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Everyone knows what fishing is. But do you know how long the activity of catching fish has been taking place? Ever since there have been water and fish, that long.

No need to roll your eyes and go all dubious over that statement. It is a much better version of stating the fact, than writing “40, 000 years ago”. See? 40, 000 years give you no imaginative sense. Still, don’t believe me?

If only archaeologists could provide with a visual, you’d believe me.

fishing equipment 2017I don’t know what else people ate in the primeval time, but fish was one thing. The early humans must have used their ways of catching fish, but what is startling is that fishing is such an ancient practice.

As the years kept passing, this activity kept progressing and developing and reached the process we see nowadays.
At present, fishing is not only regarded as a means of survival but has become a pastime and sport.

Today, leisure activities don’t only mean beaching or camping but include a wide variety of people going for fishing.
This excessive interest in this action has caused the government to reserve special areas, only for the purpose of recreational fishing.

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Water Gremlin Removable Split Shot$5.99
Electronic Fishing Bite Alarm Indicator$7.98
Fishing Line Spinning Reel Spooling$52.99
Fishing Cap$38.99
Fishing Pliers$99.99
Fishing Backpack$49.99
Spinning Rod and ReelN/A
Fish Finder Device$85.99
Berkley Stainless Steel Hook Remover$8.99
Fishing Tackle/Bait CaseN/A
Fishing RodN/A
Fish NetN/A
Fishing Tips for BeginnersN/A
Berkley Coated Fishing Gloves$3.49
Ready 2 Fish Tackle Bag$30.99

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People go in groups to these zones and enjoy fishing.

However, there are certain rules and regulations that have to be followed, to fish in these regions.
The most important one is that none of the fish can be caught and taken home.

Once you hook a fish you like, you can log (take a stencil of) your catch and release it back into the water.

On the other hand, the former practice still prevails – the traditional fishing. Fish is an extremely popular type of food.

This widespread love for fish is what keeps the actual fishing idea alive.

Fishermen, as well as common people, go to open seas and lakes where a wide variety of fish is available and catch them to satisfy their craving for seafood cuisine.

There is an extensive variety of techniques used to catch fish.
These include hand gathering, netting, and spearfishing, angling and trapping.

Angling is the most preferred and widespread method out of all the available options. In the process of angling, a rod, and a line is used to catch fish.

If you too are finding yourself interested in angling, then first you need to buy yourself certain equipment. There is a long list of accessories that you need to purchase.

But don’t worry, as you don’t have to burden yourself with exhausting research work over what to buy and what not to buy. Reading this very article may get you all the information you need.

Moreover, every single item mentioned below can be obtained from Amazon, reducing the amount of physical effort you need to put into a mere zero.

So sit back, relax and take a look at The Fishing Equipment of 2017.

Now you can choose from one of the finest fishing tackles. Enjoy and avail them.

Saltwater Offshore Fishing Rod

To begin with, you need a fishing rod. A fishing rod is a slim pole. It is made up of tough, but flexible material, which does not break or bend.

This is a simple rod without a reel or a line (sorry, but you have to buy these separately). Once united with a fishing reel and a fishing line, the rod allows you to cast your tool far into the water so that you can do some fishing.

Fishing rods have to be very carefully chosen, keeping in mind the type of fishing you plan on doing.
There are four characteristics to root for while choosing the appropriate rod.

First of all, you have to consider the action – how far it bends. Secondly, you have to assess the strength; a good rod should have the power to deal with excessive push and pulls, all the while maintaining its physique.

Next up is the taper (a gradual narrowing). It means you should select a rod that reduces in thickness as it goes up. Lastly, the responsiveness trait of the rod should be kept in mind too.

Thinking through all these key individualities, Fiblink has processed this exceptionally amazing fishing rod.
This rod has a solid, glass fiber build.

There are roller guides every few inches of the rod, which are made of stainless steel. These help you to fish more successfully, as because of these your line does not snap easily when you’re trying to pull and tug at a fish.

Moreover, this rod has an aluminum reel seat for attaching a reel (and completing the device).
The aluminum makes this base resistant to any corrosion and wear and tear caused by the vigorous action.

Also, hints of graphite are used to manufacture this rod. The graphite provides the rod with power and flexibility, along with versatility.

Furthermore, the high-density EVA foam used in this rod’s construction delivers a great deal of sensitivity and durability.

All of these little details combine to give this 6 inch Saltwater Offshore fishing rod extreme dexterity and deftness, and makes it the ideal choice for your fishing expedition.

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Trolling Reel by Piscifun

The second item you need to purchase is a fishing reel. It is a cylinder-shaped device that is attached to the fishing rod.

This device allows you to wind your line with the help of a very simple spinning mechanism.

You turn the handle on the side in a circular motion; this pulls on your fishing line, rolling it and bringing it towards you.

Fishing reels have to be tremendously strong and robust so that the fight that takes place, when pulling a fish towards you, results in success.

The different parts of the reel have to be perfectly fixed together, so that the dynamic action does not result in any breakage and thus, utter failure.

The reel has to be able to cast heavy baits effortlessly and go with the flow of the whole energetic skill, without disappointing you.

The High-Speed Conventional Trolling Reel by Piscifun is assembled to provide you with precise results. It features a frame made of an aluminum blend.

The side plates are also made up of the same alloy. This provides it protection against corrosive elements in the air and decreases the weight of the whole device, as aluminum is a very lightweight material. The spool, too, is prepared using aluminum.

Moreover, the main gear of this reel is manufactured using brass, which is stronger and adds to the durability of the entire reel.

This just assists in a smoother and sturdier retrieval of the fishing line.

Furthermore, the reel stand (where the fishing line spools onto) is made of stainless steel, so that the rolling and unrolling process of the line can do no harm to that portion.

The same heavy-duty steel is also used to put the whole gear of the machinery together, which provides a smooth and suave operation.

The significance of this fishing reel is its twin drag system.

This system delivers you an even and balanced setup that makes it super easy to reel in the fishing line when you’ve caught a fish, or when you have to change the bait or when you’re done with enough fishing for the day.

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Braided Fishing Line by MagicShield

Next, you have to get yourself a very good fishing line, and by very good I mean spot on. This is a major item (just like the rod and reel) and it is not to be compromised with.

Fishing line, just as you’re picturing, is the thread tethered to the rod and the reel. It has a hook or baits attached to one end.

You throw this whole structure far into the water while holding onto the rod of course), and wait for a fish to get trapped in it.

A fishing line has to be exceptionally resilient and tough. The rod and the reel come after, but the fishing line is the first thing that gets the rough treatment, while you’re fishing.

This string is the thinnest element on the whole device but has to be the strongest. You have to look for a string that is super elastic, very light (so it can easily be cast) and visible.

You should be able to see the string from a distance so that you know it’s there, and not just envision something to be there, because most of the time the thread camouflages in the whole environment and you’re left squinting to find its whereabouts.

For this purpose, a specially designed cord is available in the market, which is used by fishermen, to get highest possible outcomes.

One example of such a cord is the Super Dyneema Strong Braided Fishing Line by MagicShield.

Yes, it is made from Dyneema which is ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene also known as high-performance polyethylene.

Now you get why this kind of polyethylene is used. It gives the string a tough build with the highest impact strength.

Moreover, the line has a black color. This helps it stand out in the whole scene, so you can easily locate it.
This kind of string has got your back while you’re angling. If you catch a tremendously large fish, you don’t have to worry about the string but only about reeling super-fast and holding onto the rod tightly.

To be frank, if you don’t hold onto the rod tightly, the string won’t break, but the whole tool may slip from your hand and dive into the water.

This 500-meter line with a line capacity of 100 LB won’t fail you.

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Hook/Swivel/Sinker Set

A hook is another item that is extremely important. It is the thing that the fish sticks onto so that you can roll it in.

Most fishing hooks come in such a shape that can easily wedge into the fish’s mouth when it bites the bait and trap it there for a long time, till you catch it.

However, there are many types of hooks that are made for different kinds of fish and other sea animals.

There are a wide variety of fish hooks available. They may differ in size, shape, and material. It all depends on what aquatic animal you’re angling for.

Though, one common factor prevailing in all fishhooks is a strength. It has to offer an immense amount of power, so that the fish keeps sticking onto it, no matter how much it pulls and wiggles and squirms.

After the fish is done trying, it will tire and eventually stop. That is when you take quick action and reel it in.
The hook has to be solid enough so that it can hold the fish throughout this whole course of action.

This hooks+swivel+sinkerall-in-one set is what you need for the exemplary fishing experience you’re rooting for.
You know what a hook is. A sinker is a weight in the shape of a ball bearing that provides some mass to the hook so that it can be cast far away.

It’s easier to throw a small rock than throwing a feather; you do need some weight to create a good throw.

Also, the sinker helps to take the bait and hook deep into the water where shoals of fish are found, so you can quickly and easily catch varieties of fish.

A swivel is what joins the hook and sinker so that it can become one whole object.

You get all three in this assortment set. Moreover, you get different sizes for everything.

The hooks are available in every size you can think of (you’re not a fisherman, so you don’t need more variety than is already available – and it’s ample).

With different sizes, there are different types of hooks too; from Baitholder hooks to Aberdeen hooks, all are available.
There are a lot of dissimilar weights too, so you can reach out to varying sea depths and many swivel sizes that are available to put together all of these different kinds of hooks and sinkers.

All the 75 pieces come in a hard plastic case with three divisions inside, for separately putting the three items.

Eagle Claw brings you a great choice for sinking your tool to the strike zone so that you can enjoy fishing lavishly.

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Fishing Bobber Cork Float Antenna

Floats and bobbers are just another part of the fishing equipment that should be added to the list of items which are not-to-be-ignored.

You don’t realize the importance of these until you set out for fishing. These are the things that keep part of your fishing line above the water.

If it weren’t for these, then your line would just completely sink into the ocean because of the weight, and you would have to keep holding onto it firmly so that your rod and reel don’t fall into the water too.

Where you attach the weight on the line determines the borderline. Any cord before the bobber would stay up on the surface, while the rest of the cord, after the bobber, would just sink into the depth of the sea/river.

The floats and bobbers have to be very carefully crafted with such fine material that it can bear the weight of hook, coupled with the weights.

If the float isn’t good enough, it won’t soar over the surface, but get pulled into the water because of the sinkers.

There are many designs and sizes that these floats are available in, but this Fishing Bobber Cork Float Antenna delivers you a 5-star shape.

It has the shape of an egg which is pinched and elongated at one end. On the other rounder end, strings of colorful fibers are attached to give it a more appealing and eye-catching look.

The whole of the bobber is very striking and is available in 3 bright color combinations: red and beige, yellow and black, and red, yellow and fawn.

These colors give the bobber a very arresting exterior so you can easily locate it on the river surface.

Also, attached to the strings of fibers are tiny little bells.

Suppose if you’re relaxing and enjoying the serenity of the surrounding, and have kept your rod in the holder, the bells would indicate you of any movement taking place inside the sea, so you can grab the rod and start spooling the reel.

This just adds to the precision and efficiency of the whole performance.

Moreover, the bobber is entirely made up of wood from balsa tree which is an extremely lightweight material.
It just complements the floating purpose of the product and helps to balance the weight of the sinker and hook effortlessly.

You are provided with ten pieces of floats all at once, if you buy this product, so you have an abundant backup supply for more fishing trips, and in the case of piece damages. Completely an ideal pick for fishing in all rivers, lakes, pond and oceans.

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Fishing Plier and Hook Remover

Once you’ve caught your fish, you need a tool to separate the fish from the hook.
Neither can you jerk the whole object to get the fish off (trust me, the fish has done a lot of it, and it didn’t work) nor can you use your bare hands to detach the animal?

The fish would be quivering and trembling enough as it is suffocating outside the water, so you can’t even imagine slipping the hook out.

Also, the hook itself is a very sharp material, with all the movement taking place it won’t be an easy task, and you’ll end up injuring your hands or some other part of your body in the failing struggle.

For this matter, you have the very fancy invention: a fishing plier. This is a scissor-like claw that is specifically programmed to take the sharp hooks off of a fish.

These can also be used for bending the fishhooks and holding small materials while fixing the swivel, sinker and hook together firmly.

When you decide to go for fishing, a fishing plier is a must-have or else you’ll be sitting there in the marine park or atop the lake with the fish and hook, not knowing what to do and regretting not buying yourself one.

Multi-function plier by Madbite is the ultimate select if you want to spend your money in the right place.

It is made of stainless steel that doesn’t corrode in salt water so take this wherever you want as it can assist you perfectly.

The steel doesn’t let your plier rust after a few performances and keeps it new for as long as it matters.
The Clippers at the front are so sharp that they can cut through a tough fishing hook and even sturdy, braided fishing lines enormously easily.

Moreover, it is not so heavy and portable.  

You can attach this tool to your jeans or your key chain so that you can quickly grab it and don’t have to do an extensive search in the tackle box or tool box to locate it.
It can also assist you in tying and untying knots. You need to make a lot of solid knots while assembling the whole gear from the fishing line to the hook and this tool can help you make them.

Also, when you’re done with fishing you don’t have to cut through the knots, but you can untie them by using the same instrument – helps reduce wastage of the cord over time.

Don’t forget to purchase this handy device.

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Adjustable Powerlock Rod Holder

Not much of an active and energetic person, but want to enjoy every kind of sport and outdoor activity including fishing?
You need this rod holder pal. However, if you are super enthusiastic and active, you still need this rod holder my friend.

Because, well, c’mon. You won’t be sitting in the middle of the sea, above an extremely enormous water depth and holding a fishing rod the entire time.

No matter how excited and passionate you are, you do get tired once, and you want to place the rod on the side and just stretch and yawn and relax, you know.

I don’t know about a single person who can sit in the same position for hours as long as what fishing takes and be called normal.

You do need some relaxation, and even if the leisure element doesn’t do for you, you still have stuff like taking pictures and munching snacks.

While doing any or all of the above you cannot place your fishing rod on the side and expect it to stay there when you return.

Who knows when it may be pulled into the water? Considering that, you have a rod holder to do the work for you while you loosen up a little.

A rod holder is like a makeshift hand that holds onto your fishing rod firmly eliminating any cases of slips and slides while you ease and enjoy the serene surrounding and the soothing scenery (or take some refreshments).

This adjustable power lock rod holder, made of stainless steel, provides you the freedom of doing all of the above.
The holder has a mount that can be attached to any position on the fishing boat or any other cruiser you’re using.

It has along cylindrical rod ring where the rod can be put and locked so that no movement takes place.

Furthermore, the mount is fully adjustable. You can regulate it up and down or rotate it to 360 degrees – it will keep the rod safely fixed inside.

Even when you’re done relaxing, you can keep the rod tethered to the holder and reel the fish in when some action takes place.

It offers you extra support to help you pull the fish out of the water.

There is a tension knob present for adjusting the rod, without detaching it fully from the mount. Such convenience is all you desire.

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Tackle Box by Ready 2 Fish

Ready 2 Fish Tackle Box - 2 Tray
List Price:$19.99
Price Disclaimer

A tackle box is a case, made of wood or plastic, with lots and lots of divisions inside it to keep different tackle (fishing equipment) in.
It is the signature equipment for fishing. It is all about the tackle box when it comes to fishing.

A basic tackle box opens up to display a few trays or drawers. Each section or level of the box is divided into quadrangular sections for the small equipment that it has to contain.

Some sectors may even have lids to completely separate the items kept in there, from the items kept elsewhere.

While we’re on it, let me name a few items that you have to have in a tackle box so that you’re ready for every kind of situation.

Your tackle box must include: extra fishing line (just in case something happens to the existing one), extra bobbers/floaters, swivels, sinkers and hooks (as backup stock), stringer (to help rid the string of twisting), a flashlight, a sharp knife (because you should be prepared for anything), shopping bag, sunscreen and insect repellent (you’re outside in the sun, over still water, near marshes and stuff – must-have), sunglasses, first-aid kit (for obvious reasons), and most importantly lots and lots of bait.

The bait can include a variety of worms, leeches, clams and mussels, minnows, insects and dough balls. All of these things should be packed inside a tackle box.

Made a list of all the above items? Good. Now cross them all out, tear that piece of paper and toss it in the wastebasket.

Patience grasshopper, you’ll know why. Allow me to introduce you to this monstrous tackle box that comes with 132 pieces of assorted tackle.

YES. You get everything already present and set inside this container, and you don’t have to worry about buying a single thing separately. This tackle box is everything you want to carry around and enjoy the amazing fishing voyage.

It is built of lightweight plastic so that you can easily carry it around without any fatigue. Also, the plastic has a high impact endurance shield, so even if you drop it at times, there won’t be any scratches or dents on the case.

This is perfect for the outdoor sports enthusiast you want. It has an interior structure of 2 trays. You can take out the top one too if it is not needed.

This tackle box just wins it all right where it is stated that it comes with all the material already assembled and placed inside it.

All the other advantages we are getting are the bonus gains.

This attractive looking blue and gray container have got everything we need.
Moreover, it comes with a fishing guide that has all the tips and guidelines for someone who is just starting to get familiar with the fishing activity.

This wonderful masterpiece by Ready 2 Fish is all that you have to buy, and you can rid yourself of any excess shopping.

This is expensive but if you buy a simple tackle box and then buy all the other accessories one by one, adding up the total amount of money spent will more or less equal the price of this brilliant chest.

Don’t wander here and there looking for substitutes but buy this product at once.

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48-Quart Fishing Cooler by Coleman

Coleman 48 Quart Performance Cooler
List Price:$36.50
You Save:$5.15
Price Disclaimer

Done with all the fishing? Where’d you keep your catch? Yea, now you’re thinking.

Can’t keep the fish on the floor, can’t hold them the entire way back to the shore.

Oh, maybe you can just place them on the spare bench or make your friend hold onto them while you row the boat.

NO. You need a separate container to keep the fish in.

A cooler serves this purpose. It does not have to be a very fancy or attractive little container, but a huge, spacious one with a solid, resilient build would do perfectly.

I’d recommend a good, large ice cooler, with an interior and exterior layer of plastic and very hard foam sandwiched in between that provides insulation.

You can fill this container with a lot of ice (Ice blocks will be best as they don’t melt as quickly as crushed ice).

This container can then casually be placed in your boat, and you can take it with you out on the sea.

Once you’ve caught a fish, you don’t know how much time it will take to trap another fish so while waiting; it’s good to keep your already caught animal atop the ice for preservation.

The 48-Quart fishing cooler is specifically designed for this purpose. This product is extremely large and has got ample space to store all of your (and even your friend’s) catch for the day.

It is available in a bossy blackish green color with a white top lid. If you are worried that that’ll be the cause of a lot of weight, then don’t stress because it is very light. All the weight you’ll be carrying would only be of this fish you catch.

The durable structure of this cooler is designed in a way that no matter how many times it falls, it will give in to no denting and bruises that become the sole cause of leakage later on. There are handles on either side of this rectangular container.

You can use the help of your companion to carry the container all the way inside if the amount of fish you’ve caught has made the chest enormously heavy.

You can not only use this cooler for fishing, but for other sporty activities like hunting and camping.

Obviously, you can’t carry a whole fridge out in the wild, so this ice cooler can be used to your advantage, as we all prefer our drinks chilled.

It can hold up to 17lbs of ice and 63 cans altogether. Damn, this is one great cooler on the market. I, for one, wouldn’t let this option slide.

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Fishing Leaders by AUSLINE

Lastly, you need to buy yourself a good fishing leader. No, this leader is not a person, but a wire.
These are sturdier and heavier than the ordinary fishing lines.

The leader’s one end is connected to the end of the bait and hook, and the other end is tied a few inches up to the fishing line.

The purpose of such wires is to protect your fishing line from breaking or biting by the fish.
At times the larger fish gets attracted to the bait, and the hook and the fishing line altogether are not enough to trap it.

The large fish may take a huge bite and snap the line, and you won’t be able to do anything about it.

So, for that kind of protection, the leaders have tethered to the lower end of the lines extended till the hook and sinker. These don’t break with the pull of the large fish but assist you in trapping and reeling them all the way to the surface, where you can catch them.

However, a leader is not a must-have. If you’re just a beginner, you may not need this as you’re just getting familiar with the whole process. But if you want to try your luck and be prepared, then you can buy this wire.

The best leader choice available on the market is brought to you by Ausline. They bring you black, amazingly strong leaders.

These come in a pack of 24 pieces so that you can keep an ample amount stored as a backup and for frequent fishing plans.

These are 12 inch long thick threads that have a snap on one side and a swivel on the other side, for tethering the leader to the fishing line, and the hook and weight effortlessly.

These are tested nylon wires, coated with stainless steel, which help to shield the wire against any corrosion by the salty water, in the deep seas and oceans.

You can use these leaders without the fear of any accidents taking place. I am sure these will assist you throughout your angling tour and won’t fail you at all.

The items above are all the essential equipment you may need to enjoy a successful fishing experience.

However, there are a plenty of other additional items that you can buy.

They are not things that you critically require, but they can get you further advantages.

Some of these items include a pair of binoculars, a camera, and a pair of gloves, a compass, and a whistle.

The binoculars help you to look at the beautiful scenery, with even more details.

You can use these to admire the landscape and observe the marshes surrounding the shore while you’re out on the sea.

A camera is something that you should have with you everywhere you go, because memories fade but pictures don’t.

You will always have the photos you take on your trip, and you can always remember what a great time you had.

The pair of gloves helps you to handle the fish. You can wear gloves while assembling the hooks and weights on the fishing line so that you don’t cut your fingers and get nasty blisters on them.

Gloves can also assist you in dealing with the ice, because if you hold the ice for a long time, it can make your fingers numb – gloves can rid you of such uneasiness.

A whistle can come in handy too. You can blow a whistle to signal a nearby boat. You can never predict what happens out on the sea.

You have seen all those films where people go out on a joyous trip and end up as the food of sharks, right?

So in the case of a mishap, you can use the whistle to signal nearby boats and people on the shore so that they can come and save you.

I hope this article got you all the information you required about things to take on a fishing expedition and helped you find the correct place to purchase the equipment from (

Have a great time.

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