Best Sorel Snow Boots

Sorel is among one of the very highly recommended winter shoes manufacturers who cater to children, women, and men. Guaranteeing to provide stylish, reliable, warm and highly comfortable winter waterproof snow boots among other types of shoes.

If you are interested in purchasing the ideal water-resistant snow boots for you, then the below-mentioned reviews of the Top Best Sorel Boots can be of significant help.



Upper / Outsole


Sorel Women’s Winter Carnival Boot

Textile / Rubber

Sorel Men’s Caribou II Boot

Leather / Rubber

Sorel Women’s Snow Angel Lace Boot

Suede – Rubber

Sorel Women’s Winter Carnival Boot – (Exceptional Grip and Stability for Outdoor Activities)

Main Features

  • The outsole manufactures from vulcanized rubber, with deep treads for enhanced grip.
  • 7.5” shaft works well with keeping the calf warm.
  • You can use felt as the footbed for additional warmth.
  • The footbed is removable. Therefore, avoids buildup of moisture.
  • Sherpa woolen snow cuffs on the shaft opening prevent mud/water from entering.

The Sorel Women’s Winter Carnival Boot is ideal for women participating in active sports. The D-ring lace closure tightens the boot to a perfect fitting, while the canvas sides are although sturdy and highly waterproof, yet not stiff and more flexible.

Overall, would highly recommend them to prospective buyers.

Things I Liked

  • The snow boots are true to size.
  • Deep treads make them ideal for active sports, by providing a secure grip and stability.
  • Highly insulated via felt lining, which is also perfect for eliminating moisture build up.

Things I Disliked

  • The Vulcanized rubber makes the boot’s exterior extremely large.
  • The side leather canvas can be uncomfortable initially while walking. However, softens with continuous usage.

Sorel Men’s Caribou II Boot – (The Most Cushioned Footbed via Thermo-plus)

Main Features

  • Rubber outsole features tractions ideal for outdoor activities.
  • The Sherpa utilized as cuffing traps in warmth while keeps out snow, water, and mud.
  • Special Thermo-plus footbed is removable and provides enhanced cushioning.
  • D-ring crisscross laces provide a snug fit when tightened.
  • Outer waterproofing and felt utilized inside provides insulation in temperatures as low as -35F.

The Sorel Men’s Caribou II Boot is excellent over the first usage. They provide excellent stability, are highly waterproof, can take up 9 inches of snow without letting a drop of water/mud seep inside.

The rubber from around the toe box tends to crack prematurely within a few months of usage. A case which has been voiced by a majority or other buyers as well.

Things I Liked

  • Give a classical outlook.
  • You do not need extra woolen socks due to efficient insulation and warmth.
  • The boots are true to their measurements.

Things I Disliked

  • The boots may seem tight initially due to the leather, but it softens over time.
  • The rubber utilized cracks with heavy-duty work. Therefore, are not durable.

Sorel Women’s Snow Angel Lace Boot – (The Lightest Snow Boots)

Main Features

  • Faux fur covers the 10.5” around shaft cuff for trapping in the warmth.
  • Rubber outsole with a deep traction lug promotes optimal grip.
  • Waterproof Suede as the upper prevents water or moisture penetration.
  • Fleece inner lining provides maximum insulation in extreme cold such as -25C.
  • Lace-up criss-cross pattern locks in warmth via a perfect fitting.

The Sorels Women’s Snow Angel Lace Boots are another among my favorites.

They are the most lightweight snow boots making it easy to move around over more extended periods of snow while optimal insulation is thanks to the inner fleece lining, keeping the warmth.

It is best advised to purchase a size above your original footing, or if you do not mind extra space inside the boot to accommodate woolen socks.

Things I Liked

  • Consists of a platform heel of 0.5” making them look feminine.
  • The shaft is highly waterproof and features a tongue under the laces for additional prevention from water penetration.
  • The toe-box is large enough to accommodate wide feet.

Things I Disliked

  • The footbed feels like a rock, it is not flexible at all, making it difficult to walk for prolonged periods.