6 Bestseller Hiking Backpacks 2017 Reviewed By Amazon Customers

Hiking is an extremely indulging activity that doesn’t require much equipment. The most important gear for hiking is the shoes and the backpack; the latter being the focal point of my article. 

We all know what backpacks are, and we also know that there are a lot of different kinds of backpacks i.e. cycling backpacks, ice climbing backpacks, school backpacks, college backpacks and hiking backpacks.

hiking backpacks 2017The distinctive feature of a cycling backpack is the water bladder.

There is a built-in pouch inside the backpack for water storage so that you don’t have to carry bottles around with you.

Ice climbing backpacks have the unique quality of being made of parachute (or some other water resistant material like polyester), with lots of belts and loops, so that the backpack can be tethered to you very strongly while you enjoy your climb.

The parachute material helps the backpacks to resist the wet and damp surroundings.

The huge capacity of the school backpacks help it to stand out amongst the rest – you need a lot of space to keep the books and stationery.

While college backpacks are known for their sleek, smart design that has lots of small pockets and not much space but style.

However, hiking backpacks are the only kind of backpacks that are a mixture of all the above backpacks.

Best Hiking Backpacks 2017 – Price Table

OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack$59.99
Venture Pal Hiking Backpack$68.99
TETON Sports Backpack$129.99
Susufaa Hiking Backpack$89.99
TETON Sports Backpack$139.99
G4Free Packable Hiking Pack$59.99

Bestseller Hiking Backpacks Right Now On Amazon

They do not have a specific, distinguishing feature but have lots of characteristics. You can use a hiking backpack, for satisfying yourself, during any of the above-mentioned activities; which is why you need to have a hiking backpack back at your place.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on hiking or not because a hiking backpack does not just limit you to one thing but provides you with the flexibility of using it for various other functions.

For your perusal, following are some of the best hiking backpack 2017 suggestions (obtainable from Amazon), so you can place an order and get your backpack ASAP, if you’re interested, without further ado.

Hiking Backpack by WASING

WASING brings you a great hiking backpack. It is made up of polyester and other man-made materials.

The polyester is water resistant; it can keep your belongings safe from any splashes, spills, and rain. Water does not even get a chance to enter the polyester and is easily sided off.  

The man-made materials help to provide the backpack with a lot of dexterity so that the pack does not easily damages and lasts for a longer period than people imagine it to.

Both the materials together provide a suitable foundation for the pack so that it doesn’t wear out easily.

There is a lot of capacity inside the backpack so that many things can be kept. You can even tighten or loosen up the main area space, as there are belt loops available on the exterior for this purpose.

There are lots of internal dividers inside the backpack with a secured zipper so that you can keep all your things separately and they don’t mix. Such a method can help you to grab your things easily from inside the backpack because if they are all mixed, it makes it hard for you to search.

This backpack is very attractive and striking. It is available for you in colors like dark blue, green, light blue, red and yellow.

The molded foam back of the pack helps keep your back comfortable, cool and dry so that you feel relaxed throughout the hike. This backpack is perfect if you’re looking for lots of space (having zippered divisions), a sleek, tempting look and dexterity.

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Hiking Daypack by Mardingtop

The most versatile and smart backpack on the market, this has all the basic qualities that you require, delivered to you at the least possible price.

Build from polyester; it can resist water and moisture, protecting your belongings from all sudden weather changes.

Plus, polyester is also very tough, it can resist any cuts and grazes, so you can freely use it roughly, as it won’t be subject to any torture by the rough terrain (or anything else).

The backpack can hold up a volume of about 45 liters, which is sufficient. You’re on a hiking trip; it’s obvious you won’t be carrying a lot of stuff, so this is just the right capacity you need.

Moreover, the SBS zipper just adds to the durability element of the pack.

These zippers are extremely efficient and last way longer than normal ones, so you can count on these to stick around for as long as you want.

The reflective strip design of the backpack ensures higher safety at nighttime – if you’re wearing the pack, you’ll be easily visible in low light. Thanks to these strips, your friends will always know where you are.

Also, you’d always know where you kept your bag as it’ll be glowing; no need for a torch to do the search.

The best part about this backpack is that it is super light. Your shoulders don’t even get hints of any strain, let alone any pressure.

This is the major quality that you’re looking for because while hiking you need to carry everything.

Furthermore, the hip belt, sternum strap, and eye belts all combine to take even more pressure off of your shoulders.

The shoulder straps are padded with meshwork, and the back too, so that you can be provided with complete comfort.

Additionally, the custom-made zippers and the bladder pouch just make it an amazing select.

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Hiking Backpack by ARCHEER

Army Green and Blue are the two colors you can purchase this splendid backpack in.

These are the two colors that enhance the entire look of the pack, so even if there were other color options available, I’m positive that you would’ve chosen either of the two.

It has a huge capacity of 65 Liters which is so great that you can even fit your whole unassembled tent inside.

And what’s even better is that the backpack is so lightweight. So feel free to fill it with as many things as you want because your shoulders won’t feel any strain while you wear it.

There are several zip pockets on the interior panel of the backpack so that you can keep your things in divisions with no mess being created.

The shoulder straps have an integrated mesh pad so that air can pass through. The back also has air flow channels so that the cool can be maintained there too.

There are elastic fixtures that prevent the extra strap from dangling and keep it secured, so there’s none of that.

Build entirely from nylon; these packs serve to deliver the very many qualities of being sturdy, long-lasting, water and dirt resistant.

Also, the nylon fabric helps keep the pack secure from any tears, which keeps your things secure from any damage.

The backpack accurately adapts to the whole hiking nature with its specifications.

These specifications include a signal whistle for any survival needs, a hydration system and hip belt pockets – where you can keep your grab-and-go stuff like maps, caps, compass, and etcetera.

This amazing seller guarantees you the best of your hiking trip, providing you with all the abilities that are needed.

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Travel Hiking Backpack by Venture Pal

With an exclusive and unique design, this backpack by Venture Pal has modified with such concentration that it satiates all your requirements.

Let’s start with the high quality, lightweight material it is built with. This helps it resist any destruction from the hiking landscape and also keeps it well away from any damage by water.

The extra strength is provided to the pack by the double-layer bottom piece, which allows carrying larger weights without any inconvenience.

There are also bar tacks at major stress points which further enhance the endurance level of these backpacks, making it suitable for all the items that you plan on packing inside this pack.

The shoulder straps and the back have a comfortable foam padding with mesh pads so that you can wear this backpack easily without any uneasiness. The length of the shoulder straps is also adjustable so that you can alter it to your desired level.

Moreover, there is a belt strap on your chest so that you can lock the backpack and tighten it to you perfectly. With the help of this, the pressure gets off from your shoulders, and you can easily go about without feeling uneasy with the backpack’s unnecessary movements.

Features of this backpack include a main compartment with two front pockets and two side pockets.

The main compartment can hold up to 35 liters of material, which is plenty space for your hiking trip; it can hold all your snacks and your gear with extra clothing and all the many things that you have in mind. Another unique nature of this pack is that it’s compact.

You can fold and unfold the pack into its pocket enabling it to be used as a hand-carry. Or you can just simply fold it completely to decrease the storage space. It depends on you, how you alter it to your pleasure.

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Hiking Backpack by OutdoorMaster

OutdoorMaster brings you a very economical product. It delivers you all the basic qualities in a very low budget, so you don’t have to pay a lot of bills. It is perfect for people who don’t want to spend much but want to buy a product that fulfills all their needs.

This backpack has a capacity of about 50 liters. The shoulder straps of the pack are very comfortable with integrated mesh pads that allow air to pass through easily.

There are also loop belts all over the bag, which allow you to attach additional gear like torches, compasses, and etcetera.

The interior of the backpack features a pocket design – this design allows you to keep all your valuables separately so that everything is arranged in a proper order and no mess is created.

You can keep everything sorted and easily find whatever you want in a matter of seconds. There are side pockets for keeping water bottles or cylindrical gear easily.

Moreover, there are eye belts so that you can tighten the pack, keeping all your valuables compact. This rids the interior of any unnecessary movement, preventing any chaos inside.

With that, the bag has a waterproof coating all over. This shields the backpack from rain and helps keep all your things safe from any liquid invasion.

The water does not penetrate inside, so the stuff you keep inside the pack stays completely dry.

Moreover, a waterproof cover is included within the backpack for cases of heavy rain. No matter how sudden the weather changes from calm to hazardous, with this pack you can easily guard yourself and be ready for it all.

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Hiking Backpack for Outdoor by Mountaintop

Mountaintop is the most popular company on the market for outdoor sports gear. It provides its customers with the finest products and does not miss out on the durability element.

This backpack has some beautiful colors. You can find this pack in almost all colors you can think of.

These colors include black, blue, camo-army, camou-grey, camou-yellow, gray, khaqi, orange, purple, rose and sky blue. This much variety makes it suitable for a huge amount of people.

There are adjustable straps on the front of the pack, to which you can fix a mat, tripod, jacket, sleeping bag and anything else you’d like.

Though, if you don’t want to attach anything there, you can always use these straps to tighten the interior of the pack.

There is a front pocket through which you can reach the main compartment of the backpack.

This characteristic differentiates it from the rest of the packs, making it more appealing. Another pocket is also available at the front for keeping easier-access things.

There are two mesh pockets on the exterior of the pack allowing you to keep more things.

The shoulders and the back of the backpack have cushion-like pads so that you can be provided with immense comfort. Also, the mesh lining in these places helps air to circulate, keeping your back cool and dry throughout the hiking trip.

There is also a hip belt that delivers you more comfort, taking strain off of your shoulders.

This hip belt helps to lock the bag onto you. The entire build of the backpack is processed with such keen concentration that it offers you satisfaction.

All of these backpacks are perfect for your hiking trip, and you can use either of them later on for further outdoor activities too. I hope this article got you all the information that you needed.

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