How to get Sponsored by Outdoor Companies

You probably dreamt of going to an outdoor activity like hiking, trekking, mountaineering, or participating in other outdoor recreations. Nevertheless, the question “How to Get Sponsored by Outdoor Companies” confronts you due to financial constraints.

Also, you intend to explore the beautiful scenes of nature, the woods, and the beautiful immovable mountains but have no sponsors and don’t know how to get one. Search no further! This article is for you to help you get a sponsor for your outdoor activity quickly and conveniently without hassle.

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Concept of Sponsorship

Firstly, you must clarify the basics and delve into the sponsorship idea. That will help you further understand the need in How to Get Sponsored by Outdoor Companies. Sponsorship is one of the fastest-growing methods of marketing. Companies involved in outdoor activities seek to sponsor individuals to achieve specific objectives like selling their brand name and thus creating awareness.

This statement points to the fact that while you need sponsors for your outdoor activity, the sponsor also needs you for their marketing—especially when dealing with “in-kind” sponsorship. It will help you How to Get Sponsored by Outdoor Companies more easily.

How to Get Sponsored by Outdoor Companies

Financial sponsorship could be a little bit different. As such, it is advisable that before seeking a sponsor, you must fully comprehend the concept of support and How to Get Sponsored by Outdoor Companies.

What is Sponsorship?

Who exactly is a sponsor, and what do they expect when you earn a sponsorship from them? According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, aid supports a person, organization, or activity by giving money, needed materials and equipment, encouragement, or other help. This fact is all in return for advertisement or exploring the commercial marketing potential to achieve specific business goals.

Sponsorship entails setting concise terms and conditions between the sponsor and the sponsored individual. Also, it would be best to clearly outline the expected contributions between the sponsor and sponsored party so the business is in good faith.

Sponsorship is of two primary forms, which are In-Cash and In-kind:

  • In-Kind Support: this is in the way of materials and equipment easier to get. Those are easier because they aid in marketing the sponsoring companies’ goods and brand names.
  • On the other hand, in-Cash sponsorship or financial sponsorship is more challenging to secure. Also, people embarking on profound endeavors usually award them. For example, to achieve unachievable feats, such as trekking on a terrain never harnessed before. Considering this sponsorship concept, many travelers get sponsored by outside companies by indulging in financial support.

Advantages of Getting a Sponsor

Under this rubric, we will be looking at a few reasons why getting sponsored by outdoor companies is very important for an individual intending to embark on an outdoor activity such as hiking, mountaineering, and others. Let’s briefly discuss some reasons for the advantages of getting a sponsor.

Availability of Quality Materials

When you successfully get sponsored by outdoor companies, you are entitled to the availability of quality materials the company produces. For example, Tarptent, GossamerGear, and Katabatic Gear serve as sponsors. They often provide their sponsors or sponsored individuals with simple, lightweight, and durable elements. For example, items such as backpacks, tent materials, hiking poles, sleeping mats, hiking boots, hunting boots, and so on.
Thus getting one of these companies to sponsor your Hike or trek means you are also getting quality materials to embark on such recreational activity.
Reduction in Cost
Going to an outdoor or sports activity can be expensive, as it involves purchasing specific camping, trekking, and hiking materials, clothes, shoes, and gear, which is often costly. Sponsors help foot the bill and pay for all expenses incurred by the sponsor.

Therefore, getting sponsored by an outdoor company is purely beneficial, which is one of the advantages of getting a sponsor. The ‘support expenses include meals, supplements (such as magnesium, calcium, and necessary vitamins), clothing, footwear, etc.

This fact significantly leads to a reduction in cost when compared to other situations. It can be the case where the individual would have used their finances for the activity without a sponsor. So next time, before you choose to finance your outdoor business with your limited funds, first seek sponsorship, and you will be glad you did that. You will know how to get sponsored by outdoor companies next but also look at other pros of getting sponsorship.

Representing Company Brands

Who doesn’t want to put on cute-looking Nike trail boots when going on a hike? That would be exciting, wouldn’t it? Now, this is one of the things you stand to gain when you get sponsored by outdoor companies. You help the company present its products while making use of them, thus, representing company brands and creating awareness.

While creating awareness for the company and its product, you also get to popularize yourself and garner fame. Individual companies might use their sponsors as cover stars on their brands. Such popularity can help individuals from other walks of life.
As an individual, you can be an extremely potent promotional tool by showcasing the product of the outdoor company sponsoring you.

How to get sponsored?

Trying to curtail expenses when going on a hike is never easy, and worrying about a lack of financial support is even more perturbing. As an individual, you cannot sit at home and wonder how to get sponsored by outdoor companies ready to invest in individuals for their interests.

To get sponsorship from outdoor companies isn’t sheer luck. Getting aid involves putting in a lot of effort and using techniques that increase your chances of getting a sponsor. Some ways of quickly getting sponsorship for any activity of interest are below.

Are you Looking for Sponsorship Money?

Some people dream of going on a hike to see the large ancient pyramids of Egypt. But they might face a seemingly overwhelming occlusion that further dwindled the already bleak hopes. This occlusion revolves around funding. However, they can find out how to get sponsored by outdoor companies, which rekindles hope. Numerous attempts to secure aid can be futile. But you might keep looking for sponsorship money.
Sending numerous emails and follow-ups, contacting sponsors, building a solid personal brand, and upgrading a portfolio are basic. By being proactive and persistent, you can achieve this feat. And this goes to show how long it takes and how much persistence and perseverance play in how to get sponsorship from outdoor companies. With persistence, you can become a renowned brand ambassador participating in outdoor activities. With an attractive portfolio, you will learn how to get sponsored by outdoor companies and how to get lots of sponsorship deals.

Find a sponsor for free.

If you follow the tips I have given you sincerely, gaining sponsorship is not a faraway dream, and you can easily find a sponsor for free. To summarize, always research on the internet and know your companies first. Most importantly, write a quality proposal to attract lucrative deals. Build your strong portfolio, and do not forget to follow up! This secret recipe might be your code to crack the big question, “How to Get Sponsored?“.
Important Note: All the sponsorships work the same way. Since I am dividing topics based on certain types of aids into subsequent sections, the necessary steps to acquire one are still the same and common to all classes. For example- building a robust social network is one common aspect you need to stick to your plan.

How to get sponsored to travel

This part is the story of Dean. Dean would always dream of moving to India to go on the trek in the southern foothills of the Himalayas. After all, he had read about it quite a few times and had even heard it pop up in the conversations of some guys sitting at the following table in his favorite coffee shop. Dean swore to make this happen. But now, in his mid-20s, he slowly realized the harsh realities of life. Everything costs money, and Dean doesn’t have enough expenses to make this trek a reality.
When he lost hope, his college friend Carl told him about sponsorships. Well, Dean always knew what aid was but always shrugged off the idea of getting sponsored by outdoor companies.
But then Carl was from the same little town and had still managed to pull this thing? HOW? Since then, Dean worked on what Carl had told him, slowly learning that he could handle this. As I told you, he worked on his social media, built connections, and started a blog, and only in a year he caught the eye of a local travel company. They sponsored him for some local hikes and treks, which in turn increased his social media following. Dean had finally found out how to get support to travel and fulfill his dreams.
Also, he gained a good network of companies ready to work with him. And just in a matter of two years, Dean traveled to India, discovered his inner spirituality, and went on that fantastic trek. Dean has new goals now, and he is working hard for them.

Become a sponsored athlete

Sports sponsorship can be in the form of sports gear, clothes, or all of your expenses covered. Therefore to make it clear, this section is a mix of apparel and sports sponsorship combined, so you cannot see the clothing sponsorship companies in an exclusive subdivision. Take a look at the following tips and learn how to get sponsored.


Your social following is essential. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or your blog, accumulate a decent audience to start with, and become a sponsored athlete.

  • It will point out what number of people will be viewing the brand.
  • The higher the next, the higher the impact quotient.
  • Be active on your social media to don’t lose out on people.

Maintain your identity

Strive to promote something that comes naturally to you. This factor is one key factor in how to get sponsored. Trying too hard to fit into something you do not belong to is a big no-no and sure will lead to people not believing in what you promote.
This fact is one of the crucial steps to getting a loyal fan following and, most importantly, getting sponsored by outdoor companies.


An extensive fan base does not only mean the fantastic perks of getting admired by people. It also equalizes those sets of eyes permanently on you and is being watched on what you do publicly. Being an ambassador for a brand signifies that you genuinely believe in what you promote. You are the company’s voice, and you won’t ever encourage something worthless or known to cause harm. Stand firmly with your ethics.

How to request sponsorship

To begin with, the question of how to get sponsored. This fact is where the deal gets real. Having understood everything about support, this is the time when you hit the floor.
Once you have zeroed in on what companies you are targeting, it’s time to proceed with the following question- “how do you request sponsorship?”.

Do Research

When looking for sponsorship, you must look for any company willing to sponsor you. You need to surf the internet for corporate sponsors or companies looking for brand ambassadors. Make good use of online and social media platforms to get sponsored by outdoor companies. You can quickly get a sponsor with the correct information online or through friends. Take consideration of your demographics and the section of people you are targeting. This information is the essence of how to get sponsored by companies and how to request sponsorship.

Robust social network

Start creating a social media account for yourself to get sponsored by outdoor companies. Create a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a Twitter account, and any other platform you think can acquire a decent following. Build your profile gradually and showcase your work by growing your network. Tell people you exist!

Sending Electronic Mails

Emails are delivered extremely fast globally to recipients with convenience and relative ease. Having done proper and adequate research now is the time to send emails to get sponsored by outdoor companies and study how to request sponsorship. This point can readily grant you access to companies willing to support your outdoor activity.
Although, your email sometimes might not get through to the company as they have good firewalls that prevent unsolicited emails and bounce them back. Therefore, you cannot rely wholly on this means to get sponsored by outdoor companies. Explore the other factors which I’m going to discuss subsequently.

Relate to Others

Often corporate companies sponsor groups of people for an outdoor activity rather than on an individual basis. Looking for sponsorship as an individual might be quite a tricky task. Joining one of these groups and becoming a member can quickly help you get sponsored by outdoor companies. Such groups could be an online or social media platform; or a well-established group. Try as much as possible to identify with any of these groups. This fact increases your chances of getting a sponsor.

Meet the Right Person(s)

Meeting the right company personnel is imperative when searching to get sponsored by outdoor companies. It will save you valuable time that might get lost otherwise. Also, talking to the right staff in a company gives you access to accurate and precise information regarding certain things. For example, what the company can offer you, how to get sponsored, and expectations of the company from you in the sponsorship deal.
When meeting with some companies, it is advisable to speak with the head of the marketing department, public relations, or brand management, as they would be in a better position to guide you through the sponsorship deal.

Quality Proposal

A quality proposal is essential to know how to request sponsorship or, specifically, how to get sponsored. As an individual, meeting with the right personnel is not always enough to get sponsored by outdoor companies. It would help if you looked for a way to convince the company that supporting you for your outdoor or sports activity isn’t a bad idea.
You can achieve this proposal by presenting a quality sponsored plan for such companies. Show them what you can offer them as a sponsoree regarding marketing their products. Make your proposition utterly compelling to convince the company of the essence of sponsoring you.
A quality proposal could make a company want to sponsor you to increase awareness of its brand. So before you meet a company representative, be ensured to take along a quality proposal to get sponsored by outdoor companies.
Note: We will be focusing on the quality proposal for sponsorship in the next section

Be Patient

Getting a sponsor is always a challenging task that requires a great deal of patience, persistence, and perseverance. Sometimes as an individual, you might not get the expected response from companies who
might want to sponsor you; companies may turn down your proposals.
Don’t let the “Nos” discourage you and deter your efforts. Don’t give up, don’t back down, and persevere. Your subsequent response might be the much-needed sponsorship contract you. Regularly follow up with companies to get sponsored by outdoor companies, ensuring continual back-and-forth communication.
Hollander once said, “So many people lose deals because they don’t follow up.” Send follow-up emails because they work well; they serve as reminders to companies who don’t respond to your initial email or proposal. Although this may seem daunting, it remains one of the most reliable means of getting in touch with a company. Also, probably the best way of getting sponsorship.

Go the Extra Mile

Having gotten a sponsorship deal, you must go the extra mile in delivering your part of the agreement. It would be best if you consciously attempt to impress your sponsors while maintaining your integrity. This strategy can help you get sponsored by outdoor companies and attract several others, having seen your cordial working relationship with your previous partners.

Corporate sponsorship proposal template

Perhaps the most critical section of gaining sponsorship is writing a quality proposal. Think of this as your resume for the job. You won’t land a good job until and unless you have an impactful overview. It will increase your chances of being sponsored by outdoor companies by an impressive figure of 50%. All the best!

Choose a format

Do some quick research on the internet and go through many available forms.
It won’t take you more than a few minutes to understand that most sponsorships use standard business letter format. Hence, you will be following the corporate sponsorship proposal template.

  • And just like any business letter, use the proper format of the date, name, salutation, etc.
  • Try to keep it as short and precise as possible.
  • Choose the proper tone of the letter. Understand that this requires you to be professional, so refrain from using colloquial language and stick to a formal style.

Attractive Introduction

The introduction is your first chance to attract the sponsor, and this is where you need to be creative. It is the first step to proceed a bit toward the question of how to get sponsored.

  • Mention your name or company clearly and the cause of your sponsorship.
  • You can start by telling a story and trying to make an emotional connection with the sponsor.
  • Ask for sponsorship directly and explain why you need it.
  • Tell them what you do and why you do it.

Stress on Benefits

Now, there has to be something for the company’s benefit by granting you sponsorship. And it’s your job to make them realize how great of an asset you are to them.

  • Tell them how you plan to publicize their event (via social media, television, radio, magazine, etc.).
  • Mention how extensively their brand will get promoted by doing business with them.
  • Include factual information rather than boasting about your impact or following.

Mention the money

As mentioned before, the proposal has to be short, precise, and crisp. Do not refrain or be embarrassed to talk about the money openly. The company will not make a call and ask you about your financial needs.

  • Try to lay out your financial needs in the proposal.
  • Keep it organized. Making a tabular section is a fantastic idea and can genuinely help you get sponsored by outdoor companies.
  • Tell about all the expenses very specifically.
  • The proposal won’t get declined if you are asking for a hefty sum.

Thanking note and Proofread

End with a word of thanks and how you would appreciate it if you got the sponsorship.
At last, do not forget to proofread your proposal. It is unprofessional if you send a letter with loads of mistakes. It lowers your chances of getting an outdoor sponsorship.

Clothing Sponsorship

Once you figure out how to get sponsored by outdoor companies and efficiently do the job, there is no looking back. For your love of the outdoors, you must put in some intelligent effort to get yourself sponsored.

Brands looking for ambassadors

Getting clothing sponsorship is more or less equivalent to receiving sports sponsorship. Sports sponsorship can be financial or in-kind, with the latter covering sports gear, footwear, clothing, etc. I haven’t included the clothing sponsorship companies exclusively. Sports sponsorship will cover the clothing sponsorship in the subsequent section.

Clothing Companies looking for brand ambassadors

To make your job a bit easier, let’s, straightaway, get to the real deal. Where will and how will you get sponsored by outdoor companies? Also, how to start looking for them?
The list has to be intricately specific to the type of sponsorship.
There are four tiers of Clothing sponsorship:

  1. Donation or contribution: The company sponsoring you will provide financial support for your venture. In return, you contribute towards them by sending a word of thanks.
  2. Shop sponsorship: Here, the company will give you free or, in some cases, discounted gear. It can include your sports footwear, clothes, and other requirements.
  3. Amateur sponsorship: The company gives you free or discounted gear and financial support. It can cover travel fees, equipment expenses, or other specific requirements.
  4. Professional sponsorship: The Company grants you entire expenses that cover every requirement of yours and also gives you a paycheck.

Companies looking for brand ambassadors

Most people wish to embark on outdoor adventures, but their dreams nip in the bud due to the unavailability of funds and sponsorship. Contrary to the belief, broad-chested bearded men or gorgeous females aren’t the only ones for whom sponsorships are reserved.

However, there are specific requirements by sponsors or qualities of a good sponsor. Once these are known and achieved, you can tremendously boost your chances of securing sponsorship. Some of these requirements to get sponsored by outdoor companies include:

  • To possess the capacity or potential to be an excellent and enthusiastic brand ambassador.
  • You permit your sponsors to publish your photos on adverts and their websites.
  • You are uploading their logo on your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and also putting it on your website. These forms of publicity tend to relate to your sponsors and make them more positively inclined toward you.
  • As an athlete, strive to attain top-notch finishes in races—finishes that will have you mount podiums and, as such, promote your brand. You will soon notice it’s easier to get sponsored by outdoor companies this way.

It is noteworthy that getting the first clothing sponsorship is usually the most rigorous of all sponsorship applications.

It is because your portfolio is still relatively scanty, and proving your potential to sponsors might be arduous. But on successfully scaling this hurdle, the rest is history.

Become an ambassador for clothing

Now sponsorship isn’t only about gaining financial support to go on your hiking or kayaking adventure. Remember how we talked about in-kind sponsorship at the start of this blog? Here we pick up a small segment on this sponsorship and give you some insight.
Sticking to the thumb rule, I mention it again: sponsorship is a two-way street. You won’t get sponsored by outdoor companies until you have something to offer them.
You make them look smart, publicize them, and there you have your sponsorships rolling toward you. Well, it might sound relatively easy to read, but do not be fooled by mere words. Why will the companies get ready to sponsor you in the first place? Even if you assure them to put in some reasonable efforts to publicize them, there might be some cons.
Welcome to the world of social media, my friend!

Get paid to promote clothing.

First of all, let’s be clear that companies are always on the verge of finding suitable partners to sponsor their products. This fact helps us smash down the first glass wall of the many that separate us from the sponsors. Brands are looking for ambassadors to promote their products daily, hourly, every minute, and every second. Get paid to promote clothing, gear, equipment, and anything the company can provide you.

The only significant question now remains- HOW DO YOU DO IT?


Your social media profiles are a total game-changer. Instagram is a powerful tool to showcase your talent and reach the audience. Stating the obvious, try to gather considerable followers on Instagram to begin your journey. Of course, the profile has to be specific to the sponsorship that interests you. Maybe you love kayaking, or you are much of a camper, so make that noticed on your Instagram profile and get sponsored by outdoor companies. You can be a boho fashionista and a lifestyle blogger with a decent following. Now is your chance to acquire sponsorship. Nike would love it if you could promote their sports gear with your 20000 followers on Instagram.


Blogs are a fantastic start to gaining sponsorships. Apart from social media platforms like Instagram, having a blog is more than just an add-on to your portfolio and can help you to get sponsored by outdoor companies. Consider a blog to be your resume for your dream job. You build it full of aesthetics, accurately pointing to every neat work you do. It’s more like a recipe for the success you have always craved. Moreover, it gives the sponsor an easy way to sort out the applicants plus assurance of getting their job done efficiently. If being outdoors is your passion, and getting sponsorship is the middleman, you should put some night hours into a blog that wouldn’t go unnoticed.

Realistic goals

You cannot jump to Quechua or North Face without a proper portfolio to start sponsoring you. As I mentioned before, this is your job resume. So most likely, you will send your application to the companies within your reach and current standards.
Are you still trying to create a niche for yourself? Do the research and narrow down the list of companies you will be asking for sponsorship.

Start local

Your athletics or love for trekking might bring a name to your place of origin. Find a brand that matches your aesthetics and reach out to them for support. It’s like starting from scratch and moving on to a more prominent empire.

Prove your love

Trying to get a clothing sponsorship is equivalent to building goodwill in the eyes of the sponsor. Prove your loyalty by buying their clothes or athletic gear. Tag them in your Instagram account way before you receive the actual sponsorship. Build a good reputation that catches the eyes of the company.

How to get Hunting Sponsors?

Take a look at some tips to get hunting sponsors:


It is perhaps the most innovative way to acquire sponsorships. Since the companies are busy during the season, it’s nothing better than requesting support during the off-season. Also, it will help you get noticed by companies quickly and even give them time to devote to your request.


Shoot a video of your whole hunting trip. Document everything, and do not forget to mention, time and again, any brand with whom you are working. It might be the first step how to getting hunting sponsorships. Send the video to the company you request support from to make them realize the credibility of your work. You can post the video on your Youtube channel and spread the word across all the other social media platforms like Instagram.


So what exactly is a pro-staffer? It’s a company member dedicated to promoting its name and product. To be a pro-staffer, you have to be not just an okay hunter, but you even need to have the correct equation with the public. A pro-staffer has to be charismatic and good with words, such that people are impressed with their words. You need to have a good following and work to promote the product and company’s name to the public.

Get paid to Hike

Like Dean, everyone dreams of landing a lucrative sponsorship that helps them get paid to hike. That’s more like a dream come true. As a newbie, you might not earn total financial subsidies from big brands to see the big picture. Instead, try to stick to local brands, which will most likely provide you with in-kind support.
It may include some food meals for your hiking trip, camping equipment, or other gear. That’s more than a decent start to making your name among sponsors and, in the future, getting sponsored by outdoor companies. Do not forget to send a word of thanks to your sponsors. Also, a picture of you will help other hikers, along with the product, is a token of appreciation.

Get paid to Hike Trails.

Not everyone can bear the expenses of such magnificent trails and appreciate financial aid. Get paid to hike these trails by grabbing these sponsorships and carry on with your expedition. Look at this excellent video that inspired many hikers to come together to fulfill a former hiker’s dream. Let me take you to some of the best hiking trails around the globe that you can go to while being sponsored.

Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian National Scenic Trail or better known short as the Appalachian Trail is one of the best hiking trails in the world. Better, some refer to it as AT for the most concise version. You can earn sponsorships and get paid to hike the Appalachian Trail.
This Eastern United States trail extends about 2,200 miles approximately from Springer Mountain in Georgia and Mount Katahdin in Maine.
The Hike will take about 5 to 7 months to complete! It’s safe to state here that the trail is one the longest hiking trail in the world. The fact that the path will take you to travel through 14 states is what attracts hikers the most.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Located at an altitude of 18,192 Ft in Nepal, this is the best trek if the Himalayas are what you seek. The best time for Everest Base Camp Trek is from March to mid-May and between September and mid-November. With a distance of about 70 miles, it’ll take about 16 days for a practiced trekker to reach the base camp. Nepal’s pristine mountains and picturesque beauty will make you want to return to this place.

Torres del Paine

If hiking runs in your veins, you wouldn’t have missed the name of Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Chile. Get paid to hike trails and experience the majestic mountains, pristine waters, and impressive glaciers in this 80-mile-long trek. It will take about 4 to 6 days for total completion. The difficulty level is moderate, with fantastic scenery all along the way. The famous circuit follows the letter W. However, if you wish to go for the longer course, you can opt for the letter O trial.

White Pocket, Arizona, USA

With just a 5 km hike and such unusual rocky formations, it’s an incredibly profitable payout. It’s not always about climbing hills, going into the snow, and gazing at the fantastic glaciers. Located in Arizona, USA, at the White Pocket, you can see the crazy rock formations in deep orange hues. Wander these marvels of nature with an easy hike of just 5 km. What else can we ask?

Get paid to walk around.

Let’s look at three cool apps that pay you for walking around. The rewards can be in the form of cash, coupons, or discount.
  • Sweatcoin: Sweatcoin lets you convert your footsteps into its currency, which you can be used to get discounts in some stores around you. Get paid to walk with a daily step limit of 2000. The app is available in the US, UK, CA, and Ireland for Android and IOS users.
  • Charity Miles: While you stay fit, let your fitness benefits others. Charity Miles does this job precisely. You can walk for charities like Stand Up To Cancer, Alzheimer’s Association, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the  ASPCA, the Special Olympics, and Habitat for Humanity. The app is available globally on both Android and IOS.
  • Achievement: Well, not just walking, but with the Achievement app, you can earn money for biking, swimming, and other exercises. You can make as much as 80 points a day; for every 10,000 points, you get 10$. The app is from the US and is available both on Android and IOS.


How to make money walking?

Since I told you about converting every step you take into cash, you know that I am not cooking up stories here. You can go to Google and start writing a research paper on this. So why don’t you get out of your house right now and start making cash? You can save the money for your big hike trip that you always wanted to take. Or buy that lovely red dress you couldn’t afford because you had to pay your house rent instead?

Sports Sponsorship

What would you do to follow your dream of running without bearing any personal cost? Does it sound too good to be true? Let me prick your big bubble and tell you this is precisely how sponsorship works.

Brands looking for ambassadors

Outdoor Sponsorship

If you manage to get sponsored by outdoor companies, it can help open doors to an entirely new opportunity. You can go on your favorite Hike to that fantastic kayaking expedition your friend went without bearing any expenses.
Start ticking off your bucket list now!

Become an ambassador

Some outdoor companies can help your dream come true, just like Dean’s, by granting you outdoor sponsorships.


Jobs to attract sponsorship

Often, landing a big sponsorship deal that can cater to all we need in outdoor activity is almost impossible, especially for first-timers. However, one can start small and grab the little opportunities with both hands. “In a world riddled with so many financial hassles, how can one meet the full requirements for their activity without adequate sponsorship?”
Jobs! Specific jobs can be taken up during the journey to generate funds. Likewise, to complete the tasks or even to get sponsored by outdoor companies by getting noticed. These jobs attract sponsorship and can also make income even after the completion of the journey. We will look at a few ouch jobs below that will help you get noticed in the eyes of sponsors while allowing you to travel.

Freelance Photography

Working as a freelance photographer can be both lucrative and exciting. In certain parts of Canada, you can sell some quality photos for as high as a hundred dollars. Hence, you can even get sponsored by outdoor companies. As a traveler engaged in hiking, mountaineering, or skiing, one tends to come across beautiful sights and picturesque views. With the advent of sophisticated digital cameras, you can capture lovely moments and pictures.
You can sell your photographs for some good money with some basic freelance photography and marketing skillset. But it depends on the images’ quality, beauty, and sheer packaging. Place some of these images on the home pages of the corporate companies sponsoring you. It could help generate higher traffic from internet users who want to glimpse such amazing photos, thus further increasing the customer base of the company.

Travel Blogging

Travel blogging is an outstanding job you can do while partaking in your outdoor activity. On a blog, you can pen down your experiences during your Hike, trek, or mountaineering. However, you must be devout and put in a lot of hard work to make your blog attractive. It can help you as an individual to develop your blogging skills further. Also, it can open doors for other job blogging job opportunities or, even better, allow you to get sponsored by outdoor companies.
You can place the brand logo of the corporate company sponsoring you on your blog. Also, affiliate marketing can generate more income by advertising the company’s products, such as backpacks, hiking shoes, etc. When your blog becomes popular, you can earn more money from this job, which will also help increase the brand awareness of the company sponsoring you.
Some of your blog followers and other corporate companies might even be willing to sponsor you on different journeys. They want you to help further discover and explore the relatively unexplored regions. So, it is safe to mention that blogging is one of the jobs to attract sponsorship effectively.

Tour Guide

As an individual under sponsorship from corporate companies, you must have been able to explore a particular region. You can thus pick up a job as a cynosure for that specific location. You can help give appropriate direction to a group of confused tourists. Talk about the sights and the ethnoreligious beliefs of the people (if the area has no habits). Also, about possibly the beautiful tales behind some features such as waterfalls, caves, and streams. Being a tour guide also grants you the privilege to meet and relate to others from different locations.
While showing them around the place of their choice, you also get to learn new things about their culture and languages. This kind of job can, however, be hectic and time-consuming. You would have to dedicate most of your time to organizing accommodation for the tourists and some other responsibilities of a cynosure. Hence, ensure the group of tourists under your guide is always happy.

Ski Instructor

Ski Instructors are usually in high demand, especially during winter. As a sponsor embarking on skiing who still aims at making some extra cash, working as a ski instructor for amateurs could be it. Besides the prospect of making extra money, working as a ski instructor could also be fascinating. It affords you ample opportunity to tutor upcoming skiers and harness more terrains. Ski instructors make up to 12 dollars per hour for a start, and renowned instructors even earn much more. However, in most parts of the world, instructors must undergo a course, make a certificate, and get accreditation. Once you can get this and probably a few clients under your belts, working as a ski instructor might be the way to get sponsored.
Continuous work as a ski instructor can further help you land other clients. In turn, they can easily advertise the company’s brand sponsoring you. As a ski instructor, you can also meet new people and showcase your (sponsor’s) brand. Your tutees also broaden your horizon as an individual by putting them and you on other subtle forms of an advertisement.

Hiking Vlogger

The upcoming trend of vlogs has inserted a new climax in the sponsorship business. You cannot overlook vlogging when talking about many jobs that attract support. Since Youtube rules the Earth, some envious channels are coming up, making you question your role.
For example, some top trending channels are John ZahorianFronkeyHiker TrashSintax77Will WoodJoe BrewerAdventure ArchivesDarwin on the TrailBetween the Blazes, and Neemore. The list can certainly still go on. Check out these channels to get an idea of what their content is.
These YouTubers have managed to grab enough following and sponsorships to carry on with their adventures. One can start such vlogging channels and document your trips as well. However, you require fantastic aesthetics, neat presentation skills, and hard work.

Language tutor

Probably the best way to earn a job in a foreign land is to be a language tutor. English, Spanish, and German are all popular languages, and being fluent in one can be your golden ticket. If traveling to new places is your way of life, this can be the job you can take up.
Document your work and try to popularize it via Youtube channels or vlogs. Its documentation can undoubtedly help you to get sponsored by outdoor companies.
You can volunteer to teach a foreign language in an NGO, and they might give you financial aid to do this service and spread their goodwill.

Success Stories in How to Get Sponsored by Outdoor Companies

Some world-class athletes who engage in outdoor activities around the globe have immensely benefitted from sponsorship deals from corporate companies. People like Usain Bolt, Blessing Okagbare, and others have, in one way or another, been sponsored by outdoor companies from large companies and corporate bodies.

Team Huntress

Team Huntress’s objective is to help women on their outdoor adventures. The primary motive is ensuring a safe and secure environment for women to carry on their path to success. Some businesses that are sponsoring Team Huntress are:
Doeville is the Product Sponsor for Team Huntress. The latter organizes daily outings where participants receive gifts daily. Doeville is a partner and provides each participant with a leather hunting diary. Faini Designs sponsors a scholarship for a woman for attending the Team Huntress Event. Faini takes up the expenses involved in the outing for someone who cannot afford it any other way.
Team Huntress maintains substantial goodwill among many women globally. It never fails to mention its sponsors and publicizes them in every event. As a result, they hold a prominent position in their partnerships.

Sponsorship of Usain Bolt 

Usain Bolt, a now-retired sprinter who still holds the record of the world’s fastest man, reached his career’s peak through sponsorship deals. Usain Bolt, usually called “Lightning Bolt” by media houses, was a talented kid and is documented as the best sprinter in his alma mater, Willian Knibb Memorial High School. He is born to an average family in a small town in Sherwood content in, Jamaica. But he would not have been able to achieve the highest echelon of his career as an athlete without sponsorship deals.
How to Get Sponsored by Outdoor Companies
In 2002, Bolt landed a sweet sponsorship deal with Puma and has since been a brand ambassador for Puma, renewing his contract several times. The most recent renewal came in 2013, which landed him a deal that took him to different financial terrain. Bolt’s sponsorship deal has also been a blessing to his family and country. Moreover, Usain Bolt is now following many brands, although he chose to stick with Puma in a mouth-watering deal (numbered to be worth up to 20 million pounds). He said, “Yeah, definitely, I was in others; Pumaa is number one.”

The Real Hiking Viking

Tom Gathman, or The Real Hiking Viking, is infamous for his extreme hiking adventure and signature beard style. He was in marine combat when he decided to give up on his belongings, everything from his car to his apartment, and became a full-time professional hiker.
Two thousand thirteen proved to be a game-changer for Gathman. The Warrior Hike’s “Walk Off the War” program sponsored him to hike the 2,185-mile Appalachian Trail. His success stories have inspired many others to hike as well. The “Walk off the War” program, founded by Sean Gobin, provides gear and other supplies to complete a thru-hike on several National Scenic Trails. Apart from this, the program also includes lodging facilities, food, and transportation for the hikers.
The basic idea is to help the war veterans shrug off the adverse effects of the war by going on a hike. It also proved to have incredible therapeutic effects and an absolute stress buster. Disabled veterans or the ones suffering from PTSD get their funds via this program and achieve their dreams.

National Wild Turkey Federation

National Wild Turkey Federation’s mission was to conserve the Turkey population in North America. About 1.5 million wild turkeys were there, and the numbers were dwindling. It took years of hard work to hit nearly 7 million with the help of fantastic support received throughout the journey.
How to Get Sponsored by Outdoor Companies
With a current commitment to saving the future and still striving to protect turkey, NWTF could have carried on without the support of its sponsors. Significant companies partner with NWTF and sponsor its events to enhance the wildlife habitat and manage outdoor recreation activities. Some well-known name includes ProteusAlps Outdoors, and Outdoor Underwriters.

Blessing Okagbare

Also, Blessing Okagbare, the fastest athlete in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, remains one of the few hopes of Africa to blossom on the world stage regarding athletics. However, this hope nearly blew before it became manifest. In her IAAF biography, she said: “It is not as if I’m trying to talk about my country, but it lacks the right facilities, and these things limit us.”
How to Get Sponsored by Outdoor Companies
Miss Blessing was an outstanding athlete from an early age, but without proper sponsorship deals and endorsement, she might not have attained the status she holds today. Nike offered Okagbare a sponsorship deal worth $500,000. According to the then President of the Athletic Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Chief Solomon Ogba, one of the critical reasons Okagbare received such a mega-sponsorship deal was to aid her preparations.
Also, to help break Jamaicans’ perceived stronghold and dominance in sprint races. In this case, the sponsorship deal would help Blessing prepare adequately. In return, she helped promote the brand of Nike and possibly coming out tops and perhaps becoming a brand ambassador. Which company doesn’t want a top-class athlete to be a brand ambassador? None!

Conclusion in How to Get Sponsored by Outdoor Companies

Therefore, you cannot overemphasize the value of sponsorship deals. Even a world-class athlete like Blessing has underlined the massive importance of sponsorship when embarking on outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, and others. Tailoring back the apparent lack of success from specific individuals and athletes can sometimes lead to a lack of grooming investment and their inability to get sponsored by outdoor companies.
This fact goes to say that acquiring sponsorship is not an easy task, but then again, it is not impossible. Strict adherence to the tips above in this article can almost guarantee support. Expect to turn down a handful of times, but you will get a sponsor in the end. As Robby Gordon once said, “There are two exquisite feelings. The first is when you land a sponsorship that allows you to be competitive. Then to win a race is the icing on the cake you have made with the sponsorship.”