Top 3 Mountain Climbing Harness Options Available On Amazon

If you are a professional climber, you must be familiar with this gear. But if you are new to the area of mountain climbing, I would like to introduce harness in this way: imagine you are on a mountain climbing journey and your muscle gets twisted in any wrong angle or you slip and the land on the surface letting your hip joint moves in an awkward direction. Can you imagine the pain?

It will give you pain beyond imagination, and you can even be bedridden for days.

Well, this exactly is what harness is for! A harness is a climbing equipment made with the sole purpose of protecting your body against the cruel muscle twists.

mountain climbing harness

Its fundamental purpose is to keep your body upright, maintaining the correct body posture. You usually attached your harness with a sturdy rope with the help of a loop, and it keeps your backbone straight and upright.

Whether you recognize the need or decide just to look past it, you must have a proper body posture while ascending and descending the mountain.

It makes your entire climbing experience a lot more safe and secure. It also saves you from muscle pulls and injuries that can cause trouble in future.


Best-Selling Mountain Climbing Harness – Price Comparison

Black Diamond Momentum HarnessBlack Diamond$54.95
Black Diamond Bod HarnessBlack Diamond$49.95
Abc Guide HarnessABC$34.95

Bestseller Mountain Climbing Harness Right Now On Amazon!

Among all the climbing gear, I think that choosing the right harness is very crucial and important. It can be hard and also a little failure can affect your climbing experience significantly.

I have listed down the three best available out there. Have a look:

Black Diamond Bod Harness

Black Diamond Bod Harness, Black, Large
List Price:$49.95
Price Disclaimer

If you are to climbing, you must face trouble choosing the right mountain climbing harness for you as you probably don’t know what to look for in it. To save you from trouble, I decided to include this harness on my list as you cannot go wrong with it.

If you have been following me around for a little while, you would know that I am a huge fan of Black Diamond myself. It is like my second favorite high-end brand for climbing gear. I have suggested using their helmets to everyone as they are very sturdy and reliable. Well, their harnesses are no different as well.

This harness is an essential recommendation to anyone searching for a good one. The main reason why I love this product is the comfort that it offers. It has a padded waist belt which is incredibly cozy. It gives a cushion like feeling which doesn’t cause any exhaustion or does not make you feel tired even after hours of climbing and physical exertion.

The buckle is large but adamant. You are not at risk that your buckle will open, or the harness will loosen up.

Along with all this, the back straps are quite comfortable and are tight as well.

This harness offers a great fit, and also the stitching is unyielding as well. The color is basic black which looks very elderly and professional.

This harness and probably everything that comes from Black Diamond is a complete win and worthy investment.

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Petzl Calidris Climbing Harness

In the last product description I mentioned about Black Diamond being my second favorite brand for climbing gear, did it make you wonder that what is the first one?

Petzl is my all time number one brand for climbing equipment, but harness in particular.

This harness is kind of on the pricier side, and probably not something that everyone will like to purchase due to the high tag attached to it, but believe me, it is worth every penny.

It is one colored harness. It has a light green detailing on the front portion in the form of a clip which looks quite attractive with black and gray harness structure.

The waistbelt is very tight and fits perfectly. It also offers comfort beyond imagination.

Another fantastic feature of this harness that only a few high-end harnesses mostly have is the breath-ability.

It has small holes all around the area to ensure from moving in and out of the air decreasing the chances of sweat accumulation.

It has a belay loop that is green. Due to the color differentiation, it also is easily identifiable and causes no trouble.

Another thing I love about this and something that I think makes it a high-end harness as a whole is the stitching. It is a very well sewn and sensibly made harness. I would recommend this to anyone willing to invest some extra bucks in their gear. Do not worry; it definitely will deliver all that you expect from it.

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Abc Guide Harness

Abc Guide Harness (Grey/Orange)
List Price:$34.95
You Save:$0.55
Price Disclaimer

This ABC harness, in my opinion, is a perfect low-end and less expensive dupe for the Black Diamond one. I would not say that they are exactly alike as the Black Diamond is a bit better, but this one gives you a good idea of what it has to offer. If you purchase this one before the BD one, I am sure you will get a good idea of what that has to offer.

It also is a uniformly colored matte back harness with a tangerine orange belay loop at the front area which gives a great vibrant look to the entire product.

Another thing that makes this a harness competent enough to compete in the highly competitive environment is that it also offers color availability in such a small price range.

This harness is available in five different colors. However, the price fluctuates slightly depending on the color you pick.

It is a highly versatile harness as it can fit waist sizes that range from 20 inches to 50 inches. This size variability means that the company has tried to cater the people with all waist sizes, and this is a huge bonus point that goes in the favor of this product.

The stitching of this product is adamant, and it will probably last you a good amount of time with little care and concern. It is a great beginner harness, as it gives you quite a luxurious feel and quality at a low price tag.

I hope this article was beneficial to convey enough information about harnesses to you. Pick one of these or the ones available from the same brands and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

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