6 Best Rated Camping Backpacks of 2017 Available On Amazon

Being prepared while going out on any outdoor adventure is a must and indeed essential. Having the right type of supplies and equipment can have an impact on the entire adventure and can enhance your enjoyment and experience.

best camping backpacksAs our camping checklist depends on the places where we are going and the courses we are also going to take on the duration and length of the trip.

We need to be careful about a lot of things like bedding, shelter, cooking, clothes, first aid kit and all other stuff.

But the most important aspect is the camping backpack which is going to consist of all our necessity supplies, and we need to be very careful and choosy about picking up the right backpack.

Here are some of the best camping backpacks of 2017 that I’m going to tell about briefly.

I have tried to include all the reasons that why they deserve being in the list. Have a look:

Best Rated Camping Backpacks 2017

TETON Sports Scout BackpackTeton SportsMecca Orange$129.99
Venture Pal Foldable Camping BackpackVenture PalBlack$68.99
G4Free Large 40L BackpackG4FreeBlack$59.99
OutdoorMaster Camping BackpackOutdoorMasterAdvanced: Red/Grey$59.99
TETON Sports Explorer BackpackTeton SportsGrey$139.99
Mozone Lightweight Camping BackpackMozoneBlack$65.85

Bestseller Camping Backpacks Right Now On Amazon

#1 Rated Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

I prefer bags that can act more as all-rounders rather than being confined to one particular activity. Trust me; I am blown away by how ridiculously good this stuff is, and this is my number one on the list as well.

When you look at how this product looks and then glance at the price tag, you are sure to get a shock.

This sturdy looking bag with such an attractive outlook is priced under $20!

It is ridiculously inexpensive, but the quality is WOW.

It is available in a wide range of colors, and each shade is equally stunning. The manufacturing material is abrasion free and qualitative, that is sure to last you years.

It is a very simple product. Just laying eyes on it gives you a fair idea that using this is very less demanding and easy. You do not need any written manual or guidebook to direct you what to do. The zips are smooth. The material does not corrode or change color.

The price variation is very slight, only a dollar or two on based on the price, which is a huge bonus.

The bag itself is very lightweight and does not add any additional mass to your stuff.

It looks minuscule and compact until you open it. Inside is numerous small compartments that keep your stuff organized correctly.

Additionally, all the compartments are zippered.  I do not prefer compartments that are open-mouthed.

Zips keep your stuff very secure and properly locked. You are safe from the intermingling of your material. I am very impressed by how it performs. Plus, it is so moderately priced so it will make an amazing gift for camping lover as well.

I highly recommend checking this one out! Beautiful colors and amazing quality.

Give it a thumbs up!

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AZSPORT Foldable Backpack

Azsport is a real genius in making the most sporty and professional looking backpacks.

It is a black bag, with slight detailing in light gray color. It also has compartments that keep all your material properly organized. It is a very spacious bag that will provide you exceptional ease as it is capable of accommodating all your essential gear.

Furthermore, it has all the attributes of an high-end product. The fabric is water-resistant, which is why it is competent enough to survive any harsh climatic circumstances.

As it is very lightweight and easily foldable, you can store it easily when you are not using it.

It also has a zip at the front area; that is ideal and fantastic for storing your cell phones and cards.

This is a perfect bag for day to day use. It is a very hassle free product that can be carried around with you all the time.

It is an epitome of perfection. It reflects the fact that it doesn’t necessarily have to be leather or any tough or hard material to ensure durability. It is super light and convenient but with slight care; it is likely to last yours for an extended period.

The primary fabric is high-quality nylon (which is my second favorite material for backpacks)

The straps are soft and comfortable. Carry it around for hours and you won’t even develop a mark on your shoulders no matter how heavy it is!

I highly recommend it to anyone who is on a hunt for super lightweight yet spacious and a comfortable product to carry around. It truly deserves being called a top product of the year.

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Packable Lightweight Travel Backpack

Go2Pak is one of my most favorite brands for backpacks for all kinds of outdoor activity.

I think they offer some amazing colors and attributes. Whenever I am out for purchasing a backpack, I am always intrigued and attracted to Go2Pak due to their amazing, bright and unique colors.

This particular bag is in very different and delicate looking blue color with a hint of bright yellow, how stunning!

It is not mainstream or something you come across everyday. Camping is an activity that blesses you with extreme mental and internal peace. The colors of this are very peaceful and calm.

It is also available in gray color for those of you who like more professional looking bags. I love bright colors, so I like talking about the blue one. However, the amazing thing is that both colors cost exactly equal!

It is very compact. You can fold into a small pouch and can open into a very extensive bag with some pockets.

Not just camping, it is very appropriate for day trips as well.

The fabric is wonderful and resistant from any abrasion. You can put it through extreme pain, and it will still continue looking pretty fabulous.

It has two side mesh pockets for keeping water bottles and one large compartment with an approximate capacity of 35 liters.

If you are traveling to a different place and plan on camping there, you can easily fold this and keep it in your travel bag. It will take no space.

This is a very luxurious product a one-off.

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Venture Pal Packable Camping Backpack

This, to me, is very similar and identical to the previous one I mentioned on the list. If you are wondering that why I mentioned this on my list if has somewhat similar attributes, the reason is that it is available in more color options. The shades available are from vibrant to matte darker ones, depending on what exactly you prefer. All the shades are priced at the same tag. Appreciate it!

The fabric is sturdy and durable. It will not tear up easily. It is capable of facing the toughest. The capacity is also equal to the previous one, i.e., a good 35 liters!

The blue color, though, is charming.Which is why I will like to give it some limelight.

I like this shade a bit more than the previous one. It is bright but at the same time very soft and soothing,

It is compact and can be quite conveniently carried around. The weight is light as air; I love it!

The zips are easier to open in case of an emergency. They open up and close very smoothly, without any hindrance in the movement.

It has more compartments than the previous one, which is always a good thing. Number and size of pockets are always a huge plus! What more do you want if all your material is properly sorted out separately?

The biggest star is the fact that company offers you a lifetime guarantee! Yes, you heard that right! A bag that is costed below $21 promises to stay with you forever if you take slight care.

Perfect for traveling, hiking, camping, climbing or any outdoor physical activity. Such a versatile, durable and reliable product. I love it and suggest it to everyone.

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Susufaa 50L Hiking Backpack

Susfaa is a unique and different brand. You do not listen to this name often, which is why I was convinced to put this one on my list. I want you to introduce you this new name because the features are very distinct and unique.

It is pricier than all the other ones on my list. At this point, writing my article, I realized that I have solely focused on compact bags, so I need something for those of you who want more spacious and large backpacks to accommodate everything.

Susufaa falls in the high-end category. The available colors are orange, blue and gray.

I own the blue one with pale lilac detailing, and I love it.

It is so big, with so many zipper pockets and compartments that you can carry anything you want with you without any problem.

It is about 11 inches wide and 23 inches tall. It is big enough to fit the needs of anyone without any issue.

The fabric is water resistant and abrasion resistant at the same time. The straps are padded with foam, which is comfortable for your shoulders.

You can also exchange and return it in case you are not satisfied with its quality and what it has to offer. This is an impressive feature by high-end brands that the inexpensive ones do not provide you.

Sometimes it is very hard to guess what you are getting just by looking at the pictures, so having a return or exchange policy makes your purchase very secure and safe.

It is a luxurious price tag but very worth the money. Also, promises you a lifetime guarantee. One of the best for sure!

Updated Stronger Hydration Pack

I have saved the best for the last. It is the most unique one on my list because of its construction.

The shape is very different and distinct.

None of the products on my list looks like this one. It is on the pricier side, but the smart look and long life that it promises to deliver the best value for your money.

It has good volume and capacitative ability. It is not only something that is designed to look fancy but also at the same delivers you as much comfortable space as possible.

It has two storage compartments. A pocket is also present at the front portion with a slanted zip to hold your cell phones, cards, and some stash.

It has multiple usage bladders; that is capable and strong enough to bear the weight of about 132 lbs ( massive!)

The zips are very safe and secure.They move smoothly and will only open if you open them. Once you zip close them, be confident that nothing will fall out.

The two available colors look somewhat same, rather than the fact that one of them has slight blue detailing, and the other one has bright lime detailing.

Both f the colors though look very professional and decent. The material is very high-quality nylon. Everything about this product is promising and unique. I highly suggest it to everyone who prefers spacious and moderately sized bags but at the same time like to maintain style.

I hope I have successfully conveyed what I wanted to by providing the best camping backpacks 2017 options for you! Choose these and you will know why they are the best of the year!


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