3 of the Best Ice Climbing Axe Options Available On Amazon

Over the period of past few years, Ice climbing has taken up the interest of youth. What I appreciate is that it has been accepted as a sport and people from all parts of the world fly to cold regions to practice skiing or to participate in ice climbing competitions.

ice climbing axeHowever, what you need to be mindful of is that ice climbing is far more risky than the regular one.

During your mountain or tree climbing, the gear you typically use is something you are familiar with, or you have a fair idea of what they are.

But your ice climbing typically asks for exceptional skills and different kind of expertise.

The first and most essential gear that I am going to talk about in this article followed by product suggestions is the ice climbing axe.

I continually stress upon the fact that you should never pick a climbing equipment or start your climbing journey without proper education. You should always try to gain benefit from other people’s experience and how they overcame the challenges. It can play a significant role in improving the overall quality of your experience.

You are dealing with snow, and mostly flat surfaces during ice climbing that are typically very slippery, and you cannot keep balance. To make this trouble easier, you need a climbing axe.

Best Rated Ice Climbing Axe – Product Comparison Table

ProductBrandColorList PriceImage
Petzl Quark Ice AxePetzlAdze$258.95
Black Diamond Slider LeashBlack DiamondBlack$16.95
Omega Pacific Mountain AxeOmega PacificBlue$69.95

Bestseller Ice Climbing Axe Right Now On Amazon

It is a mandatory gear for ice climbing, which is why you need to pick up the best! To make your trouble of search easier, I have listed down the three best available out there that you can also easily get from Amazon. Have a look at them:

Petzl Quark Ice Axe

Petzl Quark Ice Tool Adze One Size
List Price:$259.95
Price Disclaimer

When I am talking about climbing gear, and I do not mention Petzl, how is it even possible?

Well, as I have repeatedly said that Petzl is my favorite high-end brand for climbing equipment, and they deserve it big time,

Every product that they offer has a unique vibe to it due to its distinct characteristics. This axe is no different. This makes use of the most modified and up to date design attributes to take your climbing to new heights.

The quark is exceptionally high. The main feature that makes it better than any parallel ones is the masselottes that play a significant part in weight bearing.

The weight of the quark is 460 grams only, very easy to handle and carry around. The ideal weight will not cause any feeling of fatigue and exhaustion handling it for hours.

The handle is ergonomic and very smartly molded, which makes your grip much better.

I appreciate the gear that you can wholeheartedly rely on, and it goes the job of attaining customer satisfaction well.

The handle is very precisely sized, that even people with small palms can easily make use of it.

This is typically meant for vertical ice terrain and provides you with immense support while descending up.

It is a very decent climbing axe for your ice climbing. Highly recommend it to everyone.

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Omega Pacific Mountain Axe

Omega Pacific is a new brand in the market that has a sole motive of delivering the best at low costs.

This ice climbing axe has attributes of a high-end item, but the price tag associated is within reach of almost everybody.

It is a beautifully colored axe, which hints of icy blue shades that go well with the entire ice climbing theme.

Although I will always prefer something that has more features for climbing, in the event that you are taking your baby steps in ice climbing, this will do the ob just well.

The length of this axe by Omega Pacific is only 60 cm, quite easy to handle and carry around.

The material of the handle is Aluminium, which is very comfortable to hold but at the same time is very durable and sturdy.

The material of the head is CrMo that offers strength beyond limits but is extremely durable as well.

The only thing that is a little downside as compared to the high end or expensive products on my list is the weight.

It is slightly thick. The total mass of this axe is about 622 grams ( the previous item was 460 grams). It is heavier, but it is not that bulky that can cause hindrance in your climbing.

Overall I would say it is a pretty good and competitive axe that delivers everything you want at comparatively low price.

Indeed a win, suggest it to everyone confidently!

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Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe

Black Diamond itself offers a broad range of climbing equipment with very promising features. There is nothing that they do not cater, especially regarding climbing gear.

You have heard me repeatedly ranting about how great their climbing helmets are, well this axe is no different!

They are the best and most competent at dealing with hard metal. They make use of attractive molding techniques like forging to increase the magnitude of strength that their products offer.

The product under consideration is also unique. It is a very smart looking axe. The silver and gray color incorporate well, giving a very smooth and well put together look.

Black Diamond is exceptionally well at making use of aluminium, and they have made use of their expertise extremely well there.

This axe has an aluminum shaft, of superior and extremely durable quality.

The head is made up of tough, resistant and sturdy steel.

The entire construction is incredibly amazing and sensible. The head portion also has a small hole in it so that you can easily attach a carabiner to it.

It is a one piece product, which I prefer as it is handier and more comfortable to use.

Also, I think it adds to its durability because you are at least safe from the risk of breaking.

The weight is 505 grams, very convenient and trouble free.

It overall is a fantastic product; I highly recommend it to everyone.

I hope I have conveyed you enough information to get an ice climbing axe for yourself.

Pick up one of these ice climbing axe and enjoy the best skiing experience.


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