3 Best Selling Mountain Climbing Helmets Available On Amazon

No matter how professional you are at mountain climbing, you cannot overlook the dangers you are exposed to.

The main reason to must go an extra mile with protecting your body is that on mountains, you come across sharp rocks and trees. Both of them can be very damaging and threaten in the case of a fall.

On the off chance that your foot slips and you fall on the ground from a considerable height, the most exposed body part to threat and damages is your skull.

mountain climbing helmets

It is most threatened as well as it is the most sensitive. Even a little injury and damage can be troublesome and can give you lifelong abnormalities. The challenges that you are open to implies that you must protect your head from external injuries by using a helmet.

I good quality helmet should offer great comfort and fit. One thing that determines the quality of a helmet, in my opinion, is the strength of the clips. Sturdy clips make sure that your helmet properly stays on your head. Of course, who wants a helmet that keeps falling repeatedly?

In the past, climbers were mostly reluctant of wearing a helmet because it was very uncomfortable and hard to handle. But over the years, companies have modified their gear and equipment efficiently delivering the most user-friendly climbing equipment.

Best-Selling Mountain Climbing Helmets – Price Comparison

Fusion Climb Meka Climbing HelmetFusion Climb$60.00
Black Diamond Climbing HelmetBlack Diamond$59.95
Outdoor Sports Safety HelmetGenericN/A

Bestseller Mountain Climbing Helmets

With the introduction of such modified and efficient gear, sensible climbers have finally started to pick helmets to protect themselves.

I highly suggest you should go out climbing using a high-quality mountain climbing helmet. But how to know what the best one in the market? Have a look:

Bell Fraction Adult Multi-Sport Helmet

Bell Fraction is a brand that has very quickly made a name in the market using the best manufacturing techniques and the team of extremely talented specialists.

The thing I love about these helmets is the fact that it is available in three different colors (I LOVE Matte Teal) and also one design has a lot of designing and funky texture to it. It shows that the company has delivered a bit something for everyone.
Though this is an adult helmet, the size availability and versatility also make it a quite ideal kids helmet as well.

The construction of this helmet incorporates very sturdy and highest quality of plastic. It has an EPS internal liner, which ensures commendable comfort and ease.

The lines also make it very easy for you to wear it even for hours.

Along with all this, what impresses me is the breath-ability mechanism that it has. It has small holes and air passages all around the dome area to ensure proper ventilation.

A helmet MUST have ventilation properties because if you pick a helmet that has blockage towards external air, it can cause intense sweating and a lot of discomforts.

Everything about this helmet is commendable. I highly recommend it to everyone who is searching for a qualitative helmet on an affordable price tag. It has everything that a high-end helmet would have to offer you.

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Petzl Elios Club Helmet

Petzl Elios Climbing Helmet (Size 2 / Gray)
List Price:$64.95
You Save:$9.81
Price Disclaimer

Petzl is my favorite high-end brand for helmets. Everything that they offer is indeed appreciable and possesses qualities that are amazing!

It does not need any introduction if you are an experienced climber, but if you are new to mountain climbing, I will highly recommend everything that comes from Petzl it is reliable, and usage is very easy and less demanding as well.

The Elios helmet is available in nine different colors. The outlook of this helmet is plain and basic, but has a very stylish touch.

One thing that helmets from Petzl offer and what makes them a number one is the lightweight factor. The product is not bulky or cumbersome. Heaviness is probably the last thing anyone would want in a climbing helmet. It feels very comfortable on the head.

The shell is quite durable and sturdy. The plastic and ABS it makes use of ensures strength on another level.

This helmet also offers amazing breathability and ventilation even though the visual design does not look like it. This product truly has many hidden characteristics that would unveil to you after you start using it.

The design is versatile. You can easily attach a headlamp with it without any botheration or trouble. This helmet is slightly on the pricier side, but it performs far better and lasts you a lot longer than typical helmets.

If you want a mountain climbing helmet which is strong enough to take thunders and still offers great comfort, this is the one for you.

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Hi cool Protective Helmet

Hi cool is quite an attractive name for a company, isn’t it?

The reason why I included this on my list is that I think it is a perfect low-end dupe for the Petzl helmet.

It offers characteristics that are quite similar and identical to the previous one that I talked about.
This helmet has an ABS and a lining on the inside area of very soft and comfortable EPS foam.

The lining automatically gives it a very luxurious feel as it feels quite comfortable to wear. The entire structure of the helmet has eleven large vents that allow air to move in maintaining and balancing the temperature of the head area. It helps blood to circulate more efficiently and without any trouble.

What I like to appreciate the most is that it offers incredible strength. The shell is very durable and resistant quality. Moreover, the internal lining and padding help reducing sweat so you will not feel exhausted wearing it even if your climbing lasts for hours.

The chin strap is comfortable and adamant. It grips well and prevents your helmet from sliding off even if you are climbing the thinnest and slippery surfaces.

The straps are very flexible and adjustable for every circumference of head and size. It also comes with a warranty of one year.

The only negative thing about it is that it does not offer color selection, which I think is fine as it costs a lot less than Petzl. I highly recommend this!

I hope you found this helpful and it aids you to recognize the need for helmets. Climb well and stay safe!

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