3 Best Rated Ice Climbing Helmets Available On Amazon

Ice Climbing is very similar to Rock Climbing, but you’re mounting an entirely different surface. As easy as it sounds, the sport itself is fun yet extremely dangerous even with when the right protection is provided. The weather is harsh, and something fragile like ice has the power to do some severe damage.

ice climbing helmets

When we are dealing with slabs of ice, and formations of frozen waterfalls we have to be very careful. Using ropes and picks to measure the slick and treacherous surface of ice is no walk in the park.

Ice Climbing isn’t just a sport for daring people who seek the thrill of danger. It helps your mind and the ability to have self-control. Indirectly you’re also doing an exercise while helps your biceps, stomach, calves, and back. You’re going to develop great core strength through this sport.

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I’d advise the hearty fathers of tomboy girls and active boys out there to restrain your children from attempting to perform this game. Kids never know better, but when something is dangerous for an adult, it’s twice as much threatening for a child.

Best Rated Ice Climbing Helmets – Product Comparison Table

ProductBrandColorList PriceImage
Camp Armour Climbing HelmetCampBlue$59.95
Petzl Elia Women’s Climbing HelmetPetzlRed$64.95
Camp Speed HelmetCampOrange$129.95

Head injuries can be fatal, we have heard so many times either on the news or the internet how small falls and little mishaps can result in one’s death. Our brain is the most sensitive thing about the way our body is made. If you’re ever to embark on this trip of ice climbing just for the thrill adrenaline rush, you have to be protected from head to toe. Helmets are a necessity. Don’t risk your life by making due with cheap products with bad quality. Buy something reliable and highly praised.

I’m going to list down three of the best ice climbing helmets; I’m pretty sure these will not, in any case, be the reason for your downfall.

Grievel Salamander Climbing Helmet

As far as helmets go, this one proves to be the best. This product is at your disposal with the best qualities.

The extremely efficient air circulation which won’t make you feel as if you’re suffocating and will help you be at ease. The helmet is made of pure polyester and is very lightweight.

When you wear it, you feel its presence but not its burden. The yellow color is given for good visibility; the color is unisex.

It’s reliable and very durable, their price tag comes with a very reasonable set of digits. I’d suggest you to grab yours right now!

One thing that makes is interesting is that the color is mid toned, which means it can quickly curb the cravings of men and women.

The breath-ability mechanism is quite excellent, which means that the air can quickly pass in and out.

It does not let the sweat build up and cause any discomfort.

Ventilation is what makes a helmet great, which is why I love this one so much.

It is a great pick and will fulfill your needs.

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Diamond Ice Climbing Helmet

This, to me, is the perfect helmet which is delivering far more than your expectations from it.

When you purchase this one, the expectations are not like too much as it is quite cheap, but the quality competes with the ones at the high-end level.

If I have to shortlist my top three low-end helmets that are a dupe for expensive ones, this will make it to my list!

I have infinite reasons to love it, but starting off with the versatility.

I do not expect that something so inexpensive will offer me options to choose from. Well, this one does! It gives you a golden opportunity to choose from five stunning colors, and you know how much I appreciate that!

The weight of this helmet is 10.58 oz, which is slightly more than my liking but it is not bulky or heavy at all.

This is a breathable product, so the air moving in and out beats any feeling of fatigue and discomfort.

The chin strap is not uncomfortable; it is very agreeable, and you will not get a mark even after wearing it for a long time (that you typically get and HATE).

The headband is adjustable and will pretty reasonably agree to your head’s circumference. Moreover, it is also compatible with headlamps.

I will suggest it to anyone who wants an inexpensive dupe for Petzl or Black Diamond with similar attributes. Amazing!

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Petzl Elia Women’s Climbing Helmet

Can you imagine me talking about climbing gear, and not mentioning Petzl? Well, no. Neither can I.

I accept that there are many brands out there who offer fantastic quality at a lower cost tag, but Petzl just holds a special place in my heart. It has earned it.

Being a very active climber for years and have experienced all times of medium, for some reason, I have found myself going back to Petzl again and again. I do not deny the fact that many brands make similar products, but none of them has the same quality.

The reason why I put this particular on my list is that it is strictly a women’s helmet. Though other two claims to be unisex as well, to me, the idea of unisex helmets is not catchy at all.

The difference between physique of men and women is very dominant. So there have to be different products for both.

This comes in four exquisite and catchy colors.

The strap is sturdy and holds on pretty well, so even in the most intense climbing journey, your helmet will not fall off.

It is pricier as all the Petzl products, but it will last you a great amount of time. You can use it for years and then pass it on to someone else it will still look pretty good and livable.

My favorite. You know it.

I hope you can now without any problem choose the best ice climbing helmet for yourself.

You will not be disappointed.

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