3 of the Best Tree Climbing Kit Options Available On Amazon

If you are just initiating, and you are taking your baby steps in the area of tree climbing, the first challenge you are sure to face is searching for the right equipment.

It can be hard as most of the tree-climbing accessories will be alien to you and you probably will be hearing their name for the first time.

Climbing with the equipment is always recommended and the best approach to ensure your well-being and safety.

So to save yourself from trouble, it is always recommended to buy a tree climbing kit. Because everything is present in bulk and you can get everything at one place.

tree climbing rope

Then the second challenge you face is how can you ensure that you get everything together, at the best rate, strengthful product, and great quality?

Well, that is everything I will be telling in this article.

I have shortlisted a few of the best options available in the market that are giving you everything, especially the best value for your money.

They are not designed to fulfill your expectations, but to exceed them

Now you can invest all your energy and concentration in climbing rather than in market searching for climbing accessories.

High Selling Tree Climbing Kits – Price Table

Combo Spur and Rope Kit$674.99
Entry-Level Spur Kit$499.99
Entry-level Rope Kit$449.99

Bestseller Tree Climbing Equipment Right Now On Amazon

Pick the one on my list, and make your climbing experience the best and most secure.

Entry-Level Combo Spur and Rope Kit by Weaver

This accessory kit surely has everything that you will need to climb the tree.

Weaver Entry-Level Kit is suitable for beginners, as you will get the best and reliable product at just one place.

The kit constitutes of Weaver Wide-back Harness. For size small, the waist usually ranges from 30 inches to 34 inches.

This package also includes the most important climbing essential i.e. spurs, harness, helmets etc etc.

It has Klein steel spurs with shin cup pads and straps; this shows how strong and strengthful they are.

The kit also comes with a 12′ x 5/8″ Hi-Vis Steel-core Flipline.

A high-quality Carabiner and Lanyard Adjuster also comes in it.

Furthermore, this wonderful set includes 150′ 1/2″ Arborplex 12 Strand Rope, and VT prusik hitch kit.

If you are a tree chopper who needs to often climb trees, this kit addresses your needs to as it also has Samurai heavy duty hand saw, Throwline kit, and tactical duffle bag.

There is not a single climbing tool that this misses out on, which makes it one of the best available options in the market. It combines all the materials you will need to climb a tree, and securing you there.

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Petzl Corax Climbing Harness Kit (Old Model) by Petzl

If you are new to climbing, this is the one for you. Reason being that it is uniquely and very logically custom designed for intermediate users and beginners in particular. It is a wonderful deal introductory kit for tree climbing.

The kit is very adaptable and versatile.

It comes with an adjustable Corax harness which is not of normal or low quality in fact it is very comfortable and has a durable construction. This is suitable for both summer and winter activities.

Petzl has always come up with durable products and has been one of the companies that climbers love and trust whole heartedly.

It has a verso belay-rappel device with attached carabiner. Petzl carabiners need no introduction and already have established a solid name in the market.

Another feature that makes it a one-off is the rope compatibility.

It is perfect for use on single ropes greater than 8.9 mm, half ropes greater than 8 mm, twin ropes greater than 7.5 mm.

This set also includes a Bandi chalk bag with one-handed opening system and one Power Ball 40g chalk ball.

The harness is CE, EN 12,277 type C, UIAA 105 certified.

This is a fantastic bundle for starters especially. This kit is perfect when you are initiating your tree climbing journey or even in the middle of it.

The carabiners are great quality. The padding is comfortable and not too stiff.

The belay device is an upgrade from my ATC because of the friction channels and besides, who can say no to more carabiners?

I think you should pick this one up if you are struggling to find the best. Great quality, great pricing, and great as a whole.

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Entry-Level Spur Kit (Size: Medium) by Weaver, Klein

This is very similar to the first one on the list except for a few modifications and without a doubt is of parallel quality.

This kit includes Buckingham wide-back harness. The size medium has a  waist of about 34 inches to 40 inches.

Also includes a Weaver wide-back harness (same waist size).

What makes it different is that it also includes the popular and much-loved tree climbers obsession; The Klein Steel Spurs with T Pads and straps.

The concept of these spurs is to maximize your comfort on the tree and ensure your security.

This wonderful pack also includes 12′ x 5/8″ Hi-Vis Steel-core Flipline, with Carabiner and Lanyard Adjuster like the former. Suitable for tree choppers as it has Samurai heavy duty saw as well.

Moreover, it is very easy and compact to move as it comes with a great quality bag which doesn’t get damaged easily.

If you are a tree climber, in search of getting everything at one place, I’ll suggest you to try this one out.

Climbing kits are always a better option because not only you get everything in bulk, but also in kits the pricing is reasonable and costs less as compared to if you purchase every single item separately.

If you are just initiating tree climbing as a hobby or profession, or even if you are an experienced adventurer, none of the kits on my list will disappoint you. I guarantee it.

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