6 Best Rated Hiking Boots 2017 Reviewed By Amazon Customers

Hiking is one of the most popular sports. All the sporty, energetic people along with the not-so-sporty people have done hiking once (or more) in their life. All kinds of people have a mutual interest in this pastime.

hiking bootsHiking does not only refer to hill walking but also long, vigorous walks (usually on trails).

People don’t realize that this activity provides them with a lot of benefits. First of all, the entertaining factor is there.

It is not boring; it is extremely exciting to walk around the countryside and enjoy the lush landscapes and beautiful experiences. Secondly, it benefits our health so much. For all of the people who aren’t fond of gym or yoga, this is your escape.

The doctors are always suggesting enough exercise and enough walking, but with all the cars and bikes and other transport, no one does the effort. That’s where hiking comes in.

You don’t have to go to an uninteresting gym with the same old people, a few stuck-up machines and a coach who just wants to pull enthusiasm out of you like your life depends on upon it.

Plus you even have to pay for all of this, which just adds to the dreary element. While on the other hand, hiking is an amazing experience. You get to be around nature which is awfully refreshing.

Best Hiking Boots 2017 – Price Table

Hi-Tec Hiking Boot$70.00
Timberland Boot$110.00
Columbia Hiking Boot$90.00
Timberland Boot$140.00
Columbia Hiking Boot$90.00
Ahnu Hiking Boot$140.00

Bestseller Hiking Boots Right Now On Amazon

Moreover, you get to meet new people almost every time because, like I said, everyone loves hiking. Also, there is no one who is directing you and telling you to do stuff because let’s be fair, no one likes that. You’re a free bird.

Coupled with all of that, you don’t even have to pay so much for hiking. There is some equipment you have to buy, but you can find most of it already present in your home.

The only thing that you may have to spend money on is Hiking Boots. And you don’t want to be buying these every single time you plan for hiking, so you might want to invest in a very good, sturdy pair of boots which can last a lifetime.

Considering that, the following are some of the best hiking boots of 2017 that won’t let you down.

White Ledge Waterproof Boots by Timberland

Timberland is widely known for its outdoor gear. You’d be lying if you say that you’ve never heard about Timberland because there’s no way you haven’t.

They build every single product to satisfy their customers to the fullest. This is why these White Ledge Waterproof Boots are not to be taken casually.

The exterior of the boots is built of tough, tensile leather, so that you don’t get the cracks that form over, almost, every other leather shoe.

This leather gives your boots the tempting, attractive feel so that you feel good as well as look good. Also, the leather is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about keeping away from wet or muddy areas, but feel free to go about almost everywhere.

These boots just give you immense freedom and don’t restrict you to certain areas. The rubber sole underneath is just as amazing as the rest of the boots. It is made up of ethylene-vinyl acetate which is an elastomeric polymer that gives the sole a rubbery, soft flexibility.

It has a breathable design which helps air to pass through, keeping the feet cool and dry, no matter what the circumstances may be. The best part is that the thick sole is removable. Therefore you can use the boots casually too.

Other qualities of these boots include a shaft which is 4.75 inches. There is a lace-up vamp with rear pull loop so you can tie the boots to the perfect fit.

The collar and the tongue of the boots are padded so that the wearer’s feet get a comfortable and relaxed feel. This also protects the ankles so that no strain is put there.

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the White Ledge Waterproof Boots is the B.S.F.P. system that they are manufactured with.

This system creates the boots considering four main aspects: Brake, Support, Flex, and Propel.

The rubber sole delivers you complete control of braking, accelerating and climbing so that there is no hindrance. Grooves at the back of the boots and the toe area make your normal walking style naturally better and enhanced. Furthermore, the gusseted front just makes it so easy to tie the lace without any pressure.

Also, it is very closely packed so that any fragments on the path or trail or hill don’t get inside your boot and make you feel uneasy.

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Hiking Boots by Columbia

Columbia is another leading brand for outdoor sports shoes. The Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking Boots are an amazing select and won’t disappoint you at all.

These are astonishingly attractive with their sleek design and extravagant features. Brought to you in two classy colors: Cordovan Squash and Black; these boots just give your feet an exclusive bossy look.

Moreover, the bicast leather these boots are built from serves a vast amount of purposes. The polyurethane keeps the boots intact and safe in all kinds of rugged landscapes. It provides protection against the damp and muddy surroundings so that no wear and tear occur and your feet stay clean too.

There are suede leather and metal hardware with meshwork on the surface of the boots. The suede leather just gives an appealing finish to the boots, which adds more to the already persistent attractive nature of the boots

Metal hardware keeps the build of the boots in shape so that they don’t disfigure or damage under any pressure or rough circumstances.

The meshwork delivers a perforated feature that helps air to pass so that the feet don’t sweat and feel easy under all surroundings.

The sole of these boots is tough and long lasting. It brings safe cushioning to the boots so that no matter how bumpy and lumpy the path is, it doesn’t bother you at all. Moreover, this sole is exceptionally lightweight so that you can easily take steps without any tiring feet and don’t pressurize your body with excess weight. It just makes your trip super comfortable. A lace-up vamp is present for tying the boots without much effort.

Talking about the construction of these boots, it features a seam-sealed strategy. The stitching of these boots is so perfect and closely integrated that it offers two major advantages.

Number one is that it doesn’t let any water or moisture pass through, making the boots waterproof.

Number two is that the seams aren’t too visible and obvious so that the whole apparent outward is free of any unpleasant design.

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Hiking Boots by Merrell

Merrell is extremely popular for their tremendously easy-on-the-eyes boots, coupled with providing extreme dexterity.

So, if you’re looking for boots that will help you stand out amongst your friends with the smart look and dexterous feel, these Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boots should be your only pick. Merrell has the motto ‘Doing Nature Any Other Way Wouldn’t Feel Natural’ and once you’re done reading about its specifications, you’d do no less but agree.

As any other amazing hiking boots, these are also made of rigid, hard-hitting leather. This leather is very durable so that it can guarantee a lifetime assurance.

The surface features immense mesh work which helps the interior of the boots to breathe and also keeps debris of the path out of the shoes.

This mesh exterior keeps tiny soil grains out; you don’t even have to worry about the bigger filth and fragments.

Along with comfort, these boots bring you a nylon compression foot frame. This provides cushioning in just the right places – you don’t get tired of all the walking and climbing.

Moreover, the EVA rubber sole (which is not so thick) absorbs all shocks and bumps on the trail so that any wreckage on the path doesn’t harm your feet.

This adds stability to the boots – even if you’re standing on a tilted treacherous surface, you’d feel tethered to the ground with solidity and strength.

You wouldn’t have to put in additional power and any struggle to maintain your balance.

I’m sure you agree with the motto of Merrell by now, so do what’s natural.

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Waterproof Hiking Boots by Hi-Tec

These ankle high hiking boots are one of the highest selling boots on the market. Hi-Tec has put in great expertise and came up with these remarkable Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots which aim to please you in all manners of capability.

Exterior of the boots have a mixed build of suede leather and mesh so that you can be provided with durability and breathability.

This suede keeps the surface tough and resilient, providing stability against all the harmful elements present in the surrounding.

The mesh helps air to flow easily, so the feet can be kept cool and dry. There is also a dry-tec membrane and moisture-wicking lining that further keeps the boots and the feet dry and bacteria-free.

Moreover, the boots are extremely lightweight so that no fatigue is caused during the entire sports activity.

The rustproof hardware build of the boots helps to keep the boots well away from any damage and destruction.

With all of these aspects, these attractive lace-up, nylon striped hiking boots are available in striking color combinations.

These include bone+brown+mustard, taupe+gold, brown+olive+snow and camo.

These are so eye-catching that you would want to wear these boots not just for hiking but for every other activity and every other day.
And you can. The insole is removable, and the sole isn’t too thick which matches the appearance of normal shoes so you can easily wear these boots on your day-to-day trips.

These are the perfect authentic outdoor footwear which is designed to provide comfort, lightweight durability, along with superior quality, which is why these are extremely popular with everyone.

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Hiking Boots by Salomon

Amazing, extraordinary hiking boots by Salomon, the Quest 4D 2 GTX is manufactured with the ultimate ability to quench all your sporty trekking needs.

Beginning with the physique of these boots, the leather textile of the boots provides the ergonomic element in this footwear.

Driven by outstanding stability and grip, the synthetic, man-made sole of the boots give the whole of the boots extreme durability and dexterity.

No matter where you hike or how you hike, with these on your feet, you get the pleasure of enormous comfort and relaxation.

Waterproof protection is provided by the GORE-TEX coating on these boots. The shaft of these boots is 6.75 inches with an arched design for a cozier feel.

The lacing material is very hard-wearing and strong for the perfect fit without any mutilation.

Also, the protective rubber toe cap at the front of the boots keeps your toes safe from any impact.

We all know how deafeningly painful it is to hurt your toes, so this rubber layer prevents any of that from happening and also adds to the appealing look of the boots.

Coming to the appearance, the design of these boots is very indulging. There is some mesh work over the surface that provides the alluring effect and also helps keep any unwanted materials out and away from the boots.

The Salomon 4D framework is very attractive and provides stability to the boots. Most notable phase is that these boots are available in a wide variety of elegant colors. You can choose any color or color combination that you like.

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Hiking Boots by Keen

Featuring a completely original design, Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boots by Keen are everything you need for a fine hiking expedition.

These are brought to you in a variety of colors: shitake+brindle, chestnut+bossa nova, black olive+yellow, black+drizzle, raven+tortoise shell and neutral grey+bossa nova.

Every single color combination has its unique charm, and you can choose any that fits your characterization.

The hiking boots offer a four-wheel drive performance to your feet. The leather it is made up of is super tough and crack-free, so that you don’t have to keep your feet straight and stiff, worried about any cracks forming, but go about as you like.

Furthermore, the mid-cut length gives the ankle a lot of support, so that all the right places are perfectly intact, without any restlessness.

The rubber sole, coupled with contoured heel lock is something that you wouldn’t find in any other pair of boots.

The shape of the sole is flawless which gives the heel of your feet perfect cushioning and sustenance so that you can walk as much as you want without any exhaustion and pressure.

Additionally, there is a waterproof, breathable membrane that keeps water and moisture away from your feet so that they stay dry and undisturbed.

This membrane, together with the mesh lining all over the boots lets the air pass through easily adding to the keeping dry element.

All of this just ensures that no sweat accumulates on your feet and no bacteria acts upon it.

Packed full of INspiration, these boots assist you into stop wondering and start wandering so that you can enjoy endlessly.

If you like any one of these boots or all of these boots, you can easily order them from Amazon and revel in your wonderful hiking voyage.

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