3 of the Best Rock Climbing Shoes Available On Amazon

Rock climbing is extremely fun activity, but also full of challenges. It is a dangerous medium to deal with.

As rocks are hard but slippery, you cannot climb using your ordinary shoes as they will most likely slip and hurt yourself.

So, to avoid injuries, you need to pick a pair of rock climbing shoes carefully to aid your climbing. High quality climbing shoes permit you to leave branches.

rock-climbing-shoesA reliable shoe set will keep you from slipping, making your adventure secure and free from inconvenience.

In the case of rock climbing, rubber soles help you grip to the unforgiving rock surface. They will enable you to walk on it and hold on to it.

Please consider one thing, that rock climbing shoes are opposite in features to the tree climbing ones, as they have spikes to climb wooden surfaces.

So do NOT utilize the same for both purposes.

Best Selling Rock Climbing Shoes – Price Table

La Sportiva Climbing Shoe$79.95
Evolv Defy Climbing Shoe$88.95
Evolv Men’s Bandit Climbing Shoe$110.00

Bestseller Climbing Shoes Right Now On Amazon

If you have to choose climbing shoes, you have to pick from the highly competitive environment. So one might struggle to pick the best one.

To help you with it, here are our top three picks:

Mad Rock Men’s Drifter Climbing Shoe Mad Rock

Mad Rock Mens Drifter Climbing Shoe, Red, 11 M US
List Price:$71.95
You Save:$4.27
Price Disclaimer

Mad Rock is well known to manufacture the best accessories for rock climbing.

This product does not disappoint you either.

The primary manufacturing material is leather with a rubber sole which makes is a very strong product. It won’t break easily. It has a two strap closure and weighs around 223 grams, which show that they are very light and easy to use.

These shoes deliver what they claim to do. The product has a versatile sole, as it is sturdy and will support the small footholds. These are quite comfortable, even for a long and lengthy climbing session.

Not just that, customers have found them working reliably even when bouldering at the gymnasium.

They serve multiple purposes, and you are sure to buy them again and again.

It fits your foot perfectly and cleans very easily as well.

This has everything you will want in a rock climbing shoe.

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CLIMB X Rockmaster Climbing Shoe with FREE Climbing DVD ($30 Value) by Climb X

This product also has the lethal leather-and-rubber combination.

The sole is rubber. Rubber and leather used is incredible and trusted quality so they won’t quickly wear out.

What attracts people more is that it comes with a Free DVD that guides you through rock climbing, which is worth $30 (wow)

It has 3-D molded climbing rubber hooking heel and a decent tread, which inspires a modern feel it. They are beautiful and presentable.

They have Organic hemp footbeds that will fight the odor and keep them fresh. It also has a padded ankle cuff, that makes it very comfortable.

You will surely enjoy climbing in these shoes. They look good, fit well, and are well made. The soles are nice and grip well. The sole is also stiff, tough and resistant.

The sole and the shoes as a whole are excellent quality and texture.

They keep you safe on trees, are tough and also laces make the size adjustment very easy.

As it also comes with a DVD to visually help you with climbing, I think it is a wonderful shoe for beginners.

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La Sportiva Tarantulace Climbing Shoe

This shoe is pure leather that comes with a quick pull lacing harness that delivers a snug precise fit. It is very long lasting, with durable FriXion RS rubber compound for great grip and durability. This also has a unique feature of the lined tongue for managing moisture. A very versatile product,  and an all around performer for the climber looking for one shoe to do it all

It is a very simple shoe, and unlined leather is comfortable and soft.

It is truly a five-star product. It uses laces and velcro, so it wraps around your foot and keeps it intact and comfortable.

It is a great shoe for beginners, and even for the gym.

It is real hard and arched, so that you can trust them while on rocks.

These climbing shoes are pretty great as compared to other more expensive brands out there in the market. The colors, as they describe it as ‘Kiwi’ and gray is a beautiful combination and something that you will desperately want in your cabinet even looking at it.

However, wide footed people have faced people with fitting, but I think the laces make them a lot more stretchable and adaptable as compared to an ordinary climbing shoe.

It is a fantastic product for beginners as well as experienced people. You are sure to be fully satisfied by it. Absolutely Phenomenal!

Be very careful while investing your bucks in rock climbing shoes. Because you obviously do not want something that wears out before time. The above suggestions will live up to your expectations. You might also interested in tree climbing shoes.


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