3 of The Best Tree Climbing Helmets Available On Amazon

When you decide to go for tree climbing, along with great experience you should also make efforts to make your adventure as safe and possible.

It’s a straightforward unavoidable truth that stone is hard and your head is delicate, so you need something trustworthy and strong to protect your skull from injuries if you fall while tree climbing.

It is advisable and in the best interest of tree climbers to wear helmets. You should initiate wearing the helmet on the first day of your climbing journey and adopt it as a habit afterward, wearing it consistently.

Best Tree Climbing Helmets – Price Table

Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet$59.95
Petzl Elios Climbing Helmet$64.95
Petzl Meteor Helmet Blue$84.96

Bestseller Climbing Helmets Right Now On Amazon

tree climbing helmets

On the off chance that you have to face an injury, you slip or fall from the free, you will be thankful for taking precautions, and so will be your mom!

One thing that climbers neglect usually and should realize is that you have to spend some extra money and attention to securing their head from injury, as if you trip over and fall, rocks and the rigid ground is unforgiving and you might regret later.

Usually during these climbing trips, you push back the chance of accidents and only take fun perspective in consideration. You get convinced into a misguided sensation that all is well and good and prosperity, while potential risks sneak all around.

The wood and surface we play on is an exceptionally unforgiving medium.

So this shows how important a tree climbing helmet is to keep you safe and protected!


Tree Climbing Helmets are a well-being precautionary measure that ensures your head against hard falls or falling rock.

It can cause deadly damage, particularly if it interacts with your head.

However, you cannot compromise on helmet’s quality as well.

A good quality and decent climbing head protector helmet is lightweight, has astounding ventilation, is agreeable, is comfortable and fits you perfectly.

The tree climbing helmet ought to fit appropriately on the head with the front of the cap low on the temples to secure the brow.

It is vital not to wear a protective cap pushed back on the head. Helmets worn on the back of the head are a danger since they will probably pop off and don’t secure the brow.

The clasp of the jaw strap ought to sit safely at the throat. The clasp interfaces as indicated by the directions that are furnished with your head helmet. You need to guarantee that your protective cap doesn’t fall off in case of high-effect. The protective cap cushioning ought to offer firm, uniform weight over the complete surface of the head.

The larger part of tree climbing helmets have some kind of a polycarbonate or other high-affect plastic external shell and a shut cell froth liner that improves an agreeable fit. There are three shell sorts which are fiberglass, plastic and carbon. Plastic helmets are solid and sturdy and caps made of fiberglass or carbon is normally utilized as a part of ice climbing. While head protectors are worked to shield a climber from a tree where you have chances of hitting hard surface and rock.

Head protectors made of fiberglass and carbon ingest the vitality of a falling rock by breaking, while plastic and nylon caps exchange the stun to a tackle framework in the cap.

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Petzl Alveo Best

Work and Rescue Helmet, Red
Price Disclaimer

This is one of our key recommendations if you are looking for a good quality helmet because of its unique promising features and great customer reviews.

It ensures safety when you are climbing as it will give you great degree protection in case you slip off and fall.

The expanded polystyrene liner helps to minimize the effects of damage and injury.

It’s shut protective shell offers insurance against electrical perils and liquid metal splash as well.

It also has a solid chinstrap (more than 50 daN) limits the danger of losing the helmet or slipping off your head if you fall.

It’s agreeable and comfortable to wear.

CenterFit modification framework modifies the headband and keeps the protective cap fixated on the head

It accompanies two sizes of headband froth. The head circuit is about 53-63 cm in diameter and it weighs about 350g.

Key materials used in manufacture of Petzl Climbing Helmet are ABS, expanded polystyrene, nylon, polycarbonate, high-quality polyester, polyethylene.

It also contains Alveolen of Sekisui Alveo AG.

It helps as an incredible head protector.

It’s super comfortable, I mean you will overlook its there on the off chance that you don’t wear muffs on it, and it will keep you cool in the mid year as well, however you’re going to require a cap in the winter to fight the harsh weather. Great quality, good price, all necessary measures to keep you safe and adequate conformity guarantees a legitimate fit for anybody. Another absolutely wonderful reason to adore Petzl.

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GREENROAD In-Mold Adjustable Unisex Climbing Helmet

This one is another great pick if you are searching for as Greenroad has established a reputable name in manufacturing good quality helmets in the market.

The helmet weighs around 10.58 OZ and size is approximately 21 inches to 24 inches.

The unique features include a solid shell of infused PC. It also has an expanded polystyrene froth liner head protector for tree climbing and mountaineering.

Other features include solace jaw strap, headlamp compatible and rear belt.

It is flexible as indicated by head size.

It is brisk and provides simple headband alteration, even while the helmet is being worn.

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Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

This Black Diamond product is great for its price. It has half-breed plan with formed EPS froth, liberal ventilation, and exceptionally movable suspension framework. The ventilation property keeps your head cool during extremely hot weather which is a huge bonus.

It was the most agreeable and best deal at this money and value point.

It has decent measure of delicate cushions divided equally under the Styrofoam.

The parity is really great and you don’t feel much weight. The headlamp clasps are short and handy, however; head lamp doesn’t come in the deal and is sold separately.

I hope this article provides you enough information on choosing a good tree climbing helmet. If you are an active climber, and you have been lazy and ignorant in terms of protection helmets, you should take it into consideration for your own safety. Your life and health is precious, acknowledge and value that. I think you’ll also like to check rock climbing helmets.

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