14 Must-Have Arborist Climbing Gear Items Available in the Market

Most people don’t know what arborist means. The most common meaning of this term is ‘a tree surgeon’. An arborist is someone who is responsible for felling trees, pruning branches, hedge cutting and every other maintenance task related to trees, grass or other greens. Climbing arborists are people who perform tree assessment tasks using climbing and aerial lift devices. They also look at hedges, grass and the rest of the greenery too.

arborist climbing gearBeing an arborist is not an easy task. It takes a lot of patience and intense training. For getting into the field of arboriculture, you have to get education and you have to go through an actual examination to get a certificate that proves your authenticity.

However, this profession is so much fun and also something really great. You’re caring for the nature and, unlike many other people, actually working for the betterment of the world.

However, to become an arborist, you need to buy some equipment for yourself that you may need while training and then later when you’ve become a professional tree surgeon. If you are looking for what you need and where to buy it from, then scroll down and free yourself of any more browsing, because you get all your answers right here.

Bestseller Arborist Climbing Gear – Price Table

Tree Working Safety Belt$85.99
8 Descender Rigging Plate$9.17
Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet$59.95
Locking Carabiner$49.99
Swing Cheek Micro Pulley$29.99
Arborist Climbing Rope$105.95
Accessory Cord Rope$35.99
All Purpose Gear Bag$57.69
Right Hand Ascender$30.99
CMI Foot Ascender Right$62.99
GM CLIMBING Hauling Pulley$99.99
Titanium Pruning Shears$58.90
Carabiner Equipment Gear$9.47
HAAS Tree Ascender System$149.95
Petzl JET throw bag$21.95
CMI Rope Bag Medium$34.76
Windproof Athletic Pants$59.99
Half-Finger Climbing Gloves$15.95
Electric Chainsaw$92.03
Cold Steel Trail Boss Hickory Handle$47.99

Have a look:

Thicken Wider Climbing Harness

The very first thing you need to climb is a harness and Oumers provides you with an excellent choice. It is CE certified that confirms the operational efficiency it has to offer. It can fit almost all sizes because of its adjustable straps and buckles that allow you to alter the size.

The clever construction of this harness equally distributes the weight, so that none of the body parts can be strained – being at height for such a long time, you can’t risk doing that.

Moreover, all of the straps and loops are lined with breathable mesh lining that ensure comfort in warm temperatures through easy ventilation. It is perfect for high level working with an impact force under 6 KN and a tension force greater than 15 KN.

850 Paracord Black 100 Feet

Next up is a very strong rope. Don’t go for fancy packed ropes when all you need is strength and something that lasts for a very long time.

This original 850 paracord is tested and proven eligible for a great climbing experience. This rope resists mold and mildew delivering you an average breaking strength of around 855.8 lb. Built with nylon casing and inner twisted strands; it provides an extremely high tensile strength.

This versatile product is stronger than most of the ropes available on the market.

Mad Rock HMS Screw Carabiner

Carabiners help you to connect every single gear together, so they surely can’t be left out. You can put your trust into this remarkable carabiner by Mad Rock.

It weighs around 67 grams, which is not much so you don’t have to put up with any additional weight, as you’re already carrying a lot of equipment. It has a length of 94 mm and a width of about 22 mm (also known as gate clearance).

These dimensions provide the very best spacing along with the D shape, so that you can loop all your gear in place easily. Its major axis strength is 26 KN, so you know you can fully rely on it to keep all your gear together and you suspended in the air for as long as you want.


Now lanyards serve a lot of functions, so you can’t ignore these too or else you’ll regret later. While you’re servicing a branch or the trunk or pruning or whatever, these lanyards help to position your body, so that you can maintain your balance – you can tie yourself to the tree, so that you don’t fall.

If not that, you can use lanyards to carry your work equipment up the tree. Yes you can carry everything in a bag, but it’s so much better like this because it locks your tools, so even if they slip they don’t fall to the ground.

GM climbing brings you a wonderful polyester rope that is flexible and supple in handling. The ends are sewn professionally using high strength thread with a plastic sheath covering, so that you get the very best. It has a high resistance to abrasion and moisture which helps it to fully adapt to the outdoor environment.

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Climbing Swing by Sumder

For climbing you also need assistance which a pulley provides. The Aluminium Rescue Pulley by Sumder can be a very right choice in this regard. It delivers you a maximum breaking load of 30KN, which is so amazing considering you require very less.

It can easily deal with ropes that have a diameter of 16 mm or less. What makes it so efficient is its ball bearing and large sheave diameter construction. It allows this pulley such smooth working; so that nothing stops or delays you work process. It is perfectly suitable for arborist work as, it requires a block and tackle system.

Black Diamond Climbing Gloves

You also require gloves so that you can protect your hands. Half finger gloves are perfect for you because they assist you in climbing perfectly and you don’t have to take them off while working.

Your fingers are already uncovered, so that you can operate the tools on the tree effectively without any disturbance. Made from synthetic leather you can trust them to provide your hands a great deal of protection.

The knuckle padding delivers comfort while the breathable stretch mesh fabric allows air to pass through easily. Also, the hook and loop cuff closure allows you free adjustment, so that you can get to your desired fitting. These durable gloves are everything you need.

Fusion Meka Work Climbing Helmet

Safety is the first thing you want to keep in mind no matter what you do. So grab a climbing helmet and wear it from the very start, so that you don’t become a victim to any injuries.

Available in colors like black, orange and white, you can buy this promising helmet by Fusion Climb that can surely deliver you the protection you want. It has 10 ventilation areas, so that no heat builds up and enough air passes through to keep you cool and comfortable.

There are two slots available, so that you can mount hearing protectors while working with noisy instruments like chainsaws. It is very light in weight, so it won’t be a burden on your head. Also, you can fully fix it on your head using the buckles and straps, so that it doesn’t fall off.

Chain Saw with Pure Fire Engine

After going through the climbing equipment you need to buy the arborist functional gear, so you can perform various maintenance tasks.

The first thing you need to buy is a chainsaw and I can’t think of a better one than the chainsaw by Tanaka. It has a 14 inch top handle with commercial grade fire engine to provide you a clean and powerful performance utilizing a very little amount of fuel. It has a purge primer bulb that assists an easy start and warm up process.

The Oregon chain along with a Sprocket nose bar provides easy cutting. You can use the side access chain tension for quick chain adjustment, so that the best of standards can be maintained.

Curved Wooden Handle Hatchet Axe

Secondly, you need an axe for chopping and other small fixtures. This Husqvarna axe has a curved 13 inch handle that helps you hold it easily without any slipping and interference.

The 13 inch length provides perfect pivotal characteristics, so that you don’t have to apply much force and the work gets done easily.

The handle is made from quality hickory wood that doesn’t wear out easily. There is a leather sheath that provides protection to the wedge when you are not using this tool. You can also use the leather covering when you’re storing the axe, so that it doesn’t mess up things nearby.

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GARDENA Boxwood Hedge Clipper

You also need to buy yourself a pair of hedge clippers by Gardena. These are 7 inch long blade scissors. It has an ergonomic design, so that it can allow you to work effortlessly.

The soft plastic handles have such designing that provide you with a lot of grip, so you can easily hold the tool and work your way through hedges.

There are additional buffers that increase the performance of these hedge cutters. Moreover, they are extremely easy to clean and don’t require a lot of maintenance. So you know that these are absolutely the right choice.

Fiskars Bypass Lopper

Fiskars 28 Inch Bypass Lopper (91466949J)
List Price:$23.15
You Save:$0.03
Price Disclaimer

Next you need great loppers and not just any ordinary loppers but Bypass Loppers by Fiskars. This best seller product is very good for cutting the green and other twigs. It is built to take that kind of treatment, so you can rely on it completely for excelling you arborist skills. It can cut branches that have a diameter of 1.5 inches which is just extremely impressive.

I-PURE ITEMS 8 Inch Pruning Shears

Also buy yourself pruners by I-PURE items, so that your service quality level can be maintained. It’s professionally built to provide high quality work. Its high carbon steel standards are what develop its tough pruning blade that can surpass all other pruners on the market easily.

It allows you effortless cutting due to its smart design and spring loaded mechanism. You don’t have to worry about any bending, breaking or warping. The non-stick Teflon coating over it helps resist any sap and debris from sticking to the blades and hindering your work pace.

The ergonomic design of its anti-slip cushioned handles provides a stable grip which leads to effortless working and amazing performance. This reduces fatigue build up and any irritation, as nothing comes in between of your work. This tool rightly fixes all your problems perfectly.

String Trimmer and Sweeper Combo Kit

Lastly you need a trimmer to help you complete your green treatment fully. Black Decker provides you with the best product that fulfills all your requirements.

It works with a 40 Volt lithium ion battery that works for ample time, so you can easily complete all the working without stressing over timing. It includes a 13 inch strimmer and sweeper that work together to deliver a perfect finish.

The trimmer easily cuts the grass along sidewalks and driveways. The sweeper is light and powerful, so it easily clears the debris from all hard and soft surfaces. This system is perfect and matches your arboriculture skill and knowledge flawlessly.

Shredder by Snow Joe

After you’re done with all the chopping and cutting, you can’t just dispose the larger pieces the way they are, so you need efficient wood chippers that help you turn branches into garden mulch that has a lot of nutrients.

The wood chipper by Snow Joe works with a powerful motor that triggers an efficient performance using 14 amp. It shreds branches up to 1.5 inches thick easily. Moreover, it has a compact design with 6 inch wheels which makes it portable.

There is a locking knob that ensures that the motor doesn’t operate when open. Such genius features are what gives it ETL approving which provides you full satisfaction.

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