Colorado Trail Segments – Equip Yourself!

Not everyone can spend 4-6 weeks walking the Colorado Trail in one long trip! Colorado Trail Segments walking, for example, in weeks, is a great way to see the track and to be able to complete the track. Also, you can start increasing timing as you get more experienced in the trail. Either if you complete a thru-hiking trail or a hiking trail section, hiking the Colorado trail is a huge accomplishment.

Colorado Trail Segments - Equip Yourself!


According to local officials in the region, Colorado’s trail segment is currently in the U.S. Forest Service’s hands. This service owns the trail segment in question and is the current owner. The USFS owns the trail segment. They are still the owners, and the trail segment in question is still in use. They do not allow the trail segment to be cut down or removed from the forest, and there is no decision regarding the trail segment’s future.

Colorado Trail Segments - Equip Yourself!

The Colorado Trail

The Colorado Trail is the first national hiking trail. Moreover, the Trail, originally named the Golden Trail, was there to connect Boulder and Golden to the Pacific Crest Trail’s southern terminus. It was designed by the Colorado Highline Association, an organization that later evolved into the National Highline Trail Association (NHTA).

The Colorado Trail connects Boulder and Golden to the south side of the Continental Divide. The first section of the trail is from Longmont to Boulder (near the town of Durango). The second section is from Durango to Longmont. The last part is from Longmont to the southern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail. The trail widens with new paths and bridges.

Conclusions Colorado Trail Segments

Then, if you are near Colorado you have no excuses to at least try some Colorado Trail Segments of the trail. Either with your family, friends, or alone that can be a great experience! So be sure to equip yourself in a proper way.