What is an e-bike? Everything you need about electric bicycles

What is an e-bike? Many people ask this question because this is revolutionizing everything. E-bikes or electric bicycles are fashionable. More and more users opt for this type of bike, but are they really for me? What should I know before acquiring one?

What is an e-bike

An electric bicycle, commonly called an e-bike, is a bike with assistance to pedaling that works just like that good friend that, on our worst days, pushes us from the back to reach the end of an impossible slope. If at any time we stop pedaling, the bike will prevent us from attending because an electric bike, legally called pedelec, cannot have a fist or triggers like a motorcycle or a quad, and it represents what an e-bike is. Likewise, the bike will stop assisting us if we exceed the speed of 25 km / h, the legal limit allowed for e-bikes.

What is an e-bike: everybody can use an e-bike.

We never tire of insisting on this idea: an e-bike is for everyone. Those who ride a lot by bike can do more kilometers in the same training time and get very strong in addition to alternating the outputs with a conventional motorcycle.
Those who ride a little bike can make more distance than before or the same km in less time. And overcome laziness when you do not feel “excellent.”

And the one, who has not ridden a bike for years and has little physical form, will be able to take up this sport progressively and start without “dying in the attempt.” The professionals take advantage of the e-bikes to do more km at the same time of training and thus practice more technique, something beneficial, for example, in winter, with fewer hours of light.

What is an e-bike

The idea of an e-bike is an unreal myth: with an e-bike, you suffer what you want to experience. You can get an average of 100ppm or 160ppm. It all depends on the desire you have that day to demand yourself.

What is an e-bike: 10 reasons to use it

Your age is not essential if you like urban or sports bikes; with the electric wind in favor, it is more relaxed, fresh, and long. A niche shift has created a trend: it is worth moving to the e-bike. Here you can read the reasons and how the e-bike manages to unite people instead of separating them.

Good for the environment

Drivers of electric bicycles take care of the situation, especially in daily use. Half of the journeys by car are less than five kilometers.

And according to the environment office, the CO2 emissions of a car are almost forty times higher than those of a bicycle with an electric motor. For that reason, what is an e-bike representing the best solution to the CO2 emission problem?
So, those who use an e-bike instead of a car for short trips take care of the environment, make less noise, and spend less money.

The wind against is a thing of the past.

Who has never wanted to have a little help pedaling in steep mountains and with solid wind? An “invisible hand” that pushes gently. Start on steep slopes almost effortlessly. Mountains that are no longer an obstacle. The wind is practically the same for what is an e-bike. The e-bike makes it easy for you.

What is an e-bike

To be in shape, move to mobility.

Are electric bicycles just something for the easy-going and lazy? Nothing of that! And, despite the electrical assistance, e-bikes only advance when one pedals. And each one chooses the intensity of the aid of the electric motor.
Some studies say that e-bikers ride more on bicycles and make much longer journeys than conventional cyclists. So to understand what an e-bike is, you must take the bike with the electric wind in favor, either relaxed or sporty.

Perfect for daily commuting

If you want to exercise when going to and from work, switch to the e-bike. With the e-bike, we can do sports along the way. If we see the statistics, we can see that millions of people travel daily in the world with an e-bike. Of these, almost 25 million travel less than 25 kilometers, and nearly one in two daily commuting to work is less than ten kilometers. E-bikes are optimal for these distances.

Relaxation, fun, and an extra push

Thanks to the uniform and adjustable support that an e-bike offer to the bike drive system, the electric bicycle is suitable for training or reassembling after an injury. Also, the drive prevents too extreme loads on the knees and thighs. This item protects the joints, ligaments, and tendons. If you desire to be healthy and fit or increase your well-being? What is an e-bike represents a step in the right direction?

Help on wheels

Do you not feel like arguing or complaining? Do you want harmony to reign? Conflicts can arise when several people with different physical conditions and objectives go out of the route. A small motor can provide an excellent service in these cases since the electrical assistance balances the strength differences and brings people back together. Thus, the walk becomes a good experience that you want to repeat.

Take care of your pocket.

Electric bicycles are much cheaper than cars in their purchase and maintenance. Gas expenses, insurance, taxes, or parking fees? Negative. A vehicle with a gasoline engine currently spends around 12 euros per hundred kilometers; the electric bicycle about 0.25 euros. You can save money.

Fun factor

The e-bikes save effort for the cyclist and increase fun. An e-bike can advance without problems with other vehicles thanks to electric assistance. In distances of up to five kilometers, the electric bicycle is often the fastest means of transport in the city. Even on journeys of up to ten kilometers, you can compete comfortably with the car. Electric assistance balances the strength of an e-bike, establishes differences, and brings people back together.

Pure mobility

Intermodal transport? With the e-bike, there’s no problem. You can go to the train station with an electric bicycle, continue by train and then use public transport or an electric bike for rent. Electric bikes provide speed and flexibility. You can save the distances and extend the radius of action. It is in the city, especially where it is moving quickly with the electric wind in favor. E-bikers leave behind traffic jams, and the search for a place to park ends.

Something for everyone

The market offers more and more models and variants: electric bicycles with a maximum speed of up to 25 km / h or 45 km / h. There are bicycles with electric driving for the city or the countryside, for leisure time, or for users with more sports ambitions.

What is an e-bike: Choose a good distributor of e-Bikes

There are currently millions of bicycles on the streets that represent what an e-bike is, and the trend is increasing. Also, the offer is increasingly broad and diverse. Moreover, if you want to find an e-bike that suits you, it is practically essential to ask for advice.
But not all distributors are the same, so a good bicycle store should offer an environment where the customer immediately feels at home.

Next, a good selection of products is essential. That is, a specialized dealer must have a range of different manufacturers and drive systems. In this way, the customer can try other models and compare better. Also, the motivation and presence of the distributor play an essential role: Are you interested and open, advising competently? Do you care about what I want? There must be some chemistry between the customer and the distributor.

This fact is decisive, and it is a very vital precondition when buying an e-bike.

What is an e-bike, and what requirements should a good bicycle shop meet?

Fundamentally, the distributor must be easy to locate. The sales surface itself should be bright and tidy. If you go into a store and want to turn around, I recommend doing it. When the atmosphere of a store is cozy, the customer perceives it immediately. Being able to look calmly but also be able to ask and be answered are crucial aspects. Also, many people can try different bikes to find out what an e-bike is.

The interested buyer can experience the driving characteristics which distinguish each model and drive system. There are several possibilities: some distributors have their premises for testing, and others provide the customer with a bicycle for a day or sometimes even a whole weekend.

This last option has the advantage that the bicycle can be tested thoroughly and under actual conditions. However, sometimes you have to pay an amount.

What is an e-bike, and what aspects should we consider before buying an e-bike

The fundamental question is how the client will use an e-bike: will he travel with or without luggage, going to and from work, short weekend trips, or sports outings, for example, mountain biking? On this basis, the distributor can assess the bicycle’s requirements. Once you find the right bike, the dealer should observe how the customer feels about the cycle.

An ergonomic position is indispensable for an e-bike to enjoy and be well on. To do this, the dealer must check the height of the frame, the handlebar, and the saddle and whether the suspension fork is correctly adjusted.

What is an e-bike, and how do the modes work on an electric bike

To know what an e-bike is, you must understand that they have between 3 and five ways of assistance. The first mode is called echo: when you take a pedal, in the case of, for example, the Yamaha engine, the bike gives “another” pedaled by you.

The following intermediate modes are called tour, active, or track (depending on each brand) that multiply the pedal by 2. And the last method, called turbo or power, can increase your pedal by up to 3.6. Different brands have a mode called e-mtb that optimizes the performance depending on the pedaling and is an absolute wonder of climbing. Imagine taking a pedal and that the bike of 3 for you. It is something extraordinary.

What is an e-bike, and how is the battery operation?

The battery of an electric bicycle has several dimensions depending on the manufacturer. Also, there are different capacities, the most famous being 400 and 500wh. The average charging time when fully discharged is approximately 4 hours.

You can change them when they are half discharged or wholly discharged since they do not save memory, but we should never leave the battery entirely removed for more than a day since the storm could invert one of its poles in a cell and stop working.

In this sense, if the electric bike is going to be unused for a while, it is essential to charge the battery completely. The useful life of a cell is between 800 and 1,000 load cycles, so with a range of at least 40km and 1,000 load cycles. It will be more likely to change the bike before the battery.

You can charge the batteries of an e-bike without disassembling it from the bike through its integrated ports or removing the battery from the bike very quickly and loading it anywhere in the house. This fact helps you understand what an e-bike is and how it works.

What are an e-bike and the benefits of traveling to work with it

Electric bicycles are optimal for these distances. So, why not leave the car in the garage, take the bike, and hit the pedals with some help? These benefits will help you to know what an e-bike is.

No stress and comfortably

Those who go to work on e-bikes around the city do not waste time in kilometric jams. With the electric bicycle, you can draw the traffic jams. Also, thanks to electronic assistance, you no longer have to make great efforts even on steep slopes. The most extended distances, up to 25 kilometers, are surpassed by e-bikers almost effortlessly.

Flexibility and speed

Time is gold. And everyone who uses the electric bicycle and understands what an e-bike is in the city gains in time and quality of life is. In trips of up to five kilometers, the electric bike is often the fastest means of transport in the city.

But also, in journeys of up to ten kilometers, the e-bike can compete comfortably with the car. Intelligent route planning helps you get to your destination quickly and conveniently; For example, you can choose urban routes with few traffic lights and without slow traffic.

The Nyon onboard computer helps in navigation: with Bosch’s all-in-one onboard computer, you can plan routes on the PC and laptop. Electric bicycles are perfect for those who care about their health and want to improve their strength and fitness.

Health and good form

An adult spends 11.5 hours a day sitting half. The lack of movement primarily affects those who have office jobs. Coming and going from work on an e-bike helps to counteract this situation. And since the electric drive is adjustable by the different levels of assistance, the driver decides the intensity with which he wants to pedal. Electric bicycles are perfect for those who care about their health and want to improve their strength and fitness.

Good for the environment

All those who work in an e-bike instead of in a car make the shortest traffic jam and do something good for themselves and the environment: the contamination of an e-bike is only 1.25% of the one of a car. Suppose you base an average gasoline consumption of eight liters per hundred kilometers on all the cars that make the trip to and from work. In that case, you consume almost seventy million liters daily.

That is approximately 156,000 tons of CO2. The electric bicycle supposes an immense saving potential. Also, e-bikers move almost without making noise, which reduces noise pollution.

Cities have a problem with noise: from a level of acoustic intensity between 65 and 75 decibels; the sound affects the sensation of stress. With heavy traffic, the cities reached about eighty decibels on average. Thanks to the e-bike, the town can be quieter.

What is an e-bike

Good for your pocket

Traveling by electric bicycle saves money. For a journey of one hundred kilometers, the energy cost of an average gasoline car is about 12 euros. You can make the same distance with the electric bike for 25 cents. Also, the purchase earns points for the electric bicycle: an e-bike currently costs 3,287 euros on average, while the average price of a new car stands at 31,400 euros.

The insurance, the circulation tax, and the ITV taxes disappear with a conventional electric bicycle: after all, it is a bicycle with something else.

Pedaling safely with the e-bike

An e-bike sometimes tends to handle it like a conventional bicycle. That happens because many people do not know what an e-bike is. However, although very small, there are specific differences: the electric bike weighs something more, you can reach higher average speeds thanks to the extra help, and the driving characteristics require other skills. Therefore, an ambitious course for novices on the electric bicycle may be convenient.

Driving with foresight

Electric drives put our way of dealing with traffic to the test. Electric cars make almost no noise, as happens with e-bikes. Also, road users must adapt to a higher speed; in the case of electric bicycles, between one and four kilometers per hour higher.
Consequently, you can ensure that one can react appropriately to unpredictable situations. The e-biker must adapt the speed to each location and avoid dangerous situations.

What is an e-bike

Good brakes

The higher average speed and the higher weight of the motor and drive require that the e-biker is always ready to brake. The smallest possible braking distance is achieved using the front and rear brakes at the same time. The driver must know which lever each brake is activated on and how the bicycle reacts. And is that, if you missed the front brake, the driver could get fired. What it means: practice, practice, and practice.

This is how you can find the appropriate measure and know what an e-bike is. And it is necessary not only for the force you exert on the brake lever but also for the terrain, particularly in snow, mud, or gravel. The e-biker must use the front brake with restraint.

Balance and curves

Slow and intermittent traffic is our daily bread on the roads. But you can also learn to drive without leaving the lane. Also, it is essential always to keep your eyes in the direction of travel, and in curves, turn your head and upper body in the course of the curve.

Overcome the obstacles

Curbs and bumps are part of the cyclist’s day-to-day life. The best way to save them is to remove the load on the front wheel: to do this, move the upper part of the body just before the curb in the direction of the handlebar and lift the body sharply. This movement requires a bit of practice. If you feel unsafe or the obstacle is too high, get off the bike for a moment. Using low curbs or a stick in a training place is better. Necessary: do not pull too hard on the handlebar.

If you tend to lean back, press the rear brake, and the front wheel will sink back into the ground. In general, we can say between the curbs better at right angles. In this way, you can avoid the slips.


What is an e-bike? Simple, cheap, and resistant. The bicycle is the most popular means of transport in the world. However, it is not for everyone: climbing hills with a loaded bike is only within reach of people with a particular physical form. The electric bicycle-assisted pedaling, or e-bike, has revolutionized the world of mobility: it shares the advantages of motorized means but with the simplicity, agility, economy, and ecology of the conventional bicycle.