6 Best-Selling Paddle Boats 2017 Reviewed By Real Amazon Customers

Do you own a water park or are you employed at a seaside entertainment dock? If the answer’s yes, then you are reading just the right thing to help you figure out how to proceed to attain better profits.

paddle boats 2017Water Park is not just slides and swimming but also boating. On the contrary, at a seaside entertainment dock, boating is a major attraction. Now, thinking of cruising, you picture either small fishing boats or bigger speed boats. But let me tell you that there are a variety of boats that are present for your entertainment: kayak, dinghy, tender, aluminum boat, paddle boat or a small transom boat. They all can take in a varying amount of people, and every single one has its cruising style.

The focal point of my article, though, is the Paddle Boat. A paddle boat is a boat that is driven by a paddle wheel. Just like you ride a bicycle, you push on the paddles installed in the boat, and it moves forward – you can paddle forward to accelerate and go on, or you can paddle backward to decelerate and move back.

Paddle boats are the perfect choice for such amusing projects. You can buy a few paddle boats and earn a lot as people love to paddle around the sea/river. However, if you want to buy a paddle boat for private use, you can do that too; always a good exercise.

Best Pedal Boats 2017 – Price Comparison

5 Seat Pedal Boat$859.99
5 Seat Pedal Boat (Teal)$779.99
Sun Dolphin Pedal Boat$99.00
Pedal Boat Cover$28.99

Bestseller Pedal Boats Right Now On Amazon

Following are some top-brand paddle boat suggestions from Amazon, making it easy for you to select a fine product without getting into a lot of research work. 

So, here are the Best Paddle Boats Of 2017. Have a look:

Laguna 5 Seat Pedal Boat

Sun Dolphin Laguna 5 Seat Pedal Boat (Blue)
List Price:$889.95
You Save:$37.45
Price Disclaimer

Sun Dolphin brings you a very stylish pedal boat. It can be an excellent choice for the amusement you’re looking for.

The whole structure weighs about 120 pounds. The material that it is built from is polyethylene. It is very dense and solid. What’s even better is that it’s not just a simple build, but features a UV ray protected exterior. The solid boat can resist the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, so you can leave it standing on the dock for a long time without a boat cover.

It is not even a demanding task to manage the boat throughout its life span. It has closed-cell polystyrene foam inside it so that it can float on water easily, without any malfunction. Polystyrene and polyethylene both are very strong and don’t corrode easily.

Also, it can rightly be called a family boat as it can adjust five people in it. And two people can steer it (a third person can also indulge in paddling as there are three built-in paddles). In addition to all that, the front two beach seats are removable. So for all those people who are thinking of buying a paddle boat for private use; I can’t think of a better option.

In the back, there is a platform which can be used as a seat for two people. However, if you don’t have a family of 5 and are just a couple, then you can have all the space to yourself. You can keep your valuables on this platform and enjoy the scenic beauty without having to hold your purse or phone or anything. Coupled with that, there are molded-in cup holders for that timely refreshment urge. You don’t even have to hold your cups now.

Additionally, you’ve got a large storage area for snacks, drinks, and etcetera. I, for one, might just keep it loaded. Who knows how long I stay out on the water captivated by nature or maybe just to spend a long, long time with that special someone? With the storage area, it also has an umbrella mount present right in the middle, so you can stick your umbrellas down there and open them if the sun hurts your eyes too much.

This paddle boat is a complete package, and you don’t even have to pay a lot for it.

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Pedal Boat by Pelican

Pelican Paddle Boat Cover
List Price:$63.99
Price Disclaimer

Deluxe pedal boat is a total catch with its attractive blue and white color structure. Not only does it seem to interest you to try water sports, but if you want to try them, then it surely won’t let you down.

Built from polyethylene, this boat can be used in freshwater and seawater; no worries that either may be unsuitable for its exterior.

Apparently, it gives the impression of such calmness and coolness that if you were to select a boat judging by the looks, this would’ve been the top picked vessel. Not only does it looks so serene, but it takes great care in ensuring that it provides you immense comfort. The front seats can be tilted back so that your back can relax. Of course you won’t be pedaling the entire time. You might stop at some point and recline, and just enjoy the tranquility or maybe click some pictures. This characteristic just facilitates that.

Four people can comfortably fit in this large paddle boat. 2 can sit in the front, and paddle and two can sit in the back and enjoy (do switch places halfway through, though, no one wants to keep paddling the entire time).

There is also a huge storage compartment in the mid-back. It’s a cooler so you can keep your chilled drinks inside, without any concern that they’ll get warm.

Moreover, it has a built-in two branch canopy. Don’t want to get tanned? Pull it up and enjoy the shade. Or if you love the idea of being sun-kissed you can just drop down the shade and let the sun bathe you in glory.

Rainbow Deluxe Pedal Boat is an excellent select.

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Pedal Boat by Future Beach

Future Beach has come up with a completely original design for this pedal boat.

First of all, let’s study the structure of this boat. It has a yellow exterior with blue chairs and shelter. The boat is entirely made up of polyethylene, just like every other strong boat. This enables it to work without any damage in salty water and fresh water. You don’t have to feel like it’ll rust in the saline water. Also, this material allows very little bacteria to act on upholstery of the boat. So stop stressing on the fact that fungus or mildew might be found.

Further adding to the pertaining fact, the bearings used in putting this craft together are of such a remarkable quality; they don’t have to be cleaned overtime but possess the superiority of cleaning themselves as they are water lubricated. They wash as the boat sails.

Coming to the seats, they are adjustable and padded. The padding delivers such comfort that it feels like you’re relaxing on a sofa in your house, and the adjustment ability just adds more to your pleasure.  

The cover over the boat is there to protect you from the sun’s rays. It can be removed when the weather is delightful. The shelter has a unique design with fishing-pole-like bent sticks on either side which are then fastened to the hem at the front. You can expand and reduce the shade by pulling or pushing at the poles to your required satisfaction.

I love this fancy little paddle boat, and I’m sure once you try it you’ll fall in love with it too.

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Escapade Pedal Boat by Nauticraft

Certainly the chicest pedal boat available on the market; It’s so fancy and easy-on-the-eyes that no one can restrain themselves from buying it.

Escapade is available in a soothing turquoise color. It has rounded edges and is shaped like an oval. This pedal boat is perfect for single people who don’t like much fuss and love the sole chilling aspect. Also, if you love the thrill and excitement of enthusiastic paddle boating, this can sure be your pick.

It’s not like all the other ordinary paddle boats that only feature a body and paddles but comes with a steering wheel too.  You are in complete control of where you want the paddle boat to go. It does not comply with awkward paddling situations, where you’re propelling the boat to one side but it’s going the other way. Nauticraft intends to give you the full authority of the paddle boat.

Polyethylene, which is the best material for building boats, is what is used to build Escapade’s structure. The arch, rudder, steering handle, seats, and the driving units are also made of polyethylene. The total boat is made of polyethylene which gives it immense strength and long-lasting guarantee to provide its customers utter gratification.

A perfect capsule-shaped vessel which has two 15″ blade propellers, allowing it super thrust and superiority over all the other options available.

There is a high windshield at the front of the boat to protect you, and the interior of the boat too, from water splashes and it, also gives it that striking edge. Moreover, there is a belt attached to the comfy seat so that your safety is also taken into consideration.

Like I said before, you can’t resist riding this gorgeous cruiser. If you’re looking for increasing profits, surely buy lots of these paddle boats.

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Monaco Pedal Boat by Pelican

Sun Dolphin 3 Seat Pedal Boat (Teal)
List Price:$779.99
You Save:$100.40
Price Disclaimer

The attractive Monaco pedal boat, with a combination of red and white colors, is built to satisfy all your needs. If you’ve got a whole list of requirements – well, then get ready to cross them all out one by one as this leaves no necessity standing.

Let’s begin with its exclusive RAM-X material which gives it such a solid body that it may even hit a huge rock and still keep its shape. This also makes it extremely lightweight and helps it float over the water easily (no matter how much weight you burden it with).

This boat makes pedal boating super fun. The treadles are easy to rotate with your feet and don’t strain your legs at all. Like come on, you’re here for a relaxing time, not a-tiring-day-at-the-gym.

Monaco can seat four people, and every seat’s back can be reclined so that your muscles and bones can relax. Having this pedal boat at your station will get you so much positive feedback that you dreamed of. Additionally, this boat includes a large cooler for the drinks; what is even more fascinating is that the cooler has built-in holders to keep the bottles straight and prevent leakage (whatever you say, but strangers and bottles can never be trusted).

Pelican indeed brings you a very amazing paddle boat that observes your standard and rightfully grants you satisfaction. Totally a very smart choice if you’re looking for a reasonably priced paddle boat.

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Sun Slider 5 Seat Pedal Boat

Sun Dolphin is probably the most famous paddle boat manufacturing company. It has a tremendous series of paddle boats, each one better than the previous one. If you’re brand conscious, Sun Dolphin should be your only selection.

Sun slider is a very reasonable pedal boat. It can carry three people inside it with a luxurious ability to provide comfort to all. With a length of 84″ and a width of 61″, don’t even think that it can’t hold that many individuals comfortably.

Built with the same polyethylene material every other boat is constructed from, it has a splendid strength. Also, it has ultraviolet rays’ resistant coating which adds to the lifespan of this boat. If you buy this one, you’ll be companions for a long time. The paddle wheels are also very sturdy so that they don’t become a victim to any wear and tear and there is also an aluminum steering wheel present to give you full control over the boat. You can regulate it to any area you like better and stop there for refreshments.

Talking about refreshments, this boat has a fitted cooler inside it that keeps your drinks cold on the go. And also provides enough storage area to store additional equipment that you’re carrying (or well, snacks).

The seats you get with this paddle boat have a perfectly shaped back, so that your spine does not tense and you attain a comfortable position throughout the pleasing experience. An appropriate choice.

I hope these product suggestions were capable of satisfying your key requirements. Go ahead and buy any of the above or buy all of them (it’s always good to have a variety, no?) Hope you have a fantastic time.

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