Best Timberland Snow Boots

Timberland is best known around the world for high-end manufacturing clothing for men and women along with other associated accessories and most importantly for creating shoes, particularly high-quality winter boots.

With numerous models in the market, it is easy to get confused while deciding upon a Timberland snow-proof boot to purchase; the below-mentioned reviews of the Top Best Timberland Snow Boots might be of help though.



Upper / Outsole


Timberland Women's MT Hope Mid Waterproof Boot

Leather / Synthetic rubber

Timberland Men’s Chillberg Tall Insulated Boots

Leather / Rubber

Timberland Women's Earthkeepers Willowood Waterproof Snow Boots

Leather and textile / Synthetic rubber

Timberland Women’s MT Hope Mid Waterproof Boot – (The Most Stylish Women’s Timberland Snow Boots)

Main Features

  • Faux fur inner lining keeps the feet warm whereas, faux fur shaft cuffing prevents the warmth from escaping.
  • A fully padded footbed makes prolonged walking easier via enhanced comfort.
  • A 9.5” shaft over an additional 1.5” heel deliver protection of the calves as well as enhanced height to women.
  • Primaloft insulation lining in 200g further keep the feet feeling warm.
  • The D-ring shaft laces ensure a snug fitting around the calves for protection.

The Timberland Women’s MT Hope Mid Waterproof Boot keep the feet fully insulated in -1C yet anything below that, take the boots longer to heat adequately, and my toes often stay cold.

Besides that, the boots are highly waterproof if they are tied up tightly and can provide excellent grip upon all kinds of slippery surfaces. The faux lining in the shaft mainly keeps the calves very comfortable and warm.

Things I Liked

  • You can remove the footbed for drying up moisture or eliminating odor buildup.
  • The boots have a very stylish outlook.
  • The 1.5” heel provides additional height to users.

Things I Disliked

  • They are somewhat stiff and not too flexible during initial use; however, gets better with future utilization.
  • The toe-box slightly crushes the toes of those who have relatively more full feet.

Timberland Men’s Chillberg Tall Insulated Boots – (The Most Effective Insulation)

Main Features

  • Extensive 400g Primaloft lining for optimal insulation.
  • A lugged thick rubber outsole not only protects from water penetration but also maximized grip over wet/icy surfaces.
  • A gusseted tongue provides ease while wearing the boots and prevents entry of slush in deep snow areas.
  • Crisscross D-ring laces provide a snug fitting around the shaft.
  • A 1.5” heel along with 7” shaft keep the foot and lower calves safe from exposure to the cold.

The Timberland Men’s Chillberg Tall Insulated Boot due to their extensive 400g insulation are among the warmest of winter boots I have tried, even in -20F no extra woolen socks are required. Even on wet, icy terrain, you have excellent stability and grip.

The boots are narrow initially, and for flat footed individuals, it can take time for the boot to break into the shape of your foot; therefore, until they adjust, discomfort can be caused due to the narrowness.

Things I Liked

  • Optimal levels of insulation are provided, making them excellent for extreme cold.
  • They are partially flexible, making them easy to walk in even for prolonged periods.
  • You have one year warranty by the manufacturers.

Things I Disliked

  • The tongue does not stitch all the way through. Therefore, you need to take caution while in deep snow if the laces are not tight enough.

Timberland Women’s Earthkeepers Willowood Waterproof Snow Boots – (The Most Comfortable Toe-box)

Main Features

  • Advanced Ortholite foot bedding provides optimal comfort and support.
  • The midsole has compression molding for cushioning the feet via shock absorption.
  • Primaloft lining in 200g delivers insulation for warmth.
  • Full fleece inner lining further enhances insulation and keeps out moisture.
  • Laces in a D-ring crisscross manner provide ideal fitting support.

It is best to order an approximate of a half size up for leaving space to wear woolen socks with these boots. Even though with sufficient insulation, you do not require additional sources of warmth.

If you have more full feet naturally, I would not recommend these for you since they have a narrow fit and do not adjust over future usage as well causing further discomfort.

They are extremely waterproof and protect till the mid-calves from snow/water/wind and slush via a long shaft with top fleece cuffing.

Things I Liked

  • It is ideal for narrow feet.
  • The D-ring laces are easy to tie up and even when tightly fastened, they stay tied over prolonged periods of usage.
  • The tongue prevents water penetration even in deep snow utilization.
  • Excellent traction.

Things I Disliked

  • The boots are too bulky, as well as are too heavy.