5 Cool Camping Gadgets that Most People Don’t Know About

Whether you consider yourself to be relatively new to the world of camping or are a well seasoned and an experienced camper, with the advancement of technology, camping has been made considerably more accessible than it may have been ten years ago. Innovative; yet, highly useful camping gadgets and associated electronics have been introduced into the market.

There are; however, some incredibly cool camping gadgets that you probably would not be fully aware of if you are new to camping, mentioned below are just five of the ones that are considered as being the most helpful to campers.

heated sleeping bag

Camping in the winters can sound like a fun experience or even during the monsoon summer season. However, an essential factor required in both the earlier mentioned cases is to stay dry and warm to avoid the body from reacting to the cold such as catching hypothermia if stayed wet and cold for continuous periods of time.

A thoroughly heated sleeping bag comes in the same shape of a regular sleeping bag; except that, it allows its users to alter the temperature inside the sleeping bag itself to varying heated settings with the help of easy to use controller buttons.

camping stove with usb charger

Two essential factors when merged in one product can be pretty cool, especially when the product itself allows you to cook your meals effortlessly on a fire-based stove as well as charge your gadgets with the help of a USB cable via convertible heat energy.

Cooking food, while multitasking on the phone during your camping trips could never have been easier than this.

heat proof tents

When going out camping in the extreme summers, heat-proof tents can serve their legitimate purpose by ensuring that sun rays are reflected off the surface of the tent; therefore, keeping the inside relatively cooler in temperature.

Unique manufacturing material is used for efficiently blocking off heat penetration from occurring while an electrical socket allows users to pump in the fresh air inside the tent to ensure that ventilation takes place to prevent the tent from becoming too stuffy.

firestarted bracelet

Nothing screams out camping as much as a stylish looking fire-starter bracelet. In camping, there might be desperate times when you run out of matchsticks and are in dire need to start a fire. In such circumstances, a firestarter bracelet can always come in handy with aiding in lighting a fire for various purposes such as creating additional light around the camping area or for cooking.

multipurpose jacket

The ideal jacket for camping, the Multipurpose Modular jacket allows users to be able to place in their gadgets as in an organized manner to avoid cluttering as well as to keep all the electrical items such as iPods, smartphones fully charged via USB charging cables to avoid any inconveniences.

The above mentioned are just five out of the hundreds of innovative camping gadgets that although are not as yet popular among campers; however, can be of much help during the entire camping experience.

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