Best Climbing Gear 2017 – Buying Guide & Equipment Reviews

climbing equipmentHey folks, this massive guide will help you to choose the best climbing gear of 2017. Let’s get started.

Climbing is a healthy sports activity in which a person engages his feet or hands to climb up a steep object such as a wall or a mountain.

Climbing is also seen as a physical, social and recreational activity among students. Small children may get involved in school wall climbing activities in schools whereas adult climbers may carry out it as a professional, competitive sport (hill walking, mountaineering, rock climbing).

Best Climbing Gear 2017 – Price Comparison

La Sportiva Climbing ShoeLa Sportiva$79.95
Black Diamond Climbing GlovesBlack Diamond$15.95
Climbing RopeEmergency Zone$7.98
Climbing CarabinerMad Rock$7.95
Crampons Non-slip ShoesLixada$39.99
Guide Gear Climbing StickGuide Gear$60.00
Black Diamond Momentum HarnessBlack Diamond$54.95
Climbing HelmetBlack Diamond$59.95
Climbing PantsSingbring$76.60
Climbing T-ShirtAnn Arbor T-shirt Co.N/A
Black Diamond Slider LeashBlack Diamond$16.95
White Gold Climbing ChalkBlack Diamond$7.45
Chalk Bag321 STRONG$29.99
Mountaintop Outdoor BackpackMountaintopN/A
ThorFire LED FlashlightThorfire$29.99

To carry out such professional climbing, individuals need basic as well as advanced level equipment which protects them and helps manage potential risks.  Let us check out some best-selling climbing equipment 2017 available on Amazon.

La Sportiva Karakorum Boot

Climbing massively involves the use of feet.  The climber has to cover difficult paths, climb up rocks and step on bushes. Climbing shoes need to be sturdy but at the same time they need to be comfortable for the wearer.

Most people look for climbing shoes that perform excellent in rock cuts, cracks, uneven surfaces and pockets. Climbing shoes essentially serve as the separation between the climber and the rock.

Therefore, choosing the right quality is very important. Beginner and experienced climbers may have different shoe requirements. Yet there are three important factors to be kept in mind while choosing a climbing shoe i.e. Shoe type, Shoe fit and Shoe features.

La Sprtiva Karakorum Boot shoes are one of the best climbing shoes available on Amazon. They are greenish brown in color and have a massive look.

The strong sole of the shoes helps the climber cover all difficult paths in a professional, upright style. Different sizes and colors are also available for variety. The material used in the manufacturing of the shoes is high-quality and extremely durable. Abrasion resistant nature of the leather further adds to the durability.

The tapered Nylon material gives a smooth finish and also does not wear away. These shoes are very convenient to put on and take off so the user does not has to spend a long time strapping these up.

The aggressive nature of the sole is particularly suitable for alpine climbing. These shoes are also moisture resistant and shock absorbent. The special lining material keeps water away from the foot and skin. The La Sportiva shoes are guaranteed to give you a perfect cool and dry wearing experience.

Customers have reported the product to last for as long as 15 years. Helps you climb trees, rocks, snow and hard pavements. Built to provide you a peaceful and comfortable climbing time.

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Black Diamond Momentum Harness

A climbing harness is one of the most basic and important gadgets for a climber. Just like a soldier is to gun, a climber is to harness. A harness consists of a waistbelt buckle and a few loops.

The waist belt is tied across the waist of the climber. A harness ensures protection for the climber and makes the whole activity even more adventurous.

Harnesses have a pair of leg loops that are tied across the legs. Some harnesses are specifically designed for certain types of climbing such as ice climbing whereas others can be generally used with all types of climbing.

This Black Diamond professional harness is black in color giving it a ultimate professional look. It is extremely comfortable for the wearer and has quite positive reviews by the customers.

The waist belt buckle is adjustable which allows the user to enjoy a custom wear. The waist belt is pre-threaded and has a dual core construction.

The dual core construction technology provides additional comfort and better sport. To ensure customer satisfaction, a nylon shell is also used that has an abrasion resistant nature.

The Black Diamond Momentum Harness has track Fit adjustment for perfect leg customization. A red colored elastic riser is also included at the rear side of this harness.

The user does not have to face any hassle in using the harness, the trackFIT technology, on one hand, has no buckles and on the other hand is also very secured. This Black Diamond Harness is available in different sizes from large to X-large and XX-large.

It feels wonderful around the waist of the climber and doesn’t let its user experience any pain. Users on Amazon have reviewed this harness to be literally a lifesaver during their climbing adventures. This harness is an all-rounder, both starters and advanced level, experienced climbers would like to use it. A must check out on Amazon.

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Black Diamond Climbing Gloves

Investing in the right pair of gloves is also very important for a climber. The individuals need to protect their hands while climbing or rappelling. While gloves need to fully protect the hands they must not hinder dexterity in any way.

Therefore there are a few features that the climbers should keep in mind while choosing a pair of gloves for themselves. The gloves must also be lightweight so they do not add to the overall weight of the climber. Some climbers, usually experienced ones, like to wear gloves in only one hand whereas others, usually beginners, like to wear them in both hands.

The Black Diamond Crag Half-Finger Gloves are grey and black in color. A blue-black color combination is also available in the same quality. These gloves are made up of high quality, artificial leather.

The artificial leather used in the manufacturing of these gloves is highly breathable, the user would not feel as if his hands are strangled or bound inside. The cut finger design also ensures that the user can perform all tasks easily while wearing these gloves.

The fingers and palm area in these gloves is padded which makes this pair even more long lasting and durable. These Black Diamond Crag Gloves also have easy wearing and removal. There is a hooked cuff closure which can be strapped tight or lose according to desire.

The size of these gloves is also carefully considered so that it fits most people. The stitching of the gloves is quite strong and stays in place even after years of use. The neatly finished Black Diamond are a must add to your climbing equipment.

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Rope Fit Manila Climbing Rope

A rope is the core of the safety system used by climbers to both climb up and climb down. Climbers literally have to put their trust on their ropes and take on their journey.

Different climbing tracks may require that the climbers use different kinds of ropes. There is a clearly defined range of ropes available in the market which have unique qualities.

When choosing a climbing rope, the climber must keep certain features in mind that include rope type (single/half/twin), rope diameter, rope length and safety rankings (as reviewed by other customers). This Manila Climbing rope is among the best ones available on Amazon.

Manila Climbing Rope by RopeFit is dark brown in color. It has a special hand spliced knotted loop which can be easily tied to a solid surface/point support. This excludes the need of having a mounting bracket.

As climbers require ropes of different lengths therefore Manila Climbing rope comes in different sizes. Although the one under discussion has quite a reasonable length and is suited in most cases.

Another exciting feature about this rope is that it is hand made. The end caps of the rope are fire shrinked, this feature is very important in making the rope durable as it prevents fraying.

Unlike other ropes, the surface of this Manila rope is also not very rough. The climbers can use it quite comfortably during their activity.

The thickness of the rope is also different as compared to usual ropes, which provides increased support to the user. Users have specifically reported to love its organic color and texture.

Despite of its amazing features, the Manila rope is lightweight and can be conveniently carried in backpack. It would not lead to any extra weight for the climber. This rope is also a multitasker and will most importantly streamline your climb.

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Mad Rock Carabiner

A climbing carabiner is sometimes also spelled as a Karabiner. It is a metallic loop having a springed gate. Carabiners or Karabiners are used to efficiently and quickly connect disintegrated components.

Carabiners are particularly used in activities that involve intensive roping such as climbing, sailing, rescue etc. Carabiners made out of steel and aluminum are both available in the market.

They come in a D-shape. The D-shape transfers weight on the strongest axis of the Carabiner. Nowadays, upgraded design of carabiners are available in the market that include certain modifications. This Mad Rock Super Tech Carabiner is screwed and black in color. It is super liked by customers.

The Mad Rock Super Tech Carabiner is a choice of all professional climbers. It is hit forged and has a sturdy look. It establishes a strong connection between different ropes or other components during climbing.

This Super Tech Carabiner has 19mm of perfect gate clearance having a major axis strength of about 24kN. It has a keylock nose and weighs 43g.

This weight makes it one of the most lightweight and lovable carabiners on Amazon. This Mad Rock Super Tech Carabiner has a solid built and does not break away. The lock screw action is very easy to handle and secured.

The size of these carabiners is perfect for the required function. It is one of the dependable products and gives you peace of mind as you do your climbing.

Both experienced and new climbers are likely to look for the features in this Carabiner such as durability, quality and price. While having this carabiner in his backpack, the climber is not worried about his safety. The Mad Rock Super Tech has a lot of features but still it is cost effective. Ultimate quality and worth the value.

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Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

A climbing helmet is very important in protecting the head of the climber. Any damage to the brain may prove fatal therefore climbers must invest generously in purchasing the right helmet for themselves.

Even the best of the climbers wear a helmet during climbing and advise beginners not to miss out on this. Some helmets are designed specifically for men or women whereas some are unisex.

When purchasing a climbing helmet the users must consider that it fits properly to their head size and should be comfortable to put on head. A large variety of designs are available in climbing helmets. Some are ventilated, others are not. Some have adjustable suspensions while others have not.

The Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet comes in different colors and has a hybrid design. It consists of a molded EPS foam lining and has some openings to ensure ventilation for the wearer.

The suspension system attached to the helmet can be adjusted as desired by the user. The design of this helmet also includes an adjustable customized wheel adjuster. The wheel adjuster system provides for a fine-tuned fit. The user does not need to adjust the helmet again and again during climbing.

The Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet is actually an upgraded form of the Black Diamonds most popular climbing helmet. The new designed is further improved and is highly demanded by the customers.

The new design provides an even better and comfortable fit for the wearer. It is also less costly and gives a secured adjustment. It is a great helmet and specifically is used for providing topside protection. Ideal to be used on moderately intensive climbing activities. Gives durable and reliable protection.

It is not only sturdy but is also very portable. When not in use, it can be clipped to carry easily. The perfect all-rounder outdoor protective helmet.

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Ynport Men/women’s Climbing Pants

As with every professional job, the workers are required to follow a certain attire. Climbers, therefore, as well ideally follow a dress code. The climbing clothes must be protective and fully covered.

Yet they also must not tend to bind the rider. The rider should feel comfortable in his wear. Buying a good climbing pants is also on the checklist of a climber. Climbers look for different features when finding the perfect climbing pants for themselves. Let us review a beautiful pair of pants for all those climbers out there.

The Ynport Climbing Pants are unisex. They can be worn by both females and males. They come in a variety of colors. However, the army green colored pants give the best look.

Like all other pants, these pants also have belt loops around the waist and a button plus zipper on the front side. The pants are full length till the ankle and provide good body cover.

The size chart for these pants is also available so the users can look for the perfect size which will suit them. These Ynport pants are made of soft polyester material. The polyester material is easy on the skin and does not cause any itching or irritation.

Two side pockets are also present in these pants so the wearer can put some petite personal stuff inside. These pants are actually multi functional and are in great demand on Amazon.

They are suitable to be worn in spring, summer and autumn season. To wear in winters, the users are advised to wear under pants as well (to ensure warmth).

The pants are fast dry and have a breathable nature. Fast drying quality is very important. These pants are really nice and provide a perfect fit. You can order a pair of these pants for you or your partner.

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Rock Climbing Shirt

Similar to having a great pair of pants for climbing, the climbers also look for having a climber’s shirt. The climber’s shirt must have an adequate fitting which is neither too tight nor loose around the body. The shirt, hence, should be very comfortable. If the attire is not completely comfortable, the climber would not be able to enjoy the perfect climb.

This climber’s T-shirt available on Amazon is black in color and is uniquely designed to fit a climber’s body. It is unisex and is loved by both males and females.

It is half sleeved and has a humorous text printed on it which says, “Gravity? Never Heard of it”. This wording gives a laughing movement and also adds to the moral spirit of the climber. No doubt, your fellow climbers are going to ask you about this amazing Climbing T-shirt.

It is made of 100% pure cotton that is extremely durable. The material and print on the shirt is professional grade. The cotton used in the shirt make is pre-shrunken.

A size guide is available on Amazon so the users face no difficulty in choosing the right size for them. The shipping of the product is ensured within a single day so you also do not need to wait to get this amazing product in hand.

The customer reviews on Amazon about this shirt are all great and. An extremely satisfactory purchase for your climbing trip. The print on the front is equally loved by all!

Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe

A climbing axe is frequently used in ice climbing. Therefore, the word “ice axe” is alternatively used for the word “climbing axe”. An ice axe is a tool that can be used for multiple purposes during climbing.

With the help of an axe the climbers can climb up or down the path. The climbers can use the axe for different purposes, it usually depends on the type of the terrain.

A very basic use of the axe is for support during walking. The climber can hold up the head of the axe in their hand and the rear side on the ground.

In this way, the climber is easily supported. Sometimes, the axe is also used as an anchor to tie the rope. Most of the ice axes are designed according to the manufacturing standards by European Committee for Standardization. The length of the axe ranges from 60 to 90 cm.

The Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe is made of high quality stainless steel and it has a large hole for a carabiner. It has a sturdy, upright look. The head of the axe is a bit curved and has a toothed look.  

Many axes would slip down the hands of user especially as he is wearing gloves. But the grip of this Black Diamond Axe is very strong. It stays firm in the hand and does not slip from the hands of the user. The design of this axe is certified from Cen-b. Therefore, if you are looking for a professional axe choice, this axe is a must buy. 

According to customer reviews, this Black Diamond Axe is one of the most dependable piece of gear. It performs excellently on snow. It will help you survive all hard conditions and climbing problems. The climbing beginners also love to use this axe. It keeps the climber grounded on steep cliffs and. A tough yet light and wonderful ice axe.

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BINGUO Anti-Slip Crampon

The addition of climbing spikes or claws to a climber’s attire really contribute to his ultimate professional climbing look. These spikes are worn on the shoes and help the climber take a firm support on the ground. The spikes are designed according to the shoe size.

The spikes are made of aluminum or stainless. The spikes themselves are supported on a flexible frame that can be adjusted on the shoe. Spikes are also important to provide an Anti-Slip traction on the rocks and ice.  

The BINGUO 12 Teeth Cleat Grips give an aggressive traction to the climber. These cleats are seen as the ultimate professional equipment by the climbers.

They are great in toughness and are about 5mm thick as compared to ordinary rubber. The complete design includes full stainless steel claws, a steel chain and rubber strap made of silicone.

These sharp spikes help the climber dig into a variety of terrains and ascend up faster across frozen tracks. The BINGUO Cleats have a diamond distribution on the silicone strap and therefore, safely adjust onto the shoes and do not move from side to side. The climber does not need to readjust them.

These spikes can be sued very conveniently and also can be carried anywhere in the backpack. They are suitable for a variety of sport shoes and mountain boots.

These ultimate spikes will allow you safely enjoy your climbing adventure. These spikes are very uniquely bent to provide support.

The spikes are neatly packaged in a nylon bag so that they are not damaged or broken in any way. Highly recommended if you want to enjoy a non-slip hike up the pathway. The price is also not very high which makes them cost effective and a choice of most climbing professionals.

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Black Diamond White Gold Loose Chalk

If you are new to climbing you must be wondering why a climber needs to have chalk and what is the right way to use it. Our body is actually continuously sweating.

It produces a lot of sweat and oils. These fluids get poured out of the pores and appear on the skin. This presence of moisture on the skin can significantly affect performance for a few athletes.

For climbers especially, these moisture on the skin can sometimes be the deciding factor for success or failure. To avoid such a situation, the climbers use a piece of chalk, the chalk dries out sweat and moisture droplets present on the skin. Therefore, the climbers can enjoy a firm grip and increase their chances of success.

The climber’s chalk is usually white in color and is composed of Magnesium Carbonate. It is available in a variety of forms such as powdered, blocked or liquid.

This Black Diamond Chalk available on Amazon is white gold in color and comes in a loose form. The loose form is actually a kind of a block chalk that has been broken into pieces. It has chemically excellent properties and is recommended by most professional climbers.

The Black Diamond White Gold Chalk comes in a fine white packet that weights about a 100 grams. Inside the packet a few chalk shots are present that decrease mess.

This chalk serves as the perfect drying agent to enjoy an improved grip while climbing. Another best feature of this chalk is that it is purely made of magnesium carbonate.

No other additives are used in its making. The “Chalk Shot” design means that the chalk is present inside a porous material.

This porous material allows some chalk to come out as you squeeze it slightly in your hands. It is neither too fine nor to chunky and has just the right amount for you. The customers are extremely satisfied with its quality and quantity.

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Chalk Bag for Climbing

A chalk bag is again a very important carriage for a climber. It essentially carries the chalk for the climber. It is either a bag or a simple sack that is used by the climbers to carry the desired amount of chalk with them.

Chalk bag allows the climber to personalize their climbing look. They can either go for a grave black bag or a colorful patterned bag with unique fabric as per their choice.

Previously, the climbing bags used to be small sacks that could be clipped with the help of a carabiner. Now we have a wide variety of chalk bags available. This high quality Chalk bag by Togear is surely not be missed out.

This Togear Chalk Bag on Amazon can be used for multiple purposes including rock climbing, weightlifting, bouldering and gymnastics.

It is black in color and comes in a size that is very convenient to carry. It additionally has a zippered pocket on the front side. The pocket can be used by the user to put any personal important stuff e.g. money, ID card or jewellery.

This bag also has an adjustable draw cord closure that minimizes the risk of chalk spills. You do not need to waste your time or energy in cleaning those sills now. The bag has a big main compartment that carries the chalk.  

This Chalk Bag by Togear is also very easy to carry. It can be adjusted smartly on the waist belt and also can be released quickly as required.

It is made of high quality repellent polyester. Loved equally by both men and women climbers, this bag has excellent customer reviews. It is also durable and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Therefore, it is surely worth investing. It has exactly the right size, is lightweight and adjustable, prevents leakage and has a beautiful zipper. A great product to add in your gear.

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Naturehike Outdoor Climbing Backpack

Climbing Backpack precisely carries all your important stuff that you need during your ride. A climbing back is a comfortable, convenient and an efficient way to carry your stuff.

Climbing backpacks are specifically designed keeping the requirements of the climbers in mind. The size, weight, shape and material of the climbing backpacks is different from the regular bags.

The climbing backpacks are made of strong fabric and stitching so that all heavy duty stuff can be contained inside. Special attention to technical details is also given in the design of these bags.

The Naturehike Climbing Backpack is grayish black in color and has a neon colored zipper on its front and sides. It is made of nylon and chinlon material with the later being only 5% of the total.

It has about 15L capacity which is enough to carry all the important equipment for you. It also has a nylon carrying strap which can be used to directly lift up the bag in hands.

A beautiful NatureHike logo in red color is pasted on its front that greatly adds to the look of this bag. It has a main space and a pouch space each of which is neatly protected by zippers. Mesh bag fasteners are also present on the sides.

The climbers can mount their helmets on the bag by means of two clips present above its main zipper. The small pocket on the front of this bag is very practical and is ideal for carrying stuff.

This bag is made of waterproof nylon fabric. You do not need to worry about your items getting wet inside. The strap design is lightweight and very comfortable.

Overall look of the bag has a very neat and ultimate finish. The stitching is done properly and attention to every single detail is given to provide you the best look. This bag is inexpensive for the features it provides!

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Guide Gear 20′ Climbing Stick

Guide Gear 20' Climbing Sticks
List Price:$39.99
Price Disclaimer

A climbing stick is usually used in tree climbing. The climbing sticks are designed to help the climber easily climb up the target. Climbing sticks should be easy and convenient to use.

The length, diameter and material of the stick must be kept in mind while purchasing. Unfortunately, unlike other climbing equipment, not much variety is seen in these climbing sticks.

However, we have reviewed this best-selling climbing stick available on Amazon for you. This stick is loved by all customers and has excellent customer feedback.

This Guide Gear Climbing stick is strong and has a stable look. It is extremely cost effective and has top quality. It is divided into five sections that can be easily carried to the climbing destination and assembled on demand.

If you have this climbing stick with you, you do not need to carry a heavy, inflexible ladder with you. It has a buckle that efficiently attaches itself to the tree and secures your climb. The climber can easily take angled steps on this stick and ascend up towards the goal.

If you are planning to enjoy some adventure in your backyard then you must consider having this Guide Gear climbing stick with you. It is definitely guaranteed to make your adventure more simple and practical. An easy assemble and good product for the price. Holds up well and highly recommended.

KOKFZI Super LED Flashlight

The climbing activities are aggressive and are carried out on a variety of terrains. The climbers may reach their destination at night or end up in an unpredictable cave.

To survive such situations the climbers always advised to carry a flashlight or torch with themselves. A variety of torches are available for outdoor activities including climbing.

Therefore, care must be taken while choosing one and the required features should be kept in mind. The size, weight, light power and battery life must be considered by the climbers. Here, we have reviewed the final essential equipment to add in your gear list.

The Super Bright CREE LED flashlight is loved by all climbers. It has a zoomable Light torch. It comes in an adequate size to be carried easily inside the backpack.

Also, it consists of a small strap through which can be clipped outside. It is black in color giving it a unique exquisite look and comes with three batteries. This torch is multipurpose and can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities. The most important feature is its water resistant nature. You can keep it alongside your water bottle and not get worried about it being destroyed.

The climbers must keep this torch in their backpack while being on their activities. It is recognized as extremely important for self-safety and efficiency.

The internal wiring of this torch has a very efficient booster circuit. The light power is strong, bright and far reaching. The three batteries included in the package have different powers i.e. high, low and strobe.

The user can adjust the light as per desire by picking up the right battery to insert. It has a great battery life and is durable. Customer reviews about this product on Amazon are flushed with five stars. Nothing can beat its power. A must buy!

Climbing is a regularly carried out activity for some people. It is a sport, an adventure an essentially becomes a part of the lifestyle. Choosing the right climbing equipment will help you perform great and overall enjoy a peace of mind.

While choosing the climbing equipment the users must keep in mind that they are investing into things that are going to serve as life savers for them.

Spending a few bucks on better quality products is better than relying on cheap quality equipment that won’t survive your adventures. All foot wear, head wear, hand wear, accessories and equipment must be professional, comfortable and have the features that you are looking for.

This Climbing Equipment Guide 2017 is meant to help you pick up the great products for your climbing activities. All the products included in this guide are among the best sellers on Amazon and have great customer reviews.

You must add these products in your next buying list. These ultimately professional gadgets will never let you down as you ascend up those high mountains and rocks. So, do not wait and start equipping your backpack.