Bikepacking Tent Review

This article reviews the Big Sky Revolution bikepacking tent, designed for two people. It is made with lightweight, waterproof fabric and features a two-pole design for easy setup and a spacious interior. The tent also has an internal gear pocket, two doors, and two vestibules for storing extra gear. The reviewer found the tent incredibly … Read more

Lightest Tents For Bikepacking

This article discusses the different types and weights of tents available for bikepacking. It explains that lightweight tents are essential for bikepacking, as bikepackers must carry all their gear and supplies on their bikes. It discusses the different types of tents available, from ultralight to freestanding, with other features and benefits. The article then looks … Read more

Bikepacking Total Weight

This article from Bicycle Quarterly discusses the importance of total weight in bikepacking. The article explains that the total weight of a bikepacking setup should be kept as low as possible for maximum efficiency and comfort. Factors such as rider size, terrain, and the type of bike being used can all affect the total weight … Read more

How Many Litres Of Bikepacking Do I Need

This article discusses the topic of bikepacking, which involves packing camping gear onto a bike for a long-distance ride. It explores calculating the amount of bikepacking needed for a particular trip, depending on the bike type and the trip’s expected duration. The article states that a bikepacking setup generally requires a minimum of 8-12L capacity. … Read more

Best Touring Bike Tires

The best touring bike tires are those that can withstand a variety of conditions and terrain. They should be durable and provide good traction. The best tires will also be comfortable and provide a smooth ride. If you’re looking for the best touring bike tires, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will look at … Read more

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Electric Road Bike Kit

The article discusses Electric Road Bike Kit and Kits designed to convert a regular bicycle into an electric one. The kits typically include a motor, battery, controller, and throttle. The article provides an overview of how electric road bikes work and highlights some of the benefits of using an electric road bike kit, including the … Read more

Hoka Running Shoes Men

This article highlights the features of the Hoka running shoes for men. The shoes are designed with a high stack height, which provides cushioning and a smooth ride, as well as a broad base that offers stability when running. The shoes also feature a Meta-Rocker for an efficient stride and a heel slope for smoother … Read more

What Are Clifton 8 Hokas Best For?

The Clifton 8 Hokas are a trendy running shoe. They are well-known for their lightweight design, cushioning, and responsiveness. They provide excellent support and stability during long runs and are perfect for athletes who need comfortable and light shoes. The Clifton 8 Hokas are ideal for runners looking for a balance between cushioning and stability … Read more

What Is So Special About Hoka Shoes?

Hoka shoes are the latest trend hitting the running and hiking shoe industry. They are designed for maximum cushioning and stability, making them ideal for athletes and hikers. Hoka shoes have a unique sole design comprising several layers of cushioning foam to provide maximum shock absorption and comfort. The boots also feature an oversized midsole … Read more