Asolo TPS 520 GV Boot Check Price

La Sportiva Core High GTX Hiking Boots Check Price

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Check Price

Timberland White Ledge Waterproof Boots Check Price

Hi-Tec Altitude IV Waterproof Hiking Boot Check Price

Salomon Men’s Quest 4D 2GTX – Best Hiking Boot

First, the company crafted the Best Mountain Hunting Boots as a mid-weight hike model that is comfortable. Also, the boot offers support and ankle stability. Furthermore, they have become a go-to hiking boot for serious day hikers due to the light and nimble feel.

Second, they are high performers destined to tackle rough and uneven trails with ease. Moreover, the Contra-grip provides excellent traction across a range of surfaces on and off the path. And the 4D Advanced Chassis gives foot support and superior torsional balance.

Check Price

These Best Mountain Hunting Boots are tall with ankle height of 6 inches from the insole to top collar. And wrap around the ankle very well. The grip is impressive both on the dry land, mud and clay, and wet.

The outer fabrics shed water well, and even after sustained rainfall, our feet remained completely dry on many early-season hikes. The nylon mesh and the in-boot experience stay a bit muggy on hot desert hikes.

Main Features

  • First, water-resistant.
  • Second, high Traction Contra Grip Sole.
  • Third, protective rubber cap.
  • Cushioned insole.
  • Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars.
  • Finally, weight: 640grams.

Check Price


  • Feels lighter than it weighs on the trail.
  • Great for moving fast without compromising on stability.
  • Performance fit with a stable lacing system.
  • Water-resistant.
  • High Traction Contra grip® sole.
  • Protective rubber toe cap.


  • Relatively thin underfoot, so you feel the trail more than a typical mid-weight backpacking boot.
  • Snug fit doesn’t work for everyone.


Vasque Breeze III GTX Hiking Boot

These are a versatile pair of Best Mountain Hunting Boots on the list. The boot crams more technology suited to trails. These boots are mid-height styled with the grip of Vibram Outsole, Gore-Tex liner that saves the moisture, and has everything to cover the essentials of the day and night treks.

Even more, this pair is fabulous looking boots that strive to perform overweight. The couple, as said, makes the use of modern materials to cut out the extra uncomfortable weight.

Moreover, the outer structure is of Nubuck leather that is breathable and has air mesh which provides comfort and support to the feet in horrific climates. The EVA footbed offers the underfoot comfort. Furthermore, the compression molded midsole provides torsional stability and excellent cushioning.

Also, contact grip outsole gives reliable traction in different terrains. The shank keeps the walk stable, and the heel encounters enhance the durability of the boots.

The waterproof membrane blocks the moisture and keeps you perfectly dry. The ankle hook helps give a great fit and security.

Main Features

  • Unique Vibram outsole for better grip.
  • Gore-Tex liner to sack the moisture.
  • EVA insole for comfort.
  • Waterproof.



  • Good breathability.
  • Light-weight and flexible.
  • Comfortable and don’t give sore feet.


  • The insulation feature is not that great.


Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator

Probably, the Merrell Men’s Moab ventilator mid-hiking boots are perfect for you if you are looking for the budget hiking pair that is good for both day and night hikes. It is one of the light-weighted hiking boots with excellent water resistance, tread, and comfort


As a result, the boots have a shock absorbing air cushion beneath the heel as well under the cushioned collar. The insole offers the right flexibility and arch support and also traction over rock. The mesh used over the upper part of the boots helps them to dry up quickly, and as it is water-proof, the feet remain dry all over the time.

Therefore, the Vibram sole offers the grip required, and Hook fixing provides the right fit for the hikers, and the feet are secured. The pair is the best buy when the trail is smooth or not too rugged.

Main Features

  • Lightly weighted boots.
  • The boot offers excellent torsion, resistance, and comfort.
  • Shock absorbing cushion.
  • Waterproof.
  • Vibram sole for grip.


  • The sole offers a perfect grip over terrains.
  • The pair has excellent breathability due to GORE-TEX technology.
  • The boot comes within the budget.
  • The shoes are light-weighted; one boot weighs only 411 grams.


  • Water resistant feature is not too reliable.
  • An average insulator.
  • Not suitable for long and rugged hikes.


Salomon Men’s X Ultra Mid 2 GTX

First, this pair is an excellent option from Salomon to the hikers. GORE-TEX technology provides comfort in any climate, protecting from wet environments and other conditions. These boots are rugged and durable, without compromising on flexibility. The midsole offers support and helps you avoid fatigue and sore feet.


Second, the insole is Ortho-lite. The pair provides a perfect fit for securing the feet. The Contra Grip technology has a grip on both wet and loose rocks and muddy trails. The ankle and side support provides immense protection from water-related injuries. You can completely protect the feet from extreme weather conditions, blisters, and sore feet.

This Best Mountain Hunting Boots are sturdy enough to hike long miles, rough terrains and also for rugged daily use. The strategic design and the stylish look also impressed a lot of users. The boots come with an exceptional lacing system, Quick lace, and is the signature design of Salomon. The toe cap provides protection and blocks the roots and rocks from hurting the feet.

Finally, if you are a professional hiker, you will love the product for its flexibility and ability to be used as trail running shoe. A premium product offers excellent comfort and reliability during the tough trek trail.

Main Features

  • Flexible and supportive.
  • Ortho-lite insole.
  • Quick lace signature feature.
  • Gore-Tex technology for protection.


  • No compromise on flexibility and durability.
  • Water-proof.
  • Fit and breathable.
  • No traction issues.
  • Can be cleaned easily.


  • Some dampness may get in, especially when you sweat a lot.
  • The tread on the soles is not so good and doesn’t provide a superior grip in slippery conditions.


KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid WP

Probably, this pair is one of the top rated and reviewed products in the market. The Targhee II Mid WP from KEEN offers excellent performance. It is of high-quality leather, and the rubber soles used are highly durable and comfortable.

Most noteworthy, this footwear has exceptional breathability and water resistance. The footbed is removable, and the EVA foam in the mid-sole provides enormous cushioning to the hiker’s feet and is hence great for long and rough treks.

Also, the stability of the hiking boot is too excellent. The upper part of the pair is of a unique material, and the DRY technique shall keep the feet dry all time. The stable torsion is perfect for climbing rocks, and the mid-cut helps to protect the ankle.

Main Features

  • Breathable and offers excellent resistance.
  • Removable footbed.
  • EVA midsole for cushioning comfort.
  • Made of unique leather.
  • Perfect torsion.


  • Affordable as it comes within budget.
  • The boot provides excellent traction and stability.
  • Good Toe protection.


  • Not too durable.


Asolo TPS 520 GV Boot

Certainly, the Asolo TPS 520 GV hiking boots are very comfortable. Also, they have a good design with a classic finesse and fit. They are durable, comfortable, made of full grain leather which is 2.8mm thick and has metal eyelets.

Most noteworthy, the shoes are so comfortable that the feet are secured and have no chance of having blisters even after prolonged usage. Also, there is very less chance of break-in through the Best Mountain Hunting Boots that mud, dirt, and water can’t enter inside. It provides excellent ankle support, has improved traction, shock absorbing qualities and is sturdy.

Likewise, Gore-Tex technology used keeps in the moisture and insulates the boot in cold climate. As a result, vibram sole is significant enough to keep the traction, and it enhances the Triple power structure technology. Hence, the rubber outsole has a dual density midsole that stands as the toughest of the trails.

Main Features

  • First, full grain leather.
  • Second, water resistant.
  • Also, vibram sole for grip.
  • Above all, shock-absorbing footbed.
  • Finally, the shank provides stability.


  • First, comfortable, waterproof and classic looking.
  • Second, the boot offers excellent ankle support.
  • Also, perfect for long and tough treks.
  • Finally, durable.


  • Very heavy and expensive.
  • Not completely flexible.
  • Poor laces.


La Sportiva Core High GTX Hiking Boots

Seems like La Sportiva Men’s Core High GTX Boot is a solid backpacking boot with the combination of rubber and TPU to provide resistance, stability and toe protection. The Ortho-lite insole is removable, and the footbed has an inner waterproof membrane that surrounds the boot.

Most noteworthy, the Vibram sole utilized in the shoes provides the perfect torsion and stability in all sorts of terrain. Also, the hard rubber outsole offers better resistance when going through the steep hilly treks.

Likewise, La Sportiva is a highly durable and performing product and handles without giving sore feet and blisters. Certainly, there are a spacious heel and thick sole that offers great flexibility. As a result, the midsole is shock resistant and breathable outer fabric with Gore-Tex technology.

Main Features

  • First, the boot has an innovative technology that covers the feet for maximum protection.
  • Second, rubber outsole for excellent stability.
  • Also, removable footbed and Ortho-lite insole.
  • Above all, the boot also has an absence of shank offers better flexibility.
  • Finally, Gore-Tex technology to provide breathability and allows moisture to stay intact.


  • First, breathable and flexible product.
  • Second, rubber outsole gives resistance and increases the durability.
  • Also, Ankle support.
  • Even more, no sore feet and blisters.
  • Finally, well designed.


  • Gore-Tex makes the inside very warm in hot weather.
  • Asymmetrical shoe height.


Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II

Above all, the Newton Ridge product is well built and is suitable for an amateur day hiker. The boots are light weighted, and though the sole is non-Vibram, it has incredible traction. The rubber outsole is Omni-Grip technology which is as good as Vibram.

Above all, the outer material is thin and doesn’t offer insulation as well as ankle stability. The nylon shanks provide the toe protection, and the chances of blisters are also low. Likewise, the upper fabric is waterproof, but the mesh and synthetic took a long time to dry.

EVA midsole gives the feeling of cushioned running shoes.

Main Features

  • First, Rubber sole.
  • Second, Waterproof Best Mountain Hunting Boots with breathable mesh.
  • Also, Omni-Grip outsole.
  • Likewise, Padded collar.
  • Finally, Cushioned midsole for comfort.


  • First, It is an excellent choice for casual hikers.
  • Second, Cushioned comfort.
  • Also, Durable.
  • Furthermore, Less expensive.
  • Finally, Flexible.


  • Lack of midsole protection.
  • Lack of torsional stability.
  • Highly warm boots.


Timberland White Ledge Waterproof Boots

First of all, Timberland White ledge boots are made with grained leather and include breathable footbed and rubber lugs for toe protection. The upper leather is seam sealed to prevent water from entering inside.

The dual density EVA footbed is removable and allows air to circulate. Likewise, These boots have BSFP system to provide exceptional traction. Rubber outsole offers stability to climb difficult terrains easily.

Most noteworthy, The shoes are comfortable, and you can wear for long hours. Even more, The padded collar and height don’t allow debris to enter into the boot. It provides ankle support and looks stylish in the appearance.

Main Features

  • First, waterproof and comfortable.
  • Second, EVA cushioned and removable footbed.
  • Above all, BSFP technology used for better hike adventure.
  • Certainly, durable and provides excellent ankle support.
  • Similarly, rustproof and speed lace hardware.
  • Finally, Secured lacing.


  • First, lightweight.
  • Second, EVA footbed to provide comfort.
  • Furthermore, It has a secured lacing system to prevent debris.
  • Also, it has good ankle support and better traction.


  • The fit of the boot may raise an issue.


Hi-Tec Altitude IV Waterproof Hiking Boot

First, the Altitude IV provides excellent ankle support with a rugged outsole and waterproof outer fabric that keeps the feet dry and can handle wet weather.

Besides, the seam-sealed lacing system, durability, padded leather collar, rustproof hardware and the steel shank that offers rigidity, light weighted EVA midsole for comfort and rubber outsole for traction are the characteristics of the hiking boot.

Moreover, the stiff midsole gives excellent stability to protect the feet from injuries. The padding is thick enough to handle the cold weather in winter.

Main Features

  • First, waterproof and sealed outer fabric.
  • Second, full grain Nubuck upper leather.
  • Lightweight.
  • EVA midsole for comfort.
  • Finally, steel shank and rubber outsole for additional rigidity.


Buyer’s guide

First, with a lousy choice of your Best Mountain Hunting Boots, there is a probability that you might end up with sore feet and blisters. Thereby losing the opportunity to enjoy the adventure. Also, it is very daunting to decide on a pair of Best Mountain Hunting Boots easily.

Furthermore, there are several bases on which you have to choose your best pair. Also, few are the way and the place you hike. Likewise, you also have to make sure that your shoes are a perfect fit for you.

Similarly, there are three types of hiking boots that you need to plan to get according to the above factors.

Day hiking boots

Firstly, they are intended for short trips and loads. They also need a break-in-time and lack too much support and durability.

Back-packing boots

Firstly, they are made to carry heavy loads and go for on-off trail hiking. Moreover, they are durable, provide comfort and give exceptional support by wrapping above the ankles.

Hiking shoes

Firstly, they have low-cut midsoles that are perfect for day hiking and running on trails.

Secondly, you should consider the following features to select your trek Best Mountain Hunting Boots:

  • First, Fit and size.
  • Also, the weight of a single shoe.
  • Besides, stability.
  • Moreover, stiffness.
  • Furthermore, water resistance.
  • Breathability.
  • Toe protection.
  • Finally, price.

Best Mountain Hunting Boots


Finally, you cannot overlook the importance of good hiking boots. Also, one would not want to ruin their adventure and outdoor activity by some poor choices of boots. Moreover, once you consider the fit, breathability, and other requirements, you are ready to hike efficiently.

Happy hiking!

Shawn Michaels

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