Best Tree Climbing Gear – Buying Guide & Equipment Reviews

Tree climbing has recently become a trend and people of all ages, but youth in particular, has started to show great interest in it. Whether you are a hunter or a tree chopper, and climbing tree is a part of your profession or you are just passionate about climbing, one thing you cannot simply skip on and takes up the most time is selecting the suitable tree climbing gear for it.

Though even the thought of tree climbing can send chills down your spine and rush your blood, because it is an extreme fun activity that can also play a vital part in keeping you physically fit and maintained, the dangers and challenges that you might face can not be neglected and overlooked as well.

tree climbing equipment

So to ensure maximum security and physical well-being, not just that, even to have a good experience and climb like a professional, you need several tools and accessories.

The basic tree climbing gear include helmets, ropes, harness, spikes, spurs, carabiners, gloves, shoes, and sticks.

I will also be including the ‘Tree Climbing Kit’ category, so that you can know the best available option in the market if you want to purchase everything in bulk.

You must be thinking to yourself that what are all these? And how can they aid you in climbing?

Well don’t worry, that is what I am here to tell you about.

In this article, I will try to discuss all the equipment you require to make your entire experience safe and flawless.

Bestseller Tree Climbing Gear – Price Table

YXGOOD Tree Working Safety Belt$85.99
Climbing Rope$74.95
Leather Throw Weight and Line Kit$16.13
Klein Tools Tree Climbers$271.67
Guide Gear 20′ Climbing Stick$39.99
Gm Climbing Hand Ascender$119.99
Tree Spider Vertical Climbing Belt$39.99
Locking Carabiner Screw Gate$49.99
Pair of Sport Climbers$62.99
Durable Climbing Chalk bag$14.98
Evolv Defy Climbing Shoe$88.95
Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet$59.95
Black Diamond Crag Climbing Gloves$19.95
Ucraft Rock Climbing and Bouldering Pants$65.00
Men’s Silhouette Rock Climber T Shirt$17.16

You might be hearing the names for the first time if you are just an initiator, but don’t worry, each equipment is accompanied by an introduction of what it is and one best option available out there in the market. So that you simply cannot go wrong with these and get the best, most expected value for your money.

Tree Climbing Shoes:

tree-climbing-shoesWhen you begin climbing a tree without legitimate tree climbing shoes to ensure your feet, you are prone to harm your skin, muscles, nails, and it likewise opens you to the pivotal danger of physical harm.

That is the reason you require the best quality climbing shoes, and this will help you to distinguish what you ought to search for while buying them.

Envision climbing and venturing in tight branch unions.  At whatever point you venture into a branch union, it is sure that it will crush your feet, applying weight on muscles bringing on extraordinary agony.

To shield yourself from this distress, you require a solid sole to secure your feet.

Tree Climbing Shoes give you enormous backing, especially when you are making quick developments, where you are most helpless against lower leg wounds.

You are likewise at a shot of getting your foot harmed while climbing thin trees, so great tree climbing shoes with spikes can keep you safe.

Great quality climbing shoes permit you to climb branches without tripping.

They keep you from slipping making your climbing background secure and inconvenience free.

Most well known soles are made of Vibram as their firmness guarantees more grounded grasp. They can likewise be repaired, which means you can resole the shoe.

Another imperative thought is that kindly don’t utilize rock climbing shoes or running shoes while climbing trees. They don’t hold up exceptionally well and are extremely hazardous and unsafe.

Lixada 1 Pair 12 Teeth Claws Crampons

Lixada gives climbing and games gear and is known for keeping up cost authority i.e, staying one stage ahead in business sector by giving administrations at low costs.

Lixada Teeth Claw Crampons are made for shoe-estimate some place around 44 and 47, with 12 excellent manganese steel teeth, with 2.5mm stainless steel plate, thicker and more secure.

They likewise have velcro strap for basic putting on and taking off furthermore has a pass on sack. As the points of interest tell, item claims to have much comparable and indistinguishable elements to the Anself climbing shoes, be that as it may, these ones are less expensive and in this way, somewhat lesser on quality scale. They are extraordinary in the event that you are a fledgling and need to have a go at something progressive as it has all encouraging new elements and advanced features at lower cost.

Tree Climbing Helmets:

tree climbing helmetWhen you choose to go tree moving, alongside incredible experience you ought to likewise try endeavors to make your head and other body parts safe and sound. It is an unavoidable truth that stone is hard and your head is sensitive, so you require something reliable and solid to shield your skull from wounds in the event that you fall while tree climbing.

It is fitting and to the greatest advantage of tree climbers to wear protective caps, or what we call ‘helmets’. You ought to start wearing the protective helmets on the primary day of your climbing venture and should make it a habit for your own well-being.

In case you need to confront a damage, you slip or tumble from the free, you will be grateful for taking precautionary measures.

One thing that climbers disregard as a rule and ought to acknowledge is that you need to spend some additional cash and consideration regarding securing their head from damage, as though you stumble over and fall, rocks and the inflexible ground is unforgiving and you may lament later.

As a rule amid these climbing trips, you push back the shot of mishaps and just take fun point of view in thought. You get persuaded into a confused impression that all is well and great and flourishing, while potential dangers sneak all around. The wood and surface we play on is a particularly unforgiving medium, so you should choose a good reliable helmet prior kicking your climbing journey.

Petzl Alveo Best Helmet (Red)

Work and Rescue Helmet, Red
Price Disclaimer

This is one of the climber’s favorite. In the event that you are searching for a decent quality stiff helmet, try this one. I am suggesting it in the light of its novel promising components and extraordinary client surveys.

It guarantees well-being when you are moving as it will give you awesome degree security on the off chance that you slip off and fall.  

The stretched out polystyrene liner minimizes the impacts of harm and damage. Its close defensive shell offers protection against electrical hazards and fluid metal sprinkle also. It likewise has a strong chinstrap (more than 50 daN) limits the threat of losing the protective cap or slipping off your head in the event that you fall.

It’s pleasant and agreeable to wear.

CenterFit adjustment structure alters the headband and keeps the defensive top focused on the head. It goes with two sizes of headband foam. The head circuit is around 53-63 cm in breadth and it weighs around 350g.  Key materials utilized as a part of assembling of Petzl Climbing Helmet are ABS, expanded polystyrene, nylon, polycarbonate, great polyester, polyethylene.

It likewise contains Alveolen of Sekisui Alveo AG. It helps as a mind boggling head defender.

It’s super agreeable, I mean you will disregard its there if you don’t wear muffs on it, and it will keep you cool in the mid year too, be that as it may you’re going to require a top in the winter to battle the cruel climate. Incredible quality, great value, every fundamental measure to keep you sheltered and satisfactory similarity ensures a true blue fit for anyone. Another completely magnificent motivation to love Petzl.

Tree Climbing Ropes:

tree climbing ropeIf you are an active and dynamic climber, you’ll realize that ropes are a key adornment for climbing trees. They are an essential, as well as their quality matters alot as you can’t go out on a limb and purchase a low-quality frail rope, it is liable to make you more inclined to harm and wounds.  

Ropes, similar to each other climbing gear, has adjusted and has changed a ton in contrast with old, customary cumbersome ropes as they seem to get skinnier with each passing year. Just 10 years earlier, all lead ropes were 11 mm.

We can thank ultra-bleeding edge weaving advances and upgrades in materials for the skinnier and more helpful to utilize ropes.

Most imperative question that a climber asks himself before obtaining a tree-grappling rope is that do you require quality or light weight?  Well a decent rope won’t trade off on both these territories.  Great quality rope is agreeable to hold, has great reach and length and in particular, is solid without being massive and overwhelming. Most climbers will require a 10mm single rope for consistent use.

Flimsy ropes can be somewhat harder to hold yet will make your experience advantageous, which cuts down the fatter ropes.

1/2″ By 100 Feet 12-strand Polyester Blue Ox Arborist Climbing Rope

Blue Ox is known for having viable involvement in the finest premium arborist mechanical assembly, climbing and bull ropes for the tree business.

They also pass on and are administration suppliers of a broad assortment of MFP, polyester and nylon ropes for various uses including marine, equine, prosperity and generally valuable. The producer cases to provide food all your special needs.

They at this moment, offer on Amazon and we in like manner have a store on eBay by the name of Blue Ox Rope with a broad system of trusted clients. The Blue Ox faithful clients are focused on the organization and case that nobody shows improvement over them.

This rope is 12-strand Polyester and cases to be significantly impenetrable to depleting, hand scratched spot, expanding and obscuring which is consistent with an extraordinary degree. What I believe is the key nature of this rope is it’s quality as it can bear around 8,000 pounds weight.

This is an astounding rope for arborist tree climbing and will improve your experience past creative energy. It is straightforward and like customary rope, which makes is less requesting.

Another advantage is that assembling material is polyester.

Polyester is for the most part surely understood for consolidating incredible quality and quality, at sensible expenses. So from this item you awesome quality and quality alongside sparing a few bucks.

Tree Climbing Sticks:

tree climbing sticksGenerally the climbers who confront an experience with trees will walk inconspicuously through and on the forested areas stalking and take after the animals they are after (if professional hunters) or will hop on them in the event that they are tree choppers. Be that as it may, the most intelligent ones out there will use the best climbing sticks to make their experience compelling and productive.

A tree climbing stick will empower you to sit on a tree high over the ground level sitting tight for animals to come to you, or help you climb when chipping away at them all the more safely.

There is a colossal number of organizations out there who are assembling astonishing quality climbing sticks that you can indiscriminately trust.

A climbing stick ought to have various qualities to be labeled as “best” and “reliable” . It ought to be lightweight as well as solid and strong to hold and endure the heaviness of a grown-up. A climbing stick must be adequately short to be effectively transportable and ought to have a strapping framework that is ensured and simple to work with. Present day climbing sticks have tight metal shaft three to four feet long with two climbing spikes annexed on each side, and you have a major climbing stick zone.

Related together and strapped to the tree, the stick can accomplish trees of tallness 20 feet or more.

Big Dog 20′ Double-Step Climbing Stick by Big Dog Treestands

BIG Dog 20′ Double Step Climbing Sticks, just how fierce they sound, have steel development, which makes them exceptionally solid and strengthful. It has a calculated twofold stages for simple climbing and developed tree supports for safe climbing which demonstrates it is an amalgam of security and proficiency.

It has welded ventures on both sides, which is the reason it is particular and interesting when contrasted with its kindred items. It has 5 stuck 4′ areas.

Having a twofold game plan of foot pegs, instead of trading pegs, makes it especially less requesting and simple to utilize the foundation of sticks and for hanging stands.  The straps outfitted with this stand are great quality and well made. They are delivering the best value for your money.

One of the principle reasons this is on my rundown is a direct result of its awesome estimating. It gives you more than anticipated quality at the cost, which makes it a decent pick for tenderfoots who are in analysis stage and testing new things.

You may need to use a clasp strap for the top zone, where you will be side stacking it while getting in and out of the stand. These sticks are made of steel which makes them exceptionally solid and inflexible, yet another issue one may face is that steel will over the long haul rust.

To fight that, you should take an additional piece of consideration.  You should re-touch up any spot where the paint is chipped or scratched which will guarantee long existence with incredible well-being. Still, it is shabby and you won’t be frustrated as the sticks themselves are extremely strong and they are exactly what a climber requires amid tree climbing.

Tree Climbing Spurs:

tree climbing spursIf  you are an expert tree chopper, I am certain you will be acquainted with this tree climbing device. If your job asks for dynamic tree climbing , with an extreme objective of slashing them down and ousting them, you should require Tree Climbing Spurs in your climbing pack.

Tree Climbing Spurs are likewise called Spikes, Hooks, Climbers, Gaffs, Irons or Stirrups depending upon where you are from.

It gives you an expansive decision of names to browse yet as a general rule, it isn’t that simple. Appropriate usage of this accessory can be demanding and extremely difficult in the event that you don’t do it the right way, particularly in the event that you are a new kid on the block and just started tree climbing.

The essential material from which the major shank is produced using , the layout of the shin pad and how long are the gaffs. Steel, Alloy, Titanium or Carbon Fiber are the fundamental materials used to make up the primary piece of climbing goods. Fortunately they are all replaceable with the goal that you can keep a course of action of these in organization for quite a while.

Steel spikes themselves are not awful or terrible, but instead the best disadvantage is they are confined by the setup and can’t be balanced.

They are settled set up with shocks so there is no free play, yet you can adjust them to the tallness that suits you.

As I would see it’s the dominating set up of these that grants them to be lighter and less enormous, not requiring as much padding. Because of good arrangement, they finish more with less. So certainly steel is one of the best manufacturing material for them. The style of shin pad is probably the best effect on the comfort or drawback you’ll experience while on goads.

As I would see it, the best qualification is settled shin pad versus sleeved shin pad that decide the nature of goods.

Wolf Claw Climbing Spurs by VA Wolf

Wolf Claw Climbing Spurs
Price Disclaimer

This is certainly something other than what’s expected and one stage in front of the past ones since it is progressive and consolidates cutting edge strategies. Great product by VA WOLF.

This item completely overhauled climbing urge by using propelled materials and forefront delivering strategies. The Wolf Claw is an amazingly planned and sensibly made item that guarantees to convey comfort, reinforce, quality and prosperity that you have been scanning for and it viably imparts what it claims.

With a protective outside shell, invigorated steel skeleton, adjustable strap, non-slip bar, a totally reinforced neoprene leg pad and replaceable gaffs, there is no other item that fulfills climber’s needs similar to this on the planet.

Comes complete with XL gaffs, tip covers, boot saddle with 2-1/2″ – 6″ increases, and a free tote sack. The bag is in orange shade with a wolf face, which is very attractive. The weight is 10-1/2 lbs. UL Classified according to ASTM standard subtle elements for individual climbing gear F-887-96. This is genuinely an astonishing item.

Tree Climbing Spikes:

Spikes are proposed to put a tree climber on his or her toes and, to extra weight, have alongside zero heels. Sports climbing goads/spikes/shoes have a decently liberal heel, from time to time with the same lightweight cushioning material found in get ready shoes, to oblige the all the more level footed touching base of a detachment runner. Spikes can change extraordinarily in expense.

Normally, the best test is to get the best one at the most reduced conceivable rate. As every one of us need to spare a few bucks without bargaining on quality. While purchasing the best spikes, there should be a couple of things you ought to basically consider.

Like, be exceptionally watchful with the right size pick. Since spike that does not fit you appropriately will upset in the method for your fantastic execution on the tree. A decent quality spike will tend to have a versatile sole with a prevalent handle on offensive or messy cross-country surfaces.

To the extent the life of spikes is thought of it as, totally relies on upon how well you deal with them. In any case, likewise, in the event that you buy a decent quality and trusted spike set, it will have the capacity to maintain against minor difficulties and keep going you quite a while.

While buying spikes, give careful consideration to the assembling standards and material joining in light of the fact that typically, they are the determinants of fabulousness and quality.

A well-made pair of spikes, whether in shoe frame or Spurs, will maximumly consider your prosperity, requests and conveying the best esteem for your cash.

Steel Spur/Spikes Kit with T-Pads

Steel Spur Kit with T-Pads
Price Disclaimer

WesSpur is a definitely comprehended brand name in the business segment with respect to amassing totally amazing and strong Climbing Spikes.

These spikes again solidify steel which makes them strong past innovative vitality. They are just Klein Steel Tree Spikes in goads structure, something you can not turn out not be right with.

The oversight most of the climbers make and mourn later on in the wake of contributing their money is scanning for quality and neglect the comfort and solace highlight. They rise in light of the way that they have T-Pad Spur Pads, which is the reason the thing has had the ability to join both comfort and quality which is a to a great degree extraordinary combine and barely lies.

These spikes similarly come Canvas Carrying Bag like the past thing and has Nybuck Upper/Lower Straps. In case you have a lot of trees to clear, fall, cut and you have to part in isolation, basically purchase an appropriate pair of these flawless pair of spikes that fit you faultlessly.

Likewise, Wespur’s items is so well made, they will be strapped on your legs. It will help you in moving around 35 to 40 feet while clearing branches and beat a tree. These are truly cool. I will suggest them and propose them with full conviction to anybody. The association verifiably will go past the call of your cry for help and pass on you something, not by any stretch of the innovative capacity without inquiry. These are great.

Tree Climbing Harness:

tree climbing harnessHarnesses, as other climbing must-haves, are intended for security and prosperity of the climber. Also, the material that is intended for your well being should be precisely picked as it can bring about incredible consequences and dangers on the off chance that you don’t.

A tree harness, well-being climbing head protector or helmet, rope, and shoes are the most critical things for you on the off chance that you are going to begin climbing or we can call them an essential for climbers, on the grounds that alongside empowering you to climb, they help you stay safe amid your tree climbing.

We as a whole need to take preparatory measures in light of the fact that ordinarily youthful climbers are indiscreet and don’t consider the danger they can confront amid their experience. We have to take measures to keep away from episodes and wounds.

While picking a perfect harness, you have to center that your item consolidates quality, quality, and extraordinary cost. What’s more, searching for an item having every one of these qualities can be extremely troublesome, which is the reason this article has three of our best picks which clearly won’t baffle you with the goal that you can put additional time in climbing as opposed to scanning for the ideal bridle or harness.

YXGOOD Tree Working Safety Belt RC69 For Garden Art Clip, Tree Clip, Firefighting On Tree

When searching for a harness, this one is an incredible pick and legitimizes its cost exceptionally well. It has a changed working position, it has a strong strap with delicate thick pads which settles on it an extremely agreeable decision. The pad of waist strap and leg strap are made utilizing breathable froth so the client can feel all the more great and appreciate the experience.

It likewise has a stomach ascender adjusting belt and an exceptionally made  pad like climbing seat strap. Leg strap is made utilizing width moved webbing that is useful for the client to move by pedal-ascender rope. When you utilize it, you’ll certainly be flabbergasted by how great this is. You essentially can’t avoid yourself from proposing it to your kindred tree climbers.

The straps are a fabulous quality webbing as are the vital straps. The sewing is all well done as well. The rings aren’t substantial and junky. They are round and exceptionally smooth. They are solid and this is the thing that makes it an extremely compelling item. The platform is broke down webbing like various diverse outfits.

It has association centers for a mid-area ascended harness. The side rings are solid and strong also. The purpose of the rings is helpful will be gainful for you. You can’t expect anything any better for even twofold the expense. You’ll be to a great degree content with you buy and feel great with what you picked when in a tree, whether with a flip line or top rope.

Tree Climbing Gloves:

tree climbing glovesWhile climbing, your feet are not by any means the only piece of your body that requirements assurance. Your hands are similarly presented to the threat of getting hurt and are presented to germs. You can get skin sensitivities and wounds in the event that you don’t consider securing your hands too.

While outside tree climbing, your body is presented to the sun. So whether your hands, feet or face, you have to secure them to minimize the impact that warmth and sun beams can have on your exposed skin. For the most part, individuals are oblivious and don’t basically consider wearing gloves while tree climbing in light of the fact that as indicated by them they can be exceptionally uncomfortable and hazardous in hot climate.

The reality of the matter is that wearing gloves in hot climate will bring about your hands to sweat a great deal, and even having your hands secured in gloves in summers will frequent you however the advantages out-measure the disservices.

Gloves go about as a “shield” between outer dangers as well as germs and your skin’s surface. Not only that, while climbing, gloves likewise assume the part of a vital ‘climbing gear’ dislike other climbing materials as other may help you and empower you to climb, however gloves help you in climbing all the more successfully.  Gloves give you additional grasp while holding tree limbs which makes you less inclined to fall and get harmed.

Mad Grip F100 Pro Palm Knuckler Gloves (by Mad Grip)

They are to a great degree amazing quality in view of the material utilized as a part of assembling them. They are made with half elastic and half polyester.

Because of the material utilized, they are exceptionally strong and soothing not at all like the nitrile or elastic plunged gloves. The mix of polyster and elastic make it an astonishing item that consolidates quality and solace.

They have an awesome padding that oppose and minimize hand exhaustion.

They are likewise machine launderable which makes them simple to clean.

These gloves will guarantee you for each and every piece of your tree climbing knowledge. They don’t hold much mud or water and don’t sweat like customary gloves ought to do, that is what makes them truly great. They are well-made and I will endorse these for anybody looking for a sensibly assessed set of gloves for any of the experience, trek, climbing and even races out there.

They fit tight in the palm, and are exceptionally strengthful. I promise that you will be amazingly satisfied by their execution and propose it to others also. They will give you palatable certification from the logs, rocks, pointed branches that can harm your hands, and diverse obstacles with no exchange off of execution. They will truly shield your hands on various occasions from climate suggestions on all events also.

Tree Climbing Carabiners:

tree climbing carabinersThere are numerous associations out there who are making carabiners these days, in view of the expanding interest and pattern of individuals in tree climbing.  In that much aggressive environment, it can be an intense test to investigate through various assorted models and pick the one that puts a smile on your face.

A carabiner ought to be sufficiently solid to take challenges when you are on the tree. So fundamentally the most imperative thing that decides the nature of the carabiner is strength.

A decent and trusted organization invests energy in assessing the assembling procedure and standards to guarantee most extreme fulfillment level of their clients to get a five-star positioning. This suggests quality is a need to climb the stepping stool to the top imprint.


This carabiner is made utilizing strengthful and super solid materials. It has a to a great degree safe safety belt webbing, and contort lock which makes is extremely secure.

It has capability of holding around 2000+ pounds for one safety belt strap alone, the carabiner all in all holds more than 5600 pound-power (25 kiloNewton), how solid! It is fast and helpful to utilize. Indicating best client care, simple to take after client directions are likewise included.

It ceases to have the novel environment security highlight, which different organizations appear to disregard and disregard, with the wide fabric webbing that doesn’t cut into the tree husk. This is a to a great degree strong tree swing strap. The strap itself is thick and has a not too bad width size. The fasten is immense and to an extraordinary degree strong moreover. This can in all probability hold up a swing.

The pack goes with a to some degree charming sack and straightforward rules, which regardless of the fact that you are new climbing, you can recognize and take after with no inconvenience.

Alongside all these astounding components and qualities, the expense is right on the money where it should be. Not unreasonable at all and in particular, not any less on the quality scale either but instead evaluated well on all levels.

This is really an indeed a five-star thing. I believe this one incredibly, and propose other individuals with full certainty.

Tree Climbing Kit:

tree climbing kitIn the event that you are simply starting, and you are stepping in the range of tree climbing, the main test you are certain to face is hunting down the right gear. It can be hard as the greater part of the tree-climbing embellishments will be outsider to you and you presumably will hear their name surprisingly.

Moving with the gear is constantly prescribed and the best way to deal with guarantee your prosperity and wellbeing. So to spare yourself from inconvenience, it is constantly prescribed to purchase tree climbing units. Since everything is available in mass and you can get everything at one spot.

At that point the second test you face is in what manner would you be able to guarantee that you get everything together, at the best rate, strengthful item, and awesome quality? All things considered, trust the suggestion I included to have everything bundled together.

I have shortlisted a couple of the best choices accessible in the business sector that are giving you everything, particularly the best esteem for your cash. They are not intended to satisfy your desires, but rather to surpass them. Presently you can put all your vitality and fixation in climbing as opposed to in business sector hunting down climbing adornments. .

Entry-Level Combo Spur and Rope Kit by Weaver

This frill pack without a doubt has everything that you should climb the tree.

Weaver Entry-Level Kit is reasonable for tenderfoots, as you will get the best and dependable item at only one spot.

The unit constitutes of Weaver Wide-back Harness. For size little, the waist ordinarily extends from 30 inches to 34 inches.

This bundle additionally incorporates the most critical climbing crucial, i.e., goads. It has Klein steel goads with shin container cushions and straps; this shows how solid and strengthful they are.

The unit additionally accompanies a 12′ x 5/8″ Hi-Vis Steel-center Flipline. A top notch Carabiner and Lanyard Adjuster additionally comes in it.

Encourage more, this superb set incorporates 150′ 1/2″ Arborplex 12 Strand Rope, and VT prusik hitch unit.

In the event that you are a tree chopper who needs to regularly climb trees, this unit delivers your necessities to as it likewise has Samurai substantial obligation hand saw, Throwline pack, and strategic duffle sack.

There is not a solitary climbing device that this passes up a major opportunity for, which makes it one of the best accessible choices in the business sector. It consolidates every one of the materials you should climb a tree, and securing you there.

Now that you have mastered everything about climbing, I think now you are all set and ready to start climbing that big tree!

Just a suggestion, do not ignore your safety while you are up there. Wearing helmets and gloves can be uncomfortable, but definitely incase of any accident you will thank yourself. Stay safe and climb that tree!