3 of the Best Tree Climbing Spurs Available On Amazon

If you are a professional tree chopper, I am sure you will be familiar with this tree climbing tool. Yes! We will talk all about tree climbing spurs in this article.

If you are an active tree climber who has been climbing trees with an ultimate goal of chopping them down and expelling them,  you must need Tree Climbing Spurs in your climbing kit.

Tree Climbing Spurs are also called Spikes, Hooks, Climbers, Gaffs, Irons or Stirrups relying upon where you are from.

tree climbing spursIt gives you a large choice of names to choose from but in reality, it isn’t that easy. Proper utilization of spurs can be tough and very challenging if you do not do it the correct way, especially if you are a rookie and new to tree climbing!

While looking and searching for great quality climbing spurs, you need to narrow down your area of consideration and should take into account the following things:

  • The basic material from which the fundamental shank is made from
  • The outline of the shin cushion
  • How long are the gaffs

Steel, Alloy, Titanium or Carbon Fiber are the main materials used to make up the main part of climbing spurs.

Luckily they are all replaceable so that you can keep an arrangement of these in administration for a long time.

High Selling Tree Climbing Spurs – Price Table

Klein Tools Tree Climbers$295.25
Steel Spur Kit$264.99
Entry-Level Spur Kit$499.99

Bestseller Tree Climbing Spurs Right Now On Amazon

Steel spikes themselves are not bad or awful, but rather the greatest drawback is they are restricted by the configuration and cannot be adjusted.

They are settled set up with jolts so there is no free play, yet you can alter them to the tallness that suits you.

As I would see it’s the predominant configuration of these that permits them to be lighter and less massive, not requiring as much cushioning.

On account of good plan, they accomplish more with less.

So definitely steel is one of the best material for spurs.

The style of shin cushion is most likely the greatest impact on the solace or inconvenience you’ll experience while on spurs.

As I would see it, the greatest distinction is settled shin cushion versus sleeved shin cushion that determine the quality of spurs.

Taking in consideration all these points, now we will look into the three best choices that are sure not to disappoint you:

Steel Spur Kit with Cast Aluminum Pads

This is an amazingly strong and strengthful product due to the fact that key manufacturing material is steel.

Steel based spurs are actually the heaviest by a considerable amount., but they are likewise going to be amazingly strong and will out-live the leg straps, gaffs and shin cushions.

They also have the unique and distinct qualities because they have cast aluminum spur pads. Aluminium is again another strong and very reliable material which assures the quality of the product confidently.

Buckingham Steel Spures comes along with a Canvas Carrying Bag, which makes them easily transportable as you can carry them from one place to another easily composed and packed in the bag. Ofcourse anything that requires a lot of hassle and trouble while carrying and moving is a huge turn-off and demotivate while purchasing.

These amazing spurs also have Nybuck Upper and Lower Straps, which makes them easy and safe.Definitely, something climbers would love.

This product gives you the best possible deliverable for your money; you can trust Buckingham for it.

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Steel Spur Kit

Steel Spur Kit with T-Pads
Price Disclaimer

If you are an active tree climber, you definitely will be familiar with this name.

WesSpur is a well-known brand name in the market when it comes to manufacturing absolutely great and strong Climbing Spurs.

These spurs again incorporate steel which makes them strong beyond  imagination. They are purely Klein Steel Tree Spurs, something you can not go wrong with!

The mistake most of the climbers make and regret later on after investing their money is looking for strength only in spurs and ignore the ‘comfort’ feature.

They stand out because they have T-Pad Spur Pads, which is why the product has been able to combine both comfort and strength which is a very rare combination and hardly lies together.

These spurs also come along Canvas Carrying Bag like the previous product and has Nybuck Upper/Lower Straps.

If you have a lot of trees to clear, fall, cut and you have to split all alone, just purchase an appropriate pair of shoes that fit you perfectly and Wespur’s set of spurs strapped on your legs. It will aid you in moving  around 35 to 40 feet while clearing branches and beat a tree.

These are truly cool. I will definitely prescribe them and suggest them with full confidence to anybody. The company definitely will go past the call of your weep for help and deliver you something, not by any stretch of the imagination beyond any doubt what.

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Wolf Claw Climbing Spurs by VA Wolf

Wolf Claw Climbing Spurs
Price Disclaimer

This is not your average cup of tea!

This is definitely something different and one step ahead of the previous ones because it is revolutionary and incorporates modern techniques. Wow VA Wolf!

This product totally upgraded climbing goad by utilizing advanced materials and cutting edge producing procedures.

The Wolf Claw is an amazingly formulated and sensibly made product that promises to deliver solace, bolster, strength and wellbeing that you have been searching for and it effectively does impart what it claims.

With a defensive external shell, fortified steel skeleton, customizable strap, non-slip bar, a completely bolstered neoprene leg cushion and replaceable gaffs, there is no other product that satisfies climber’s needs like this on the planet.

Comes complete with XL gaffs, tip covers, boot saddle with 2-1/2″ – 6″ augmentations, and a FREE tote sack (In orange color with a wolf face, so attractive!!)

The weight of the products is 10-1/2 lbs. UL Classified as per ASTM standard details for individual climbing gear F-887-96.

This is truly an amazing product!

I have tried to combine everything that you need to know about tree climbing spurs to help you narrow down your area of search and aid you in recognizing the best ones out there in the market. Now, chop those trees well!

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