How to Choose the Right Travel Luggage for Your Vacation

Travelling is always exciting, The Galapagos travel reviews suggest some best travel ideas and guide you in the best possible manner to make your holidays memorable. Hence before planning any trip consult us to make your travel experience pleasant. There are certain stressful factors which are seen to associate with traveling.
First of all, It could be tough for travelers to hurl their luggage. Also, it can always put on some sort of stress at your period of traveling. It is therefore essential for you to consider the style of your traveling and choose luggage which can cater to all the needs.
Here is a list of some important things to remember while choosing the right travel luggage for your vacation to ease your stress.

Suitcase vs. Backpack

Galapagos travel reviews suggest you go for bags rather than backpacks and there are some right reasons of this choice which are mentioned below in this article:

Easy to carry

Through airports with lots of people around and traffic, it is not easy to take the backpacks. Travelers need to stay at ease all along their traveling period, and in this way, suitcases are more straightforward to move and maneuver with ease in the traffic.


Backpacks are heavier than luggage, and they can cause some health issues. Wheels at suitcases allow you to roll and drag your luggage with ease. One of the most important reasons for choosing bag over backpacks is this.


When you select a backpack, make it sure that it does not offer organization scope and you are supposed to access to the stuff loaded at the top of the packs while the things which are down under are tough to obtain.
And if something important is there, you need to remove all the top items to get hands over it which is often an annoying situation. With a suitcase, you can get a clear view of all your stuff which you have just packed as soon as you open it.


Carrying a suitcase is always an elegant thing to look at while holding backpacks with much stress never give a good impression.

Hard suitcase vs. soft suitcase

Always prepare your travel luggage as per your needs. You should know the reason for your traveling, are you moving around for fun or some business activity.
Sometimes you are carrying breakable and delicate items which can break easily, for anyone who is taking such fragile items the hand carry on is perfect. Especially, when you are at a vacation in harsh climate areas. When you select hard casing luggage, you get better protection for your delicate and breakable items.
If you are looking for added storage, soft luggage is a perfect choice for you. Most of the soft bags are expandable so that more items can be adjusted inside when especially if you are traveling for a long time.
We can, therefore, conclude that if you are traveling with no breakable or delicate stuff with you, the choice of soft suitcases is an idea. You can also put some items on the overhead compartments in case of soft carry on affairs.

Ideal size

Never purchase a carry on which is too large, find out the period of your travel. If you are staying for a long time and have a lot of items to be packed, you can pick two bags with you.
Some people can survive well with minor items. Smaller carry on is always an ideal choice. If you chose the airlines for traveling you need to ask about their domestic requirements. For example, regarding the size of your luggage.
There are some airlines which only allow small carry on and in this case you are supposed to purchase the suitcase with approximately 21 x 13 x 9 which should ideally weigh about 15 to 20 pounds.
For some favorite carry on sizes, find the break down mentioned below:

  • If you are traveling abroad, most of the international carry on extent allowed is 18-20 inches.
  • 21-22 is the most popular size of luggage which is considered a great size and allows much space and is still light enough to be carried. Without much hassle, you can travel for a month.
  • A medium sized luggage would be enough if you are traveling with your loved one; in this case, you need to purchase the carry on the size of 23 to 24 inches.
  • There is a group of people who prefer to have some extra space; in this case, the ideal size of carrying on is 25 to 27 inches especially if you have a lot of clothing items. Also for those who are traveling with their families can have large sized luggage to fit the belongings of many people in one carry on to restrict the number of their bags.
  • For a travel suitcase, the size ranging from 28 to 32 inches is enormous. It is too bulky, and its maneuver is not easy as well. For anyone who is settling at some place for a long time duration, this kind of suitcase is ideal as it can cater to a lot of items.

It is always advisable to select two medium-sized suitcases to cater all your needs as compared to one large and huge bag which is too heavy to handle.
In all actuality, you’ll need to pay additional, yet it’ll be justified, despite all the trouble since you won’t need to stress over stuffing everything into one pack or, bringing about overweight charges when going back home with a few reminders.

The color of the suitcase

You need to purchase a bag or briefcase with unique color and print, by doing this; it would be easier for you to find out your luggage at the airport. Similar color bags are sometimes accidentally mistaken for someone else’s bag. So always go for unique features as you make your suitcase selection.


There are two options for the wheel choices; some suitcases have two wheels while some have four. The suitcases with two wheels are ordinary since they are lighter to handle and to run.
On the stairs as well, you can pull up the bag with ease without any need to lift it. On the other hand, the cases of these types sometimes tip over with ease.
The suitcases with four wheels stand vertical, and this allows them to roll easily in the crowded places such as inside the aircraft. There are some new suitcases with locking wheels with them, and they are ideal since they don’t allow the bag to roll away.

The material of the suitcase

The travelers have to make sure that the content of their luggage should be waterproof and treated inside with sealant so that in case of rain their belongings are kept dry.
Sometimes, the luggage is on a muddy or sticky wet surface. And if the material is waterproof, it will not allow the moisture to penetrate inside the suitcase, and the things packed inside it remain dry.
If there is no sealant which is resistant to moisture on your bag, try to line the sides of your luggage, both top and bottom with plastic bags to keep the fundamental things dry in case if the suitcase gets wet from outside.

Suitcase Straps

There are some suitcases which are available in the market with adjustable straps. The straps help to keep the belongings compressed and make them more secure. So it is always essential to check out for the suitcase straps before making any purchase.

Back clip

Sometimes, there are some looped clips which locate at the top of some travel suitcases. These loops are known as piggyback clips since they allow travelers to clip another smaller sized bag on the top of their larger suitcase.
This fact ensures that the bags both bigger and smaller are secured all along your travel. If the piggyback clips are not installed at your carry on, you can search it on the net and buy it online at affordable rates.


When you want to organize your belongings, the compartments come on handy. You can store small liquid shower gels, shampoos in an external pocket not in the clothes section.
This process ensures that even if there is a little sipping of such products the cloths and valuable items remain safe. There is an additional benefit of such sections and placing some products in them which are prone to sip as on need you can quickly locate them, and they become much handy.

Security locks

Security locks are always essential to keep your valuables secure. Whenever you are traveling for whatever purpose, you need to purchase luggage which has security locks to stay carefree during the period of your travel. Avoid buying the bags or suitcases which you cannot lock.

Side handles

Make sure to check the top and side handles on your suitcase as these handles make the maneuvering of luggage easier. This fact is particularly important if you have to lift your luggage overhead somehow.
And place it at some upward compartment in the plane or any bus. While selecting the luggage make it sure that the handles of your suitcase are strong and firm enough to support the extra weight of your belongings.
Another critical reason to keep your luggage small is sometimes you need to pick your luggage up, and heavy and big luggage is problematic, and it is not easy to lift them. Also, try to pack light so that the luggage does not overstress.

The durability of the suitcase

One of the critical things to consider while selecting a suitcase is how much durable it is. Remember that you don’t need to waste thousands to get sustainable and functional luggage.
Make it sure that the luggage you select is easy to be carried and can withstand pressure and travel roughness. Your needs for luggage are always variable depending on your activities, the nature of the trip, style of travel and destination, etc.
Marcey Radar who is the health and productivity manager claims that luggage should be high quality, if you don’t buy good quality luggage it will make you regret soon about it.
If you have selected wrong baggage, you might experience the suitcase flopping along and broken side handles which can be annoying and can make you profoundly uncomfortable.
When you buy high-quality luggage, it will be able to last for a long. You can be carefree about your luggage during the period of travel if you know that you have selected the high-quality luggage. If you have back problems, you need to pack your luggage light

Safety tips

To make it sure that your luggage is safe, you need to get the travel insurance to keep the things safer. You can place your valuables in hand carry only in case if you can save a strict eye on it or else it is highly prone to be misplaced or stolen.
Always take precautionary measures rather than to be sorry for negligence. Here are some safety tips for you to make your travel experience pleasant and free of stress.

  • Travel insurances are always helpful to recover the lost or stolen luggage, hence while leaving out especially for long vacation and business trips, always try to get travel insurance so that you remain stress-free throughout your journey.
  • If you are careful about your valuables, keep them in hand carry and maintain a strict eye on them so that they remain with you and there is no risk of their misplacement or theft.
  • Try to place a mini identity card regarding your name, address and contact number on the top of luggage. Make it sure that this tag wraps inside a waterproof material and it remains safe even on exposure to water and moisture. This fact will help others to trace you out in case if you forget your luggage in some cab or taxi.
  • Right after landing check out for your luggage. In case if you have missed one of it, you need to contact immediately with the airlines and insurance agents.
  • Suitcase Shopping tips:

Here are some essential shopping tips for you to make the purchase of your suitcase easier.

  • You can check the rates of all the big firms such as Sierra, REI, Amazon, E bags, Trading post, etc. and compare their prices. All these companies produce high-quality bags which you can purchase at affordable rates.
  • If you are visiting the store for bags physically, you can check the standard of the bag and other features before making the purchase decision. At the store, you can also determine the size, shape, color and other essential elements which you are looking for in your luggage.
  • At online stores, many retailers offer a free return policy if you think that bag or luggage is not up to the mark. You can purchase your luggage at Amazon which offers a return policy. In the same way, eBags also provide return policy. Place your order with a margin of a few days so that you get some time to return the rejected luggage and order the new and better one.
  • Many online retailers offer discounts on signing up for their email updates. In this way you will come to know about the incoming deals and discounts, this helps you to save some money while making a purchase.
  • To get better bargains to shop at the seasonal sales where there are much discounts.

3Ms to consider

While making a purchase decision regarding any luggage, here are 3 M’s which you need to think:

  • Mobility
  • Measurement
  • Material
  • The movement of the luggage:

Luggage which you are trying to purchase must be easy to move. There are two types of dragging luggage, one with two wheels and one with four. Check out your needs and make the purchase accordingly.


Measurement of luggage is essential. But before purchasing the right luggage for you, it is always advised to estimate your belongings which you are supposed to pack inside. Don’t go for too massive or huge suitcases as they are not easy to be handled. You can’t even lift them with ease.


The material of the suitcase should be waterproof as discussed above, rest of the features whether its case is soft or hard depends on your needs. Maybe you have to keep the valuables and delicate objects inside the luggage. In that case, try to purchase the hard shell luggage which is resistant to wear and tear.

The luggage material

The material of luggage is always different, and you need to pick the right luggage which suits your needs. The suitcases are generally of the following material:

  • Polycarbonate
  • Nylon
  • Polyester

All these materials ensure the security of belonging to a great extent. But you need to determine what suits you the most.


Suitcases prevent caving in with the help of polycarbonate hard sides in it. To the hard luggage the significant downsides are prone to scratches easily, and sometimes cracks are also formed on it since the suitcases made up of polycarbonate are strong and in the form of hard shells.
Many travelers consider these suitcases as best to pack their belongings. The polycarbonate material ensures that the things packed inside the suitcase are safe and well protected.


The fabric of Nylon is both strong and lighter regarding weight. The suitcases made of Nylon are considered safest and most durable to be used. When you select, Nylon made suitcases they allow you to place some more things in it as the material is bit flexible.
There are some Nylon suitcases which form with the help of similar technology which they use in the military gears. This fact ensures that the stuff packed inside is safe and secure.
Samsonite Pro 4 DLX is an ideal product of Samsonite which is made of Nylon to ensure additional security. They consider as best and safest luggage to travel.


The fabric polyester is regarded as the cheapest of all. It is less durable as compared to other materials which are used for the same purpose. You will find such suitcases almost everywhere in the malls but their composition is not good enough to make them durable.
They are hence least suggested suitcases. Especially at Italian airports, where luggage is handled quite roughly, you cannot even consider to purchase the suitcases made of polyester.
Some popular and affordable polyester based suitcases are produced by eBags and TLS Mother Lode. If you travel rare and have less safety issues regarding your belongings, you can purchase the polyester based suitcase for you.

Final Tips for the selection of luggage

As we discussed above that luggage which you are selecting before travelling is always important. Always consider purchasing high quality luggage so as to keep yourself free of stress during the period of your travel. Here are some final tips which you always need to consider before making any purchasing decision about suitcases.

  • Prefer light weight and medium sized luggage which is easy to be handled. Restrict your belongings, always leave some space as you pack your suitcases to ensure that they don’t get too heavier or else you will fail to lift them.
  • High quality selection is needed; consider the brand and material which your luggage is composed of. Check out for its durability and ease to handle it. The material of the luggage must be water proof so as to prevent the things inside it to become wet.
  • To make the process of packing the products, take the help of packing organizers. The packing organizers allow you to pack your stuff and unpack it in a few minutes.
  • Check out for wheels, handles and other security features while making the final decision before purchasing the suitcase or luggage. Never compromise on the quality of the suitcase.