6 of the Best Selling Camping Tents of 2017 Available On Amazon

Camping is an outdoor activity in which you leave public places to enjoy outside in more natural ones in order to enjoy some exercises that provide pleasure.

camping tents 2017Usually, one or two nights are spent in the outdoors when you are camping, recognizing it from day-stumbling, picnicking, and other correspondingly limited recreational exercises.

There is no particular season for camping; it can be enjoyed through all the four seasons throughout the year. Camping usually involves living on the outside, a tent, a blind, a convoy or a primitive structure.

Camping is a very fun activity; however, being fully prepared is critical. You need to make a rundown of all the gear you require for the trip.

No matter how many days you spend camping, you always need a proper shelter, a tent. But not just any other tent, a tent should be stable enough to keep you comfortable and cozy in all types of climate.

Bestseller Camping Tents 2017 – Price Comparison

Wenzel Klondike Tent$249.99
Coleman Sundome Tent$63.99
Coleman Sundome Dome Tent$89.99
Coleman Red Canyon Tent$139.99
Coleman Evanston Tent$178.99

Bestseller Camping Tents of 2017 On Amazon

Try not to get fooled by those tent deals out there on the markets. For your convenience, I have carried out a research and reviewed six of the best camping tents of 2017. Please observe the following:

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14'x10')
List Price:$309.99
You Save:$20.99
Price Disclaimer

In the event that you want to take your entire family members with you on the weekend outside camping then the Coleman 8-person is all you need.

It offers various features that you can cherish for a long time. It is quite a large blind; it has enough space for a family to stay. Seven to eight people can stay in the Coleman Instant Tent that contains two rooms. The divider between these two rooms is removable.

The poles of this tent are pre-attached; this makes it easy to set up the tent in no time.

It offers full ventilation system having two doors and seven windows that enable you to adjust the wind flow.

It is 100% waterproof. It comes with an exclusive weather tec system so that it protects you in all wet and sticky situations. Even if it rains heavily, this tent will not flood out.

The Coleman Instant Tent comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty, so you don’t have to worry in case if you find any issue with the purchased piece.

The engineering of this tent is such that it can give and sway a bit in the wind, and that is one good feature.

Taking down this tent is as easy as setting it up. It would not take more than ten minutes. You don’t need any helping hand; you can do it all by yourself.

It is foldable and very easy to carry.

It is available at a fair price on Amazon. Excellent quality!

This is a definite must buy. If I could give it six stars, I would.

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Sundome 2 Person Tent

Coleman  2-Person Sundome Tent, Green
List Price:$63.99
You Save:$27.09
Price Disclaimer

It is produced using finest polyester sheets.

The material used in the production of Sundome Tent is heavy duty and unless careless; it would not rip easily.

It comes with dome structure having one door and a space of two people.

It is available in two colors, green and navy. You can choose one according to your choice.

It comes with two poles, and it is very easy to setup.

It contains one large window that helps in ventilation.

It is portable; it folds down into a small pack. You can carry it easily anywhere you want.

It is waterproof, even in the heavy rain it will stay dry and cozy.

The Sundome tent has a hook inside at the top of the dome for hanging led lights and stuff like that, which is great. Also, it contains two small hanging mesh bags; they can be used to store small accessories like mobile phone, wallet, camera, flashlights and much more things like this.

It can be utilized by both professional campers and the individuals who are new to camping because of its easy setup system.

It is very comfortable and durable. You don’t have to buy a new tent every time you go for camping.

When you begin utilizing this, you will be upbeat with the execution.

The price of this tent is very low compared to other options available. I would highly recommend this because of uncountable features in such a low price. Order away!

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Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent
List Price:$85.22
You Save:$13.23
Price Disclaimer

This tent was first manufactured in the year 2015, and today it is the best tent of the year 2017. For two years, it has maintained its high quality and durability.

It is made of fine quality polyester taffeta.

It comes with a two pole design, and this amazing tent is not only easy to set up but it is also very easy to take down. You don’t have to worry about these little things when you’re camping with Alps Mountaineering Lynx Tent.

It has a factory sealed floor that is the essential thing to keep you warm and cozy even when the weather is cold and wet.

The walls of this tent are half meshed. It is helpful in the ventilation. The Package includes aluminum stakes and ropes.

The Alps Mountaineering tent has enough space for a single person to sleep comfortably.

One of the most prominent features of this tent is the large vestibule in it. It offers a lot of space for you to store all your gear safely while you’re sleeping. It also contains multiple small pockets inside; they are attachable and can detach when not in use.

Some people call it a ‘flood saver’ because of its weather protecting system. It is water resistant and storm-proof. It will keep you dry and cozy in all types of weather.

It weighs around 3.5 pounds including stuff like poles and rain fly which is not too much. So clearly this tent is very light in weight that makes it easy to carry with you while moving.

It is the best camping tent for people who are new to camping. You should go for Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 Tent if you want to be comfortable while camping.

It is not even expensive, and it looks exactly like other expensive tents out there. It is a fantastic budget buy. The Alps’s tent is a total winner in every way.

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Pop Up Tent by Survival Hax

It is again not an ordinary tent; it is a complete package for your camping trip.

This one of a kind tent comes with an automatic pop-up system. Now you don’t have to worry about the setup and all. Just throw the tent in the air, and it will pop up on its own.

It is a lightweight blind, and you can easily carry it with you on your camping and hiking trips.

It has enough space for four people to sleep in comfortably. It offers two solid zip doors one at the front and the other at the back which is helpful for ventilation. Also, it allows you to enjoy both the front and back views.

It is portable. It comes with a carry bag and cushioned straps.

You have lots of room and space to store your gear. And it is well made and durable. (It is bigger than you think it is)

It provides a very good balance between weight, internal space, and convenience.

I personally love it. It is very handy and up to the standard. It is affordable and unique; this tent will suit any individual who doesn’t like putting much effort in setup.

It is an extraordinary section level tent for somebody who cannot afford more costly alternatives yet at the same time needs to get outdoors with their nature-adoring companions.

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Semoo Family Camping Tent

This is another good product available on Amazon.

The description must have already given you a fair idea that why it is important to have one of these ready when you are up for camping.

It is made using the mix of polyester with polyurethane; these are very fine material. The floor of the Semoo Large Door Camping Tent is produced using polyethylene, and the poles of this tent are made of fiberglass. Their strength of this frame is remarkable. It is well made and will last longer than an individual think it can.

The comfort it offers is incredible. It is light in weight and folds into a nice bag with handles and a zipper. It is big enough that three people can comfortably sleep in it.

The whole package includes a tent, ten steel tent stakes, six windproof fellow lines, and a convey sack used to pack and carry this.

It is waterproof. There is an extra cover for rainy weather so clearly there is a protection for you when it is raining.

It delivers much more than you expect of it.

This tent is functional, and you can get this at an affordable price on Amazon. You must try it!

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Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel Klondike Tent - 8 Person
List Price:$249.99
You Save:$61.37
Price Disclaimer

This one is my personal favorite! It is a huge tent, big enough for eight people. It also has an amazing screen room inside. It looks amazing! And it has countless features making it unique in its way.

It is produced using the climate repellent polyester and has polyurethane covering. It has a floor in it, which is a big plus, so you are not walking on dirt like some other two room tents.

It is not very difficult to set up, wouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. It is very reliable and durable. You don’t have to buy another tent after this one for years.

Wenzel Klondike Tent has so many windows and a full mesh ceiling; that is great for stargazing after a long day. This tent is so big that you can easily put king sized mattresses inside. And you have enough room to walk around and roam. They not only care about the quality but your comfort as well.

Another plus point is; that this tent is light in weight surprisingly and it folds into a small thing. You can carry it easily wherever you are going.

It is wind and waterproof. Even in bad storms, this tent would not even move. And in heavy rains, you will remain dry and warm.

According to me this tent would be the best buy and it is highly recommended to people who enjoy nature but at the same time they need a relaxing sleep at night. Excellent for families and party campers alike! The price of this tent is not very low, but the quality is very phenomenal.

Overall this camping tent is of sublime quality. It offers everything you want and more. It is truly something designed for professionals.

I trust you will keep all these details in view when buying a camping tent in 2017. These reviews are 100% genuine, and you won’t regret believing us! I hope this post will help you find an ideal 2017 camping tent to keep you warm, dry, and secured on the outside for a long time to come. Enjoy and Happy Camping!


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