3 of the Best Rock Climbing Pants Available On Amazon

If you are very passionate about rock climbing, you should look like a professional rock climber as well. And for that you need the perfect rock climbing clothing! Among all the clothing accessories, the most important are the rock climbing pants, and you should be most careful while selecting them.

Your rock climbing pants should be comfortable to wear and should offer you layers of protection without hindering in your movement.

A good rock climbing pant should be made up of mix of fabric that should necessarily be elastic. The elasticity enable you to move freely without facing any challenge or resistance from the fabric.

rock climbing pants

A well stitched but flexible belt can helps you to assure flexibility and free movement in pants.

The fitting should also be great so they fit your legs perfectly and do not cause any discomfort.

A pants that you wear during winters should have internal lining to keep you warm.

Best Rock Climbing Pants – Price Table

Ucraft Rock Climbing and Bouldering Pants$65.00
Singbring Men’s Outdoor Pants$76.60
prAna Men’s Stretch Zion Pants$85.00

Bestseller Rock Climbing Pants Right Now On Amazon

However, finding all rounder pants is a challenge so I have shortlisted my top three rock climbing pants that you can easily purchase off Amazon. Let’s see:

Angel Cola Men’s Outdoor Hiking & Climbing Pants

These are, what we call, perfectly comfortable and flexible climbing pants. These are manufactured amalgamating 94% of Nylon with 6% of Spandex which makes it strong yet comfortable at the same time.

The fabric quality is excellent and imported quality. These pants are very light and are best suited for Spring and Summer season. They are very comfortable to wear and will not cause any problem in your climbing.

They have two zip pockets which are ideal if you want to keep some cash, any  first aid medicines or cell phone. Another two zip pockets are also present at waist  and one zip and flip pocket is present at thighs to accommodate your accessories.

These pants also have abrasion and wind-resistant properties.

They stretch comfortably and are elastic which makes them flexible to fix different sizes.  They also include belt with them and the length is enough to cover knees.

They can easily washed in machine which saves you from trouble of cleaning them.

The color is green and black, which complements the entire theme of the climbing.

Great product with extreme comfort offering, at a reasonable price. There is nothing negative about these pants. They will deliver what you are expecting from them for sure.

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Geval Men’s Windproof Quick Drying Outdoor Pants

Geval is a sports brand that only authorizes Amazon to sell their products and they are the only original allowed dealers in their sports items.

These pants speak for the magnitude and calibre of the company themselves, just like their other sporting accessories.

These pants are available in different colors, which is why they have an advantage as you have many options to choose from. The colors are named very interestingly (Army Green 84, Bean Ash 84, Black 84, Dark Grey 84, Khaki 84, and Grey 27). Among all these Khaki 84 is a personal favorite of mine.

These pants have a zipper closure. The basic manufacturing material is Nylon, which is why these are so soft and comfortable to wear.

They are very light weight and do not affect your movement up the mountain. Also, they can easily be washed and dry very quickly.

These pants also have Omni Shade UPF 40+ Sun Protection technology, which makes them  an ideal pick for summers, winters, autumn, or spring.

These also have an exterior adjustable waistband which makes them flexible in terms of size.

The most attractive thing about them is that they have ‘zipped’ legs, which means you can convert these pants to knee length shorts upon preference.

While ordering these, be slightly careful with the size. Company’ own size chart is different than Amazon’s.

Overall I will say it is an amazing product. Very versatile and suitable for all seasons. A great investment.

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Hanxue Men’s Outdoor Fast Drying Pants for Climbing

All of us are familiar with this name. Just as the Chinese Han Xue steals our heart with her beauty, these pants do justice  to her name as well.

These pants also come in many color options to choose from.

They are made up of Nylon with wrinke-free properties, which means they are very less demanding to manage and easily manageable.

These pants also have zipped legs, which can easily be detached and changed into shorts if you feel hot during summers.

They have straight leg and an exterior adjustable waistband that makes it flexible for size. They also are easily washable and have removable webbing belt. The stitching is extremely strong and promising.

These are manufactured from lightweight Nylon with sun protection and water-resistant properties which makes them quick drying.

These are perfect for any season. They are not only restricted to mountain climbing, can also be used for gym, cycling, fishing, etc as they are very soft they will not cause any difficulty is movement.

This is a very travel friendly product. They fit really well. However, be careful while picking the size as the Company’s own chart size is different than Amazon.

Good product. Very satisfying and up to the mark.

All these are tried and tested products and fulfill a climber’s needs. Pick one of these rock climbing pants and they will make you happy whether you are a rookie to climbing, experienced or professional for sure. You might also want to read about rock climbing chalk bags.


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