6 Best Selling Travel Backpacks of 2017 By Real Customers

When it comes to traveling, there’s not one person on this planet who wouldn’t like indulging in a bit of sightseeing and vacation. We all need some me-time no? This is not for the lazy people out there who order pizzas and watch re-runs of their favorite shows. Netflix and chill. Sometimes. But then there are those lively souls out there who can’t wait to explore the world like those crazy people in National Geographic documentaries, who are such avid globetrotters, gypsy souls at their best that they just need a backpack, map and their dreams to go on with.

traveling backpacks 2017Well, travel isn’t all about vacations, the world touring and exploring. You can just be going to a hike, climbing trip or to the next town to visit your best friend.

Handbags are fashionable and very stylish, you look very chic and cool with your favorite YSL, LV or D&G bag but can they store your bigger and more essential products? Other than the life-saving makeup, tissues and cell phone, that is.


So when people go out on small expeditions, they tend to be practical and hook a bag pack on their shoulder. No, they do not look like mountaineers and alone-in-the-world humans. They just look as if they have a destination.

Best Rated Traveling Backpacks of 2017

SHTECH Waterproof Backpack$238.00
Qyuhe Lightweight Travel Backpack$59.99
Mountaintop Daypack$40.00
ORICSSON Daypack$49.99
Lapacker Durable Backpack$79.99

So when going on a trip, ditch your handbags women and since guys already opt for duffles bags and backpacks, listen to me as I list some the Best Traveling Backpacks Of 2017 at your disposal:

Lixada 50L Travel Backpack Pack

When it comes to traveling, we require a backpack, a storage unit which isn’t like our daily life handbags, so that’s why we opt for the former, which provides many pockets and compartments.

Lixada’s vast spaced outdoor sports hiking trekking camping travel backpack is your one-stop destination for ticking all the essentials.

It’s waterproof, something we all have put in our must-have criteria, the robust and durable nylon fabric of the backpack makes it tear-resistant, but that doesn’t mean you’ll put forks and knives in it without their respective shields, mind you.

Lixada’s backpacks specifically must be its many large pockets; you won’t have to rift through the bag for ages to find tiny things. It can all stored with sequence and quiet quickly.

The hanging system is making it easier for us to carry larger loads more comfortably. Usually, the straps tear through your shoulders. That’s why it’s double padded for your luxury.

There’s a rain cover you’ll probably find in the bottom pocket and adjustment belts to boot, why aren’t you ignoring the price tag and buying this already?

Not that it’s going to rob you off your money. The product is highly reasonable in all the aspects. From price to quality, this is satisfactory in all the areas. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking for a good travel backpack.

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Large Rucksack Travelling Backpack

This backpack is your all in one guide to an easy tour.

It’s efficiency, and formation allows us to store the maximum amount of storage, many compartments, and pouches for a variety of things. It’s 70L to 60L. Water resistant and double at that too, the fabric used to made this particular product was solely used keeping in mind this purpose.

One of the unique features about this one is its adjustable size, weight decomposition according to your height! Adjustable top lids and drawstring closures to small pushes scattered everywhere, the storage function is extremely condemnable.

It’s coming in various colors, and it’s capability of multi-functioning attracts many customers. The price is tag is humble, and the quality is to die for.

I drool over Nylon bags as they are very comfortable and soft to touch.

You must be wondering how this is crucial when it comes to bags, well it quite is.

You have to carry your suitcase on your shoulders for hours while moving. If the material is harsh on your skin, you will end up being very uncomfortable, and it will cause pain to your shoulders.

Nylon, on the other hand, is tough and resistant. But gentle and soft on the skin as well. Even after wearing it for a long time, you will not develop a mark on your shoulder. This is an absolute stunner. Truly one of the best.

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Gonex Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

This backpack is one of my favorite ones so far not only because it’s presented with excellent qualities and the guarantee of durability but because this product is good in the appearance side.

When traveling you’re obviously going to ditch your handbag so why not buy a backpack that looks chic?

The Gonex packable backpack is all the others, waterproof and the nylon material used to bring this masterpiece of completion is tear resistant and abrasion resistant.

The bartack processes are scattered over to more than ten places.

It can easily be formed into a sandwich to store away when not needed; it saves space as well.

The metal zippers are SBS, another plus point. Gonex’s product is a must have, head over to Amazon to get yours. It won’t make much of a difference to your account as it is very budget friendly as well.

One of the motivating factors behind putting this on my list is that it is available in such a large color options. You can choose from eight stunning and vibrant colors. They all make a bold statement and look very high-end.

The look of a product is directly or indirectly related to the quality. I would personally give extra points to the product that looks attractive along with performing well.

The zipping mechanism is smooth and moves very smoothly.

It is also very durable and will last you a good amount of time.

I will highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality travel backpack. This particular product has everything that makes it eligible to make it to the Best Of 2017 list. Much deserved!

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Qyuhe® Ultra Lightweight Traveling Backpack

Whenever I am making a list or rundown of the best items or my favorite choices, I always try to include as many options on the list as possible.

Qyuhe is one of those brand names that you do not often come across because they have a very limited scope of products that they offer.

But this product truly deserves to make it to the best of 2017 list because it offers all the high-end features.

Though I am a hoarder for product looks, at the same time I never suggest only going for them or buying funky things especially when you are thinking about buying for practical reasons and purchasing products that are sturdy as well as strong, durable and reliable.

Qyuhe’s Ultra Lightweight Packable Daypack Backpack’s name was all my needs in one but what had a magnetic pull was the ‘lightweight’ feature. We don’t need a significant burden on a single trip or small travels; some bag packs may not have anything inside them, but the look of them is burly/fatty or just…humongous?

Qyuhe’s backpack stood up to its name and proved that it was indeed a good choice! Not only is this product waterproof, tear resistant, with SBS metal zippers, has many pockets for storing, but you can also even use it as a shoulder bag! Twenty Five roomy liters, that’s mouth watering for an experienced buyer. To top it all off you can stuff the pan in it’s on the pocket?

This product is a must, must have. It only costs you 10 dollars, 15 pounds and much lesser in other currencies! What are you waiting for? Did I mention it’s multi-functioning and comes in many colors TOO?

You can choose the color of your preference or the one that screams your name for sure.

The versatility and the broad range of features this product offers make it one of my most preferred backpacks.

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G4Free 45L Hiking Backpack

If we see our comfort and not the appearance of the product but what it avails and how reliable it is, then G4Free’s Hiking Backpack is your partner.

It is a rough and tough version of a backpack wrestler, it’s going to take you through every activity possible, from ice climbing to simple day travels, it’s multi-functioning abilities know now bounds!

Vast space in internal and external pockets, the main compartments offer a huge space while the fabric of this product is water resistant, protecting your luggage in case of emergencies or mishaps.

A waterproof removable cover is at your disposal as well. For safety measures, there’s a rescue whistle buckle, weight decomposition for too much load and chest straps for adjustment.

I am always blown away by the products that offer an effective amalgamation of quality, appearance, and strong performance. I think this product combines all these features pretty impressively, in fact better than all the other products present on my list. From safety to comfort, this product takes care of everything very well, and you can not resist yourself by appreciating how good this is!

The product is basic, yet a must have in a household if people in your family like outdoor activities and aren’t much keen on the appearance of the thing. The makers of this product also offer to help you if you any function it, don’t hesitate to send them an email. Their customer care is just as efficient as this product.

Buy G4FREE from Amazon right away; I’d say the price tag is nothing! I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a good backpack at a reasonable cost. It is appropriate to be utilized for all kinds of outdoor tasks.

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Cabin Max Metz Backpack

The basic motivating factor behind putting this one on my list is the wide selection of color range.

I love having separate bags for seasons, choosing dark vampy colors for fall and bright, vibrant shades for summers.

This provides you a broad range of tones to choose from. The company has a thing for everyone, absolutely love it about this product.

Cabin Max is pretty amazing when it comes to assuring quality and versatility. You do not usually hear about this brand name. It is such an unsung hero, but the primary purpose was to familiarize you with this company.

It is a 600D material has all the innovative waterproofing abilities.

Due to this attribute, it makes it strong enough to take weather challenges as well.

It has a massive 44-liter capacity that you are getting at a pretty reasonable price tag.

It has the amazing capacitative ability, but it is very light-weight and user-friendly.

The user can comfortably carry it around for hours and not feel bothered or burdened.

It has zipped compartments that can easily be closed or opened. The compartments keep things organized and properly sorted out.

Overall the product is a 10/10. Highly recommend it.

If you are looking for a quality travel backpack, these will not disappoint you.

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Bestseller Traveling Backpacks Right Now On Amazon


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