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Top 100 Travel Blogs You Should Be Following

Every person has a hidden traveler spirit in himself. I am here to provide a dose to that spirit, so that people begin their endless journey, and spread the message of love in different corners of the world. Moreover, I list down the top travel blogs which can be of great help to you for […]

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Rock Climbing – Infographic

Rock climbing is a sporting activity where a person climbs rock formations in several directions. Usually with some suspenders or other sophisticated gear. This sport is not only exhilarating. It is also quite dangerous. That reason is why your require years of practice before even beginning. That is something that is vital to understand. Rock […]

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Best Hikes in Georgia

Known as the Gem of Caucasus, Georgia is the best summer destination for the outdoor adventure. Located at 6000 feet above the sea level, the land sports amazing opportunities to hike. Read through this blog to find out the best hikes in Georgia. The land lays claim to four of Europe’s ten highest summits and covers […]

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What is the difference between Hiking and Trekking

What is the difference between hiking and trekking? Haven’t bathed that morning, Alisha set out to visit her aunt living in the woods. Since the distance wasn’t too far apart, she decides to go without a vehicle. On getting to her destination, a thought came to her mind. Did she take a hike or trek? What […]

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Snake Proof Hunting Boots – What are the Best Ones?

Foot protection should be kept as among the primary priorities when going on a walk. Also, with Snake Proof Hunting Boots through the woods. For example, even while trekking up a mountain within snake prone territories. All that, regardless of whether the snakes within your area are venomous or not. You should always protect your […]

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