3 of the Best Tree Climbing Rope Options Available On Amazon

If you are an active tree climber, you’ll know that tree climbing ropes are an essential accessory. Not just essential, but also their quality matters a lot as you cannot take risk and buy a low-quality weak rope, it is likely to make you more prone to damage and injuries.

Ropes, like every other climbing equipment, has modified and has changed a lot in comparison to old, traditional bulky ropes as they appear to get skinnier with every passing year.

Only 10 years prior, all lead ropes were 11 mm.

Presently, you just see the fatties in particular and specific circumstances, for example, on huge dividers otherwise 10mm lead ropes are standard and 9 mm single ropes are tagged as ‘normal’.

Best Tree Climbing Ropes – Price Table

Aishine Tree Climbing Rope$25.99
3/8 Inch 50 Foot Rope$7.98
GM CLIMBING Rope$24.99

Bestseller Climbing Ropes Right Now On Amazon

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We can thank ultra-cutting edge weaving advances and enhancements in materials for the skinnier  and more convenient to use ropes.

Most important question that a climber asks himself before purchasing a tree-climbing rope is that do you need strength or light weight?

Well a good rope won’t compromise on both these areas.

Good quality rope is comfortable to hold, has good range and length and most importantly, is strong without being bulky and heavy.

Most climbers will need a 10mm single rope for regular utilize.

Note that rope width or breadth doesn’t determine its strength anymore.

Thin ropes can be slightly harder to hold but will make your experience convenient, which brings down the fatter ropes.


Choosing tree climbing ropes can be tricky. Not just ropes infact let’s accept that none of us like surfing the internet for hours researching and wandering in market in search of something. At least, I find it very annoying! So I have collected my top three picks and listed the best tree climbing ropes here. You can purchase all of these from the comfort of your home as they are available on Amazon, huge bonus!

Hunter Safety System Rope-Style Tree Strap

Hunter Safety System Rope-Style Tree Strap
List Price:$19.95
You Save:$3.96
Price Disclaimer

This product is slightly different than a regular rope and that is why it is on my list. The Rope Style Tree Strap replaces your present climbing rope and serves as a viable lifeline for climbing tree-stands.

The RSTS by Hunter Safety System makes climbing simpler and more secure, keeping you joined at all times amid both the ascension and the chase. It is about 8 feet in length.

Just circle it around the tree over your stand area and let the abundance hang free. This is the safest, reliable, strong, and most new-fashioned modified one on my list.

The HSS Rope-Style Tree Strap makes it simple to stay associated with the tree from the time you start your climbing until you venture off when back on the ground. Once you try it, you will feel guilty for previously just utilizing your old fashioned ropes and safety measures.

You will have the safest, most tension free experience of climbing at the tallness of the tree. Moreover, it is very cheap, and you can get great stuff for less money.

I’m a believer that anyone who utilizes the HSS Rope-Style Tree Strap once will repeatedly go back to it.

it’s so natural there’s no reason not to use it again and again.

Climbers are thankful to Hunter Safety System for this extraordinary item.

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Polyester Blue Ox Arborist Climbing Rope

Blue Ox is known for having practical experience in the finest premium arborist apparatus, climbing and bull ropes for the tree business.

They additionally convey and are service providers of an extensive variety of MFP, polyester and nylon ropes for different uses including marine, equine, wellbeing and universally useful.

The manufacturer claims to cater all your unique needs. They right now offer on Amazon and we likewise have a store on eBay by the name of Blue Ox Rope with an extensive network of trusted users. The Blue Ox loyal users are committed to the company and claim that no one does the business better than them.

This rope is 12-strand Polyester and claims to be profoundly impervious to draining, hand scraped spot, extending and blurring which is true to a great extent.

What I think is the key quality of this rope is its strength as it has around 8,000 pounds rigidity, you heard that right! Wow!

This is an amazing rope for arborist tree climbing and will make your experience better beyond imagination.

It is simple and similar to traditional rope, which makes is less demanding.

Another benefit is that manufacturing material is polyester.

Polyester is generally well-known for combining great quality and strength, at sensible costs. So from this product you great strength and quality along with saving some bucks.

What more can one ask for?

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Samson® Arbor-Plex 12-Strand 1/2″ Climbing Rope 120′

Arbor-Plex by Samson is a great 1/2″ arborist rope. It is a very lightweight and high-quality 12-Strand climbing rope which is made to give you a reliable experience through trusted service.

Basic fiber used in manufacture is polyester and polyolefin.

Intense polyester coat strands encompass polyolefin focus filaments to expand imperiousness to wear and makes it very long lasting.

Standard color of the rope white with green longitudinal hanging line which makes it more interesting and attractive for me as it’s very presentable as well, definitely something you will want to keep in your climbing bag. Also, hint of green complements the general forest leaves, I think every feature of this rope was chosen sensibly.

It has superb wear and tangle resistance. It is very strong and has a commendable bunch holding capacity. What makes it distinct is that it functions admirably when wet.

It is a single braided rope, which makes it very easy to use.

It has similar to previous one but it costs less which makes it a wonderful pick.

You need to pick very carefully while getting a tree climbing rope for yourself.

As you need an amalgam of quality, strength and great price.

I hope you find this useful. If you pick one of the suggestions mentioned on the list, you won’t regret your purchase. Have a look at some rock climbing ropes as well.

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