Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Shoes

The trend of the industry is shifting from the heavy gear bulk boots to the Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Shoes which are faster, flexible and comfortable on the trekking trails. While traditionally the high cut hiking boots are preferred, there arose a simultaneous demand for the more versatile light weighted hiking footwear.

The light-footed, light feel and grip of the hiking shoes are being inclined to by everyone. Mainly, these shoes are not sturdy like the traditional hiking boots but are comfortable enough for a good hike.

I had checked up on many options before we got you this review of the top hiking shoes that are of less weight and also have the best possible features available.

Salomon Men’s X Ultra 3 mid GTX

The Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Shoes Ultra 3 GTX, is like a trail running shoe. It is flexible and delivers what requires of it for the day and light-weight backpacking and hiking.
The redesigned insoles provide improved traction and excellent cushioning. There is padding in the collar for comfort, and tread design of the solid rubber outsole at the heel to hold deep into the ground.
The Contra Grip rubber outsole performs well in soft mud, hard dirt, and a decent amount of snow travel and will not deteriorate after hiking on granite. The underfoot is flexible, the low profile midsole and well stable platform let it well on rocky trails.
Gore-Tex lining offers waterproof technology for the shoes. The synthetic upper material protects the mesh from tears. And due to Salomon’s signature, Quick lace system laces are fit around the foot with a single motion.


  1. Flexible and the comfort of cushioned and padded insole
  2. Contra Grip and rubber outsole
  3. Gore-Tex lining with waterproof
  4. Quick lace system

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars
Weight: 3.8 pounds


  1. Lightweight performance.
  2. Aggressive and nimble
  3. There is no compromise in comfort or durability.
  4. Planted feel and the solid toe and underfoot protection for rough hikes.


  1. Gore-Tex version runs pretty warmly.
  2. The Quick lace system is sometimes uncomfortable
  3. If you are climbing a technically rough trail, then you might need a more protective boot.

Merrel Moab Ventilator hiking shoes

The Moab ventilator mid-hiking boots are perfect if you are looking for a Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Shoes that can perform both day and night hikes. Being one of the Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Shoes, it offers excellent water resistance, tread, and comfort.
The presence of shock absorbent air cushion beneath the heel as well under the cushioned collar offers excellent comfort to the hiker. The insole provides flexibility, arch support and traction over rock. The mesh on the upper fabric dries the boots quickly, and as it is water-proof, the feet remain dry the whole time.
The Vibram sole offers the grip required, and Hook fixing provides the right fit for the hikers, and the feet are secured. The pair is the best buy when the trail is smooth or not too rugged.


  1. Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Shoes
  2. Offers excellent torsion, resistance, and comfort
  3. Shock absorbing cushion
  4. Waterproof
  5. Vibram sole for grip

Rating: 4.4 stars out of 5
Weight: 822 grams


  1. The sole offers a perfect grip over terrains
  2. The pair has excellent breathability due to GORE-TEX technology
  3. Comes within the budget
  4. The shoes are light-weighted


  1. Water resistant feature is not reliable
  2. An average insulator
  3. Not suitable for long and rugged hikes

North Face Ultra 109 GTX

The Ultra 109 GTX gives maximum protection under the feet, stability, and traction when moving on an uneven trek path. It is a trail running shoe that has all the features required by a hiker. They didn’t compromise on the quality while adapting lightweight.
They also offer the corrective support for pronation when the feet roll during the trek in a steep trail. It has a stable heel, and the shoes use Gore-Tex waterproof lining, durable rubber outsole and shank for foot protection.
These shoes have rust-free rivets and have a narrow fit and less cushion coverage. The Vibram outsole provides excellent grip and is well suited for hikers with high arches.
The tread has used a new rubber with Vibram that is more aggressive than the previous versions. The mesh lining is also breathable, and there is a toe cap for increased durability.


  1. Gore-Tex lining for waterproof
  2. Breathable membrane
  3. PU leather for support
  4. EVA midsole
  5. ESS mid-foot shank
  6. Rubber outsole

Rating: 4.6 stars out of 5
Weight: 1lb 8.6 oz.


  1. Great grip and tread
  2. Toe protection and extended support for mid-foot protection and support
  3. Rust free rivets


  1. Less cushioning
  2. Fit for narrow feet

Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R2 GTX

The Terrex swift is a performer on the trail. The lacing system is similar to that of Salomon’s signature Quick lacing system but is lighter than the latter.
The toe protection in and around is good, and the use of Gore-Tex lining offers the waterproof feature. The hiking shoe is stiff and rigid and comes with a sturdy sole and mesh upper leather fabric.
The shoe fits around well and has no break-in period nor did it give sore feet or blisters. The traction and durability are impressive compared to the other brands in the same category.
The lugs are deep, well spaced and the outsole is of Continental rubber for the tread. The underfoot is more of a hiking boot protecting the other shoes of the category.
The protection is also around the toe and foot sides and with a toe-cap. The area around the balls of the feet is with more rubber giving a sense of extra protection layer in and out.


  1. Better lacing system
  2. Gore-Tex liner and breathable mesh
  3. Toe-cap for protection
  4. Continental rubber outsole
  5. Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Shoes and stiff

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
Weight: 1lb 8.6 oz.


  1. Stiff
  2. Toe protection enabled
  3. Excessive protection layer around the feet balls
  4. Waterproof


  1. Doesn’t have good traction
  2. The shoes eventually wear down faster
  3. You might feel the trail beneath you

La Sportiva GTX Primer low hiking shoes

One of the most expensive shoes in the list, the shoe comes with some cool features. The Nano-cell technology used in the upper fabric allows maximum breathability and waterproof protection.
The Gore-Tex waterproof layer and the Vibram insole offer the required level of comfort and protection to the feet. The footwear provides stability through STB technology by wrapping midsole and unifies it with the upper fabric for a perfect fit.
The moisture wicking interior layer allows the feet to remain dry and fresh.


  1. Synthetic fabric utilized
  2. Nano-cell technology in the upper structure
  3. Gore-Tex lining for waterproof
  4. STB technology for stability
  5. Vibram insole
  6. Gusseted tongue to prevent water from entering inside and soaked socks.

Rating: 4.2 stars out of 5
Weight: 824 grams


  1. Waterproof
  2. Moisture-wicking interior layer
  3. Stable underfoot
  4. Breathable outer fabric


  1. Expensive
  2. Mesh upper is not too durable

KEEN Targhee II WP hiking shoes

The Targhee II Mid WP from KEEN is an excellent performer. Made of high-quality leather and the rubber soles that are highly durable and comfortable. Moreover, this footwear has exceptional breathability and water resistance.
The footbed is removable, and the EVA foam in the mid-sole provides enormous cushioning to the hiker’s feet and is hence great for long and rough treks.
The stability of the hiking boot is too excellent. The upper part of the pair is of a unique material, and the DRY technique shall keep the feet dry all time. The stable torsion is perfect for climbing rocks, and the mid-cut helps to protect the ankle.


  1. Breathable and offers good resistance
  2. Removable footbed
  3. EVA midsole for cushioning comfort
  4. Made of unique leather
  5. Perfect torsion

Rating: 4.4 stars out of 5
Weight: 493 grams


  1. Affordable as it comes within budget
  2. Provides good traction and stability
  3. Good Toe protection


  1. Not too durable

Scarpa Zen Pro hiking shoes

The brand known for its comfort is one of the expensive and quality footwear brands in the list. The soft liner wicks away the moisture and keeps the shoe odor free even after a long hike.
Rubber toe-caps offer protection, and deep lugs keep the tread and stability in the rough trails. The upper suede fabric gives the sturdy feel that helps it to take over strenuous of the hikes comfortably.
The upgraded EVA midsole gives the shoe a more extended period, Vibram outsole offers the torsion, and the fabric is abrasion resistant.


  1. EVA midsole for support
  2. Rubber toe caps for additional protection
  3. Vibram outsole for torsional stability
  4. Sock-fit DV technology for a performance fit
  5. Moisture-wicking and odor control fabric lining

Rating: 4.1 stars out of 5
Weight: 965 grams


  1. Perfect for tough terrains
  2. Comfortable
  3. Offers good stability and torsion


  1. Not durable

Vasque GTX Mantra 2.0 hiking shoes

For people with low arches, this shoe is a perfect and comfortable way to transit from boots to shoes. The Mantra 2.0 is an excellent choice for hikers going on long distance treks and wanting extra support. The heaviest in the list, the shoe offers comfort, quality, and durability.
It gives you midsoles for stability, the Vibram Nuasi outsole that offers durability for long distance hike. The Nubuck and mesh upper fabric raises the durability and comfortability of the shoe.
Apart from these is the Gore-Tex waterproof lining technology, water repellent laces, seam-sealed technology to keep water and moisture out and the perpetuum that creates comfort fit.


  1. Vibram Nuasi outsoles
  2. Midsole offers stability
  3. Nubuck and mesh fabric for upper
  4. Gore-Tex waterproof lining
  5. Seam-sealed technology

Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5
Weight: 1020 grams


  1. High cut for ankle support
  2. Durable
  3. Waterproof
  4. Offers comfort, quality, and durability


  1. Heavy

Salomon Odyseey Pro hiking shoes

A perfect choice for non-technical hikes, and light long distanced treks, it provides a cushioned comfort all over the trek. The midsole is springily giving an athletic feel to the hiker.
The traction is losing in this, tight-spaced lug pattern and the non-aggressive tread didn’t have the grip to hold steep surfaces. The shoe has a broad base, and tall and rigid heel offers resistance. Odyssey Pro is a non-waterproof design. But the mesh on the upper fabric has fantastic breathability.
A nylon over the mesh makes the hiking shoes more durable. The toe cap does the toe protection and the thick midsole doesn’t allow the debris to enter inside the shoe.


  1. Cushioned inside
  2. Tight-spaced leg pattern
  3. Less stability and traction
  4. Nylon and mesh increases durability
  5. Non-waterproof design
  6. Toe cap for protection

Rating: 3.8 stars out of 5
Weight: 1lb 7.2 oz.


  1. Very Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Shoes and gives feather like feel
  2. Great cushioning
  3. The shoe is flexible and comfortable
  4. Perfect for non-technical hikes


  1. Not satisfied with traction on rock and mud
  2. Not stable

Buyers guide

For people who are interested in casual hiking experience or the amateur hikers usually go for the Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Shoes.
Flexible: Even though you want your boots to be lightweight you cannot compromise on the quality of other features. The shoe has to be flexible enough to allow easy movement of the feet.
Plus, durability is another concern with Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Shoes. Make sure you research thoroughly and invest in a good pair.
Efficient: With Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Shoes people might compromise on other quality aspects. You need to invest in a pair that is equally efficient. The shoe has to comfortable while providing maximum support. It has to be a snug fit while allowing the shoe to be breathable. The grip should be proper according to the usage.

Final Verdict

With the introduction and usage of the synthetic materials that give similar flexibility and strength to the hiking shoe, it has become the most popular footwear among hikers.

The shoes select by the type of trail that you will move on and the season. Whatever be the feature you require, there is an option for you in the list. So find your hiking shoe and step out for the next adventure.