How To Play Tennis Rules If You Are Starting

Tennis is a sport accessible to everyone, but how to play tennis rules of tapeworms is the question many ask.
Tennis is a very practiced and one of the most popular games that exist. With this sport, you will exercise body and mind, and you will be able to practice it individually or as a team. This sport let men and women play at the same time.

And of course, it’s suitable for all ages, for example, children’s tennis, so you have no excuse to try it. Also, there are other modalities such as table tennis that you cannot miss.
From the competitive level to the fans who practice it as a hobby. Through this activity, you work all areas of the body practically, demanding an essential physical level, that little by little, and through your practice, you will acquire.
Also, it is one of the sports where more calories are burned, spending about 500, for each hour of training.

What you should know when you want to play

You can play the tennis on a flat, rectangular, divided by an intermediate network. You can play it with rackets that are played between two players (singles) or between two pairs (doubles).
How to play tennis rules consists of hitting the ball with the racket to go from one side of the field to the other passing over the network. The game begins with the services of one of the players, who take the ball and hit it, so it bounces inside the box.
It is opposite to the one on the side of the player; that is to say, if a player takes from his right, the ball must rebind in the box in a sinister way but always in the box attached to the net, in the opponent’s side.

how to play tennis rules

For each point the player who takes out has two opportunities, if the first fails, he has one more.

What to do during the set points

During the player’s serve, you can count the points in 15, 30, 40 or deuce. You complete the point until you gain the point after 40 leaving at least 40-30. To be 40-40 (deuce) wins the one that scores two points in a row.
In short tournaments 2 sets of 3 are played, you finish each set by adding 6 games with 2 minimum difference games (6-4) of not having that difference the set extends to a tie-break consisting of playing single points and the player who first sums 7 with a difference of 2 points wins (7-5 for example)

How to play tennis rules, in long tournaments like Grand Slams, you can play three sets of five. In the most regular competition of the Tennis, Wimbledon, to reach the 5th set, you cannot perform to a tie-break.
But the number of games is extended until the difference of 2 games. Professional tennis matches presented sets with 70-68.
Tennis handles three surfaces on the court: grass, brick dust and hard. You can see the grass surface at the Wimbledon Open, the brick dust is at the Roland Garros, and the hardcover is at the Australian Open and the US Open.

How to play tennis rules for the first time

If you want to know all the secrets of how to play tennis rules to start a successful sports career? Discover with what, who, when and where you should play. The rackets and tennis balls are just accessories.
We show you how to learn tennis with a series of basic tips that you will later expand through training and play.
Starting on the right foot is essential. Otherwise, all the talent you have inside you will go to the bottom between vices and injuries. Firstable, if you want to know how to play tennis rules, you have to understand that tennis is a sport that will require some previous training.

Only very intuitive people get to have fun without having received any class. Most of them have an excellent visual domain of space. This fact does not mean that over time those people will be those who become professionals.
Why? The problem is that not to get bored, practice too much without being controlled by a coach, which in the long run will lead to accumulation of vices that must abandon in a hateful way if they want to progress.
Because with time, and without technique, it does not progress. On the contrary, you injure yourself, get bored and abandon the beautiful art of tennis.

how to play tennis rules

That’s why, the first time we go to play, we do it with someone who knows, mainly, so we do not get bored. This amateur coach can throw us some tennis balls correctly.
It will be easier to practice, and we will improve quickly. Also, in sports, doubts, and shames do not take place. Question. The rules of tennis, the right clothes to play tennis.

The most critical point in Tennis

The concentration is the base of how to play tennis rules and the history of tennis. If we do not find anyone who can throw us balls, it is best to opt for a class with a professional teacher.

It will be worth it if we learn the basics of the game, then train and crush the net of tennis. And finally, virtual tennis: watching the players. If it is on television, you will enjoy and learn with the commentator’s notes.
When we start playing, we should do it with tennis clothes, comfortable, and especially with appropriate footwear. It is crucial, as it could lead to an injury. An anklet or a wristband would not hurt.
In tennis, racquets must have a grip on their handle. Do not forget to grab tightly. So you do not rerelease it so that you can continue with this beautiful sport. The experience is beautiful, in which the fun will not be long in coming.

How to play tennis rules and what are the principles

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) establishes the standards of tennis, and it is a long and detailed Decalogue of how to play tennis respecting the established rules of the game including every detail.
How to play tennis rules is updated when the tennis rules committee appointed by the international federation recommends it.
The idea is to explain the rules of tennis in the most friendly and straightforward way so that it is a quick guide for beginners who may already be in tennis classes but still have doubts about the basic rules to follow.

Let’s start with the tennis court in How to PLay Tennis Rules

The track is a rectangle of 23.77 meters long by 8.23 meters wide. This track is divided in half by a suspended network with a height in its central part of 0.914 centimeters, and at its ends, its height will be 1.07 meters.
How to play tennis rules teaches that you can limit the track by lines that we will call “Track Lines,” and these are:

The bottom lines

These are the ones that are furthest from the network, that is, at the ends of the track, delimiting the bottom of the track.

The service lines

They are the lines that cross the track perpendicularly to both sides of the network.

The central lines of serve: To understand how to play tennis rules you have to know that these are the lines that start from the center of the net and join with the serve lines forming a “T.”

The lateral lines

They are on both sides of the track, are the longest of all, and you can divide into lateral lines for singles and doubles.

The central mark

It is a small line that you can locate in the center of the bottom line that marks the limit to execute the tennis serve.

The position of the poles of the network

For doubles matches, you can locate the centers of the net posts 0.914 m outside each side of the doubles line.
For singles matches, if you want to know how to play tennis rules in singles, the centers of the net posts will be 0.914 m outside each side of the singles line.
If you use a doubles network, then the system will be held at the height of 1.07 m using supports called individual suits, whose centers will be 0.914 m outside each side of the singles line.

Fixed permanent fixtures

These are all obstacles such as the billboards in the background, the stands of the spectators, obstacles in the environment and laterals such as those of advertising that you see in high-level matches.
Those are objects that may be on track chairs the line judges or position of the ball boys in their respective places, chair of the referee.
In the individual matches played with a doubles network, the clubs that you placed in the net to give the regulatory height to a single net you can consider its accessories.

The tennis ball

How to play tennis rules has specified in the laws of tennis what the ball should be like and to avoid confusion it publishes an official list of balls approved by the ITF.
It is important to mention that if you held a competition, the organizer must communicate in advance to the participants the number of balls they will use in the match (2,3,4) and what the ball exchange policy will be like if they want to include it, example every two sets make changes of balls or as they consider.

Tennis Rackets

How to play tennis rules also regulate tennis rackets must be according to the guidelines of the ITF and for this has created the appendix II is quite lengthy and as this is intended to be a quick guide.

The leading brands of tennis rackets, all tend to comply with the rules of tennis so do not have to detail them here. These brands of tennis rackets are Babolat, Wilson, Prince, Head, Yonex, Dunlop, Adidas, and Tecnifibre.
There are so much more brands in how to play tennis rules, so these are not the only ones that will help you to play the game.

When you lost the point

First, you miss the point when the ball goes outside the bounds of the court. For example, if it is playing individual and falls into the doubles corridor. How to play tennis rules consider favor point to the other player
If a player fails to return the ball over the net and it stays on his side. Also, it happens when the ball bounces twice in a row in the same field. It is known as a double pot and loses the point if it lets it bounce twice before hitting it.

When the server makes two errors or consecutive service fouls, how to play tennis rules consider it as a double fault. If the ball hits the player or anything else he carries, except his racket, which if it happens. He must follow the point, and his ball enters the opponent’s court, or he will lose the point.
Also, when the player throws his racket at the ball and hits it, without the hand held it, it is also considered to lose the point even if it passes the net.

Scoring in games

You can score the games with 0, 15, 30, 40 and Game taking into account that it always says the points that the player that is taking in that game has.

The objective of how to play tennis rules is for one of the players or the doubles pairs to win six games to win a set and if they win two sets, they win the match if they play the best of three sets.
The player who has to take out in the tie-break will be the server of the first point of the tie-break game. The opponent can serve the next two points or opponents (in doubles, the player of the opposing team who will serve later).
After this, each player or team will alternately serve in how to play tennis rules two consecutive points until the end of the tie-break game (in doubles, the rotation of the service within each team will continue in the same order maintained during the set).

The player or team that serves first in the tie-break game will be the subtracter (the one who returns the serve) in the first game of the next set.

What happens in Tie-Break

If before the match you agreed that you would play Tie-Break, but you play “Advantage Sets,” this means in how to play tennis rules that the first player or pair of doubles that win six games wins the set. But that can happen as long as they succeed with minimum two games over the rival.
This fact is that if they go 5-5, it will be that they win the next two consecutive ones and finish 7-5, but if they equal to 6-6 here there is no tie-break because the organizers of the tournament have determined this and it will be the one that wins 8 -6 in this case. As you can see, these sets can make us eternal.

But for eternal matches, I share with you the longest event in the history of tennis, 11 hours and 5 minutes of the match. And see how a tie-break can be extended well above the 7 points that you establish until the difference achieves 2 points over the rival there is no end of it.

Best of three sets

How to play tennis rules establish that you can play a game at the best of three sets, that is to say, the first one wins two sets, or you play the best of five sets, and that is, the first one to win three sets wins the match.
In the longest game in history. It was a Wimbledon match where players played the best of 5 sets. And here Isner wins his third set in the fourth set of the game. He wins it in a Tie-Break that ends 70-68 for Isner.

The server and the subtracter will each go from opposite sides of the network. The server is the first one that hits the ball and puts it into play. And the receiver is the one who is ready to return the ball they take by the server.

The rules that you have to take into account how to play tennis rules

  • Always start by performing the first service or take off from the game from the right of the center mark.
  • The score that you win in the first place in the game is that of the server or server. That is to say, who is taking out.
  • It will alternate the beginning of each point with the service from the right and left of the central mark.
  • The server cannot step on how to play tennis rules. Or enter the play area before hitting the ball in service. If this situation occurs, the authorities sanctioned the player with a “lack of foot” in that ball.
  • The server cannot stop bouncing the ball to perform the service. That is, the service is a blow that runs without a boat.
  • The server cannot take out in how to play tennis rules while the subtracter is not ready.
  • You have 25 seconds to perform the service.
  • In the doubles, each player must serve during a complete game, and each team alternates the service turns. A player of the same group cannot take two turns in a row.
  • At the end of the “game,” the server becomes the subtracter. And the subtracter on the server and so on alternately in all the next games.

What do I have to take into account

Choose who takes and who remains in the first game of the game are a draw. The referee or the players themselves can do this draw.

You can throw a coin for the raffle or do it spinning the racket, and each chooses M or W in the case of a Wilson racket for example or Up or Down with other brands.
You can make side changes at the end of the first game. The third, the fifth game and consecutive odd games of each set.

Another way to remember how to play tennis rules very quickly. If there is a change of side or not is to add your games. And those of your opponent and if it gives you an odd number, there is a change of side.
It will also be changed sideways at the end of each set. In how to play tennis rules unless the total number of games. You can make the change at the end of the first game of the next set.

In the Tie-Break the change of side will occur after every 6 points. You can consider the balls that fall on the lines useful as if they landed on the court.
The balls that touch the net during the serve. And fall into you must repeat the correct box that serves opportunity. I mean that if it happens in the first serve. You can repeat it, and you are still two serves. And if it occurs in the second serve, he only has that second serve.
If, on the other hand, he touches the net after drawing and falls out of the service box, it is considered bad. And he will have to take the second serve if that was the first or double foul if it was his second service.
If during the dispute about the point in how to play tennis rules. It touches the net and enters the court. You can consider it right, and you must continue playing so that he responds to that ball.

He must try not to bounce twice, or he will lose the point. And if you touch the net and go off-piste, you can consider it wrong, and you will miss the point.


It is straightforward to learn how to play tennis rules since tennis is a sport that we can play outdoors, and you can practice individually, that is, player versus player or between couples.
The rules of tennis are not tricky. In the end, it is all about spending more times than your opponent. The ball over the net to win the game. Of course, the ball has to fall within the regulatory lines, located symmetrically on both sides of the track.